Jardins D'Eden Detox Heart Fizzy £10* 
(last photo taken from Jardins D'Eden facebook page -what it should look like -pretty!)

Well hello, sorry for the wait, I've been away sulking to myself in my little bedroom cave (lol), anyway now im back i feel much better to write a post!

Sssoooo. A short while back I was sent a lovely Detox Heart Fizzy from Jardins D'Eden. I'd never heard of this brand before so when I was given the chance to explore their products, I happily did so. I immediately saw the Heart Fizzy bath items and knew with my recent passion for bath time relaxing they would be perfect to try out. I recently have been using some sheets where the dye keeps being left on my skin despite numerous washes and it's been bringing me out in a bumpy rash. Nothing major but enough to be annoying. So i chose the detox Heart Fizzy to helps soothe it and to give me a bit of a pick me up!

This beautiful bath fizzy is made with Grapefruit, Juniper Berry ('he ate all my juniper berries'/ 'of course it brought forth juniper berries...it's a juniper bush!' - pleeease tell me some of you know those film quotes?!) and Lemongrass essential oils, which in my eyes is a full on win combo. I love all of them to eat and smell! Oh it also has extras such as Cypress and Rosemary as an added bonus.

When it is called a Fizzy, it don't lie! I love how it wooshed and fizzed around my bath and slowly and wonderfully plunked out amaaaaazing scents that just comatosed me in a warm blissful fugg! Oooh i seriously loved this in my bath, and it is huge so you really get a wonderful long experience from it. And what's more it was only £10 which I think is actually a bit of a steal for what you get!

Unfortunately, when i got this fizzy, Martin-The-Post-Man or one of his clumsy postman mates had given it a good bash about, so, despite it being wrapped and packaged like a swaddled child (beautifully wrapped in gold tissue), mine turned up broken, hence the photos and my cack-handed attempt at trying to make it look arty. Buuut this actually was quite good because I simply scooped out the large chunks and used them in my bath and then had a lot of lovely loose powder to sprinkle in at my free will. So it worked out very nicely. The other thing i did was during a stressssssful day i got a bowl of hot water, sprinkled in some of the loose fizzy powder and let the lovely scent waft about my room that way. i felt rather clever thinking of that! haha

You can find this lovely Detox Heart Fizzy and other Heart Fizzies in the range on the Jardins D'Eden website (which also has many other delicious looking products!)

Go on, indulge!

Mavs x

Jardins D'Eden ~ Heart Fizzies

BalmBalm Lip Balm - Tea Tree £3.50

Balm Balm Tea Tree Lip Balm is one of those great all-rounders. Essentially it is a lip balm, but actually it is so much more than that. 100% natural and organic BalmBalm is stuffed full of tea tree oil, sunflower oil and all sorts of other natural goodness.

You can use this lovely little balm for just about anything. Cracked lips, sorted. Dry hands, knees, elbows? Balm Balm will fix it. You can even pop this little wonder on a spot, the tea tree is antibacterial which will help curb the spot's fury and prevent further infection, and unlike other tea tree products this doesn't dry out the skin around the spot (some people say it dries out the spot, but never has that worked for me, i just end up with an angry spot under a dry patch of skin -eww for me that is doubly worse)
i've even plonked this on under my nose when i'm a little congested and it's been lovely at helping clear my sinuses (a bit like vapour rub) and soothing my red nose!

Now it's a tiny tiny pot only 7ml (0.25oz) but luckily it's seriously long lasting, i've been using mine for months and i've barely even created a finger dibbet in it! At £3.50 I think you actually get more for your money than you realise!

With BalmBalm i love having it in my bag always, then I feel like I've got any beauty scenario covered, just in case. Plus one product in the place of several, that just makes great space saving sense!

BalmBalm have some other amazing products as well as other lip balms which you can check out on their website. For people who hate sticking their finger in a pot, they got it in tube form too!

How do you feel about multipurpose products? Lifesavers, or do you still need the whole selection of products?

Mavs xxx

Multipurpose Products ~ BalmBalm Tea Tree Lip Balm

When i first got into natural and organic skincare and makeup I fell in love with the bareMinerals Mineral Veil and used it religiously even on no make up days! Naturally when I ran out I was pretty put out. Thing is it is pretty darn expensive (£20).

Now I think it is totally worth the price, but I still wanted to explore other finishing powders and see if I could find something just as good, maybe for less. Plus I love exploring new products and new brands.
So when christmas came round I eagerly anticipated a gift of finishing powder.

I chose Lily Lolo as they have a lot of amazing looking products that all are all on trend and young and fresh. Their prices aren't astronomical and they have a good selection.
They have three finishing powders to choose from which I think is pretty great range for a natural brand.

The Translucent Silk powder is super fine and light weight. It has a beautiful subtle shimmer to it that gives the finish a soft fresh glow to the skin. Being translucent it obviously doesn't affect the colour of your foundation but if you want a hint of subtle colour, Lily Lolo also provide a pigmented finishing powder, Flawless Silk.

I've been using this for a while and think it is really great. It doesn't quite match my love for bareMinerals Mineral Veil, but I think it is a great alternