Korres Mango Butter Lipstick

3 January 2013

Korres Mango Butter Lipstick (SPF10) in 12- Frost Pink £15

For my features and my petite face I have pretty full lips,  and I love them and have never been self conscious of them, but I've never really been one to fully embrace them and put them out there. There are so many girls out there that rock lipstick and I've always admired them and thought I wish I could!

Then I went to uni and on nights out I used to start wearing a lip colour but never in the day. Lately I've been much more adventurous and have been really enjoying experimenting with lipsticks!

Korres are a delicious natural and organic brand that I adore, I have many of their body scrubs and skin care products so for me it was an easy decision to start my lipstick adventure with them. I thought to start I go for the subtle and gentle and work my way up from there. No point scaring myself with a bright red lip (although this was my fave colour on nights out at uni- but then when you're boozy in a dark club I simply wasn't worried if I looked like a clown lol!)

Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Frost Pink is a beautiful subtle baby pink with gentle blue undertones. It has a sheer finish with a brilliant glossy high shine that I actually really like. I've never been one for glosses but the frosty effect of the shine gives it a pearly quality that I think is gorgeous!
I have quite red pigmented lips which shows that despite the sheer formula, the coverage and colour of the lipstick is well pigmented and actually comes off really true to the colour in the tube. Yay.

The Mango Butter makes the lipstick super moisturising and gives the formula a creamy silky texture that is so easy to apply. Despite it being mango butter, blissfully the lipstick doesn't have taste or scent which is great because there is nothing worse than a lipstick that smells like kids crayons.

This is a really high quality lipstick that gives a sweep of sheer colour that is build-able but never too loud, I would wear this happily throughout the day and think it would look great with really dramatic smokey eyes for an evening.

The packaging I think is gorgeous, feels really good quality and pretty luxe! At first I did find the price a little steep but now after using I think that for the quality of the product and even the packaging it is defiantly worth it. I have my eye on a few other colours and also on their Guava Lipstick range too, which will be an ideal step up in my lipstick adventure, with a bolder sweep of colour!

Oh and of course not to forget the amazing natural qualities of these lipsticks, free from: Mineral Oil, Silicone, Propylene Glycol, Paraben, Sulphate etc etc! With bonus SPF 10!

What do you think of Korres Lipsticks?

Feel free to suggest any other great natural lip products that would be great for my lipstick adventure!

Mavs x

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  1. You have gorgeous full and well shaped lips that many women would die for - embrace your beautiful features and try more vivid lipstick shades like reds, berries etc. They'll look amazing on you and believe it or not you can pull off both matte and the more sheer ones! Regardless, great review and if I may, I think the rimmel kate lasting finish lipstick in 08 shade would look fabulous as a natural lip on you- I personally love it! As far as the Korres lipsticks are concerned, I'd like to try the new shades of the raspberry twist lipstick and especially the shade 'dramatic' which isn't dramatic at all- just seems like a natural a bit mauvey lip colour :-)


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