I actually cannot believe that in a weeks time I will be 26! I certainly don't feel old enough to be at the age of 26! 
Last year I found the thought of being 25 just a bit crazy and was in a  bit of a funk about it, then I pulled myself together and realised, it really is just a number! This year I am genuinely really excited to be 26, I have so much wonderfulness in my life, I am so very blessed and I think my 26th year will bring even more. I have so much to look forward to!

On a more materialistic note I also have a lot of birthday spending money to look forward too! Birthday/ christmas money these days is really the only money I let myself spend on new products and makeup unless something is in the sale or i'm feeling naughty (both rare)!

So I've rustled up a little birthday wishlist, (I'm also still lusting after all the items on my previous Pay day wish list too, but this is a special Birthday edition)


I adore Inika products but never explored further than their foundation and eyeshadows. This lip liner in plum has really caught my eye as I'm really into wearing a slightly tinted balm lately and I think it's time to step it up to a bit of a bolder, stronger colour pop!


I see this every time I go into Boots and actually don't have a primer currently and you can never go wrong with a multi-purpose all in one product!


This is a foundation I have been coveting for so so long and alas it is always out of stock, it still is but I have hope that it will come back in stock on the UK site in the next few weeks! I have seen so many reviews of this and one of my fave Youtubers - Valerie Lee rates this highly (she also works at a 100% pure store so knows all the products inside out!)


I am obsessed with BB Creams and i'm addicted to the REN one but I think it is time to explore another brand and Lily Lolo always produce great quality products so out of the dozen or so BB/CC/DD Creams I've got my eye on (Pacifica, Jane Iredale, Green Poeple, Ila, Juice Beauty, Balance Me …) I'm going to give this one a try!


Mascara is my all time must have and I get through it by the bucket (tube) load. But Blackberry pigmented mascara now that is something special. Need I say more?


Ah Kjaer Weis, one of my most lusted over brands and one always so very far out of my price range! Time to splash out a bit on one of their dreamy eyeshadows! This champagne shade called Cloud Nine is understated and gorgeous! I'm a neutral eye girl all the way!

So, what do you think of my picks? If you think any of these products are great/naff lemme know!

Birthday Wishlist!

Facial sprays and hydrating mists are my 'it' thing at the moment and I'm obsessing over them all! I've previously reviewed another facial spray but I also want to share this other spray that I've also be loving!
This is the Zk'in Hydrating Mist* and it's totally taken my facial spray game up a notch! Before I was using sprays purely for hydration and to refresh my make up, but this one is designed and formulated to treat UV damage on your skin. With all the beautiful weather we have been having this has been amazing!

As I mentioned I having been really using this spray to the full and taking it further than just a facial spray. I've actually been using this a lot on my shoulders and arms when they have caught the sun! When I was at the Love Natural, Love Organic show last weekend I managed to catch the sun through walking around under the glass ceilings for hours! When I got home I spritzed myself all over and liberally used it on my shoulders and arms. It really helped soothe the redness and take it down and it certainly cooled the areas that were most effected. The spray is claimed to reduce redness by 50% in 2 hours due to the Organic fucoidan extract (Maritech Bright) and while I can't scientifically say 'yep it reduced it by half' it did definitely reduce the redness for sure! 

The leading ingredient in this spray is Aloe Vera which accounts for how cooling and soothing this spray is! This is followed by Lavander flower water and if you read my blog frequently you will know that I hate Lavander, luckily I don't actually think this smells like Lavander at all. I know other lovely people have reviewed this and found the Lavender scent quite dominant but I don't which is a relief for me, especially as I'm spraying it on my face! I don't think this smells quite as good as other sprays but it is still a pleasant scent!

As for the design and packaging, I can't decide if I think it's just right or not right at all! On one hand I love that the plastic bottle makes it really easy for transporting without me freaking out that it will smash and it also makes it light weight, for carrying around on a daily basis to use throughout the day. Plus the lid is super secure and the spray is excellent! It's a powerful wide spray that packs a punch and means i can easily apply to my larger areas such as my shoulders and arms! On the other hand I feel like for the price it is (£22.95 for 120ml) it could be a bit less 'practical' and a bit more luxe maybe, just to look prettier I guess, is that silly? However saying that with this formula you need to shake the bottle and it doesn't leak at all, something that was problem with other sprays I've been using!

This Hydrating Mist is 97.45% organic and is Australian Certified Organic- COSMOS Organic it is also free from parabens, palm oil, sulphates, petro chemicals etc.

The Zk'in Hydrating Mist is my first foray into Zk'in products and its great to start with a product that I've found really effective. Like other sprays this is quite expensive but I actually feel that they are worth it, especially this one as I feel like it has even more benefits than other sprays. I'm really sold on the UV treatment side of this spray. It's certainly coming on holiday with me!

Zk'in Hydrating Mist

You are all probably well aware that the Love Natural, Love Organic Show happened last weekend and on the Saturday I headed over to Olympia for a day of exploring and shopping!

I was on bit of a spending limit so I had to choose wisely! Included in the show were food brands, home and lifestyle, beauty including hair and skincare. There were some absolutely gorgeous brands available but also some brands that I felt weren't genuinely 'green' or 'natural' too, and i felt there was lack of makeup brands present! But lets not linger on that, instead I thought I would share some of the goodies that I bought and received samples of!


There was a lot that I wanted to buy but as I said I was being a bit careful with my pennies. Firstly and not pictured I got my boyfriend a tube of Elements Shave Cream as I can't stand the crap he uses. Elements is a relatively new brand that I came across through manorganic.com and usually retails at £18. With the show discount I saved a whopping £8  and only paid £10 for it! Thrilled! He actually has already started using it and already says how much softer his skin feels using this over the regular rubbish!

Next, tucked away in a little stall at the back I came across Gift, I would have walked past it if it wasn't for all the fun knicker pictures hanging everywhere. I've been having a real nightmare trying to find a natural/green/eco brand of sanitary wear that I like and find effective so I was very intrigued by this brand. Gift pads and liners are all free from plastic, chlorine and animal products. They are also super flexible unlike a lot of natural towels which feel like cardboard! They are also infused with Toumaline and Far Infrared Rays to help with hormones, PH balance etc! I got a bargain bundle of 3 packs (mix and match type of liner/towel) for just £6! Massive bargain.

Finally, I purchased the MOA The Green Balm and Face Cloth set! I adore MOA The Green Balm, it is such an incredible all round product! I actually met the lovely designer of the new packaging and was blown away at how much better it looks now, really chic and modern. A huge improvement on their old packaging! I've never used their face cloths before so I couldn't resist the little tube of both Balm & the Cloth. Again I saved myself about £5 on this paying only £12 instead of the usually £17.50 ish.

And of course I got a whole bundle of different samples and sachets! More to add to my collection! I was really pleased to get some from Weleda and the team were super helpful explaining the new products launching and the White Mallow range that is perfect for sensitive skin and baby skin (ideal for my niece and nephew)!


Of course I couldn't miss out on the food, I had a wonderful time wandering around nibbling on all sorts of delectables and tucking into numerous flavoured falafels! I actually was really good and only spent my pennies on Nakd bars because I adore them so so much and never miss an opportunity to stock up especially if they are at a bargain price! I took full advantage and went for the £8 for 18 bars/nibble packets! Amazing discount! I didn't photo them all, just put a few in the photo above as I mean you don't really need to see all 18 that I bought! The rest of the goodies I was lucky enough to be gifted as samples and in the goodie bag from the bloggers meet up that I went to. So pleased to get a  new jar of coconut oil from The Coconut Merchant as I'm running low and the chips look delicious too! The blk. water is something I've been seeing everywhere for months now, its the new 'it' water so I'm interested to see how it tastes! 


Finally by far my most frivolous purchase was the Ecoegg! I have been longing for one of these /one for he similar makes for yonks! I saw that HealthNutNutrition had recently done a video on them and that really made up my mind to splash out! I say 'splash out' but this was only £20 and with the beads included and those given free as part of the event offer, it will last up to 4 years. That's 4 years of never having to buy laundry detergent or fabric softener again! I chose the Spring Blossom fragrance pink egg which is scented with natural essential oils! This is chemical free and only uses the power of bicarb and tourmaline! 
On top of this I got a whole heap of amazing info on organic gardening and the soil association etc!

Overall, I am thrilled with all my purchases and gifts and had such a wonderful day out checking out all the stalls and going o the talks, it was awesome to meet some lovely new bloggers and the wonderful organisers, Helen and Robbyn! I will definitely be going again!

Love Natural, Love Organic Show Haul!

So remember a while back I said I was going to try and get through all my samples? Well turns out it's a hella lot harder than I expected!

I've seriously barely made a dent on the darn things! What with some sachets lasting for 2 or more uses and some pots and tube going even longer, I feel like I've not really touched the mountain yet except for a few that I have managed to get through!
I've realised my biggest problem with sachets is that if they last longer than one use, then they are bleedin' annoying to try and preserve.  Lets just say I've built a healthy relationship with sellotape and air tight bags!

Here's a mini review of some samples and sachets I have managed to use up!

 Pai Camella & Rose Cleanser 

I've done a full post on this before which you can read here. In a nut shell I adore this product and it's a definite repurchase and recommend product!

 Santaverde Aloe Vera Creme 

This was quite nice, very soothing, I feel like it was more of a serum than a cream. Initially I felt it was a little tacky on my skin but it ended up sinking in quite well! This sachet lasted a good few uses and took a while to use up as I found I only need a little at a time.

 Evolve Perfect Radiance Facial Polish 

When I opened this I thought I would hate it, I actually loved it! It stinks though, to me it's like a mix of play dough and deep fried donuts. So gross. However, the way this made my skin feel was totally lush! Smooth and clean but still hydrated! The granules in this (i'm assuming from the acai pulp) buffed my skin without being harsh or too grainy! I would probably buy this full size as the results out weight the horrible scent!

 Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream 

Ahh I just love Urban Veda products, this purifying day cream was very lovely and moisturising, light but effective. The smell is very herbal and 'green' but I quite like that. Again this lasted me ages as there was quite a lot in the tube. I was sad to use this up!

 Weleda Skin Food 

Adore this product, but then who doesn't? It's so thick and creamy and really hydrating. Love putting this on my hands and my elbows. A little bit does the job so this sachet really lasted a while which I was quite happy about! Oh and the scent is like fruity herbal heaven. Love it.

 Blend Collective Hand Cream 

I'm fussy about hand creams and this for me is mislabelled- its not a cream at all, its more like a solid oil and I'm afraid it did not suit me at all. The formula just sat on top of my skin making my hands feel slick and oily. I didn't actually manage to finish this pot as I didn't get along with it at all.

 Dr Hauschka Melissa Day Cream 

To be honest I can't say much about this one as it didn't really make much of an impression on me. I think when I used this is was a case of whack it on and the slap on my makeup. So all I can really say is that it didn't make my makeup slide or effect how it applied. So that's good. I would definitely need a bigger sample to judge anything for this product.

So there's a mini round up on some sachets I've been testing out, just a note at this point in time I'm trucking through a lot more, this is just the first wave, so keep your eyes peeled for more mini reviews to come!

Samples & Sachets // 1

I've been dying my hair for a long time now, and over the years I've gone from buying the cheapest  most chemical laden brand I could find to searching out the most natural brand that I could find! 
It's been a long journey and to be honest I've never completely found a brand I was happy with 100%. I've mainly been using a more natural brand but it still had some 'undesirable chemicals' in and so when I was contacted to try out some 100% natural Khadi Henna or Herbal Hair Colour I was very keen! 


This was a whole new experience for me! I'm used to mixing bottles of solutions together to create a formula but this was very different. The Herbal Hair Colour is a green powder that you mix with water to form a paste. Depending on the colour Henna or Herbal Hair Colour you use, the water has to be at different temperatures. All the info is included for you and gives plenty of advice on the right temperature water, how to apply it and how to keep the mixture warm while applying it. The instructions said to add enough water to make a paste, but being a newbie I wasn't that clear on how thick it should have been so mine ended up a little runny! I think there needed to be a little more detail in the instructions in this area. However, the mixing was easy enough, I just used very very hot water (i'll admit I didn't test the temp) and kept it sitting in a sink of hot water as I applied the paste to my hair. I worked in sections to coat my hair from root to tip with a hair dye brush I bought from the store and massaged in the excess with my hands (definitely use the gloves provided as it can stain your nails), it was pretty quick to do. Then I simply popped the shower cap provided on my head, wrapped my hair in a towel and relaxed for an hour and a bit! You can leave this dye on from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how strong you want the colour, so I went for a time somewhere in the middle.
After that you simply rinse with luke warm water and then leave to dry, you don't shampoo it until a few days later as the natural warmth and exposure helps the colour develop more over time. It is incredibly easy to wash out and there is ZERO staining on your skin, I was so worried about having Henna dyed ears but it literally didn't stain at all!


To start with, I genuinely don't know what colour my natural hair is now (I mean I know it's brown, but I have no idea on the actually shade.) I've dyed it on and off several times in the past few years and just kept switching up the colour, and always keeping my hair long without any cuts or trims. I even had blonde highlights at one stage. This means that my hair colour was literally all over the place, it had colours here, there and everywhere and my tips always lighter than my roots. It's pretty hard to take photos of hair especially showing the colour but below are some 'Before' photos.

As you can see the colour is pretty all over the place with different colours popping up everywhere. So my main hope for the hair dye was to make my hair much more uniform!
I've never tried Henna before (apart from as skin decoration) or herbal Hair Colours (a mix of Henna and other Herbs) and had no idea what to expect! I always thought Henna would only be a really really fiery red colour so I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are loads of different colour choices in the Herbal Hair Colour range from Indigo to Red (pure henna), Black to Blonde and a wide choice of brunette shades! they are all made from a blend of different herbs; Henna, Indigo, Amla, Bhringaraj, Neem etc. 

I chose the Khadi Light Brown Herbal Hair Colour* as I was keen to keep my hair in the same shade as the darker parts of my 'before' hair while giving it a bit of a subtle red pop without going too red or too dark and this one was said to give a 'Mahagony Sheen'! Below are the results of using the Light Brown Khadi Herbal Hair Colour on my hair and I'm really really happy with the results! The colour looks really rich and pretty natural and it definitely evened out my colour perfectly!

As its quite hard to see from the photos just how dramatically the colour of my ends/tips where changed I have done a bit of a more close up comparison.


Surprisingly one of the best results from this Khadi Herbal Hair Colour hair dye is how incredibly shiny my hair now is, and not just after the first few days but still even after a week or so! It's wonderful! My hair also feels a lot softer and smoother, and it's definitely a lot less static and flyaway as it used to be. The info states that the Henna and other Herbs used coat the hair shaft like a gaze filling in any gaps which is why you get such lovely shiny smooth results!
However, I have to be honest, the process and results are a little stinky! The smell isn't terrible, it is just very earthy and sort of smells like straw or hay. I didn't find it too offensive and it's certainly not as bad as the chemically eye-watering smell you get from traditional dyes but it does tend to linger on the hair for a while. I didn't overly like it but it wasn't terrible and I think for results that come so naturally and healthily it is a very small trade off. Certainly hasn't put me off giving this Khadi Herbal Hair Colour hair dye again.


Khadi Henna hair dyes are all made from traditional Ayuvedic formulas and are free from peroxide, preservatives, colour boosters/ additives, PPD and synthetic fragrances.

A box of dye (100g) also covers mid length hair and costs £8.90 from khadihair.co.uk which is a fair bit cheaper than other 'natural' hair dye alternatives!

Will I be using this hair dye from now on? ABSOLUTELY! I genuinely can't see myself using anything else from now on, not when the results are so good, so naturally!

Khadi Herbal Hair Colour

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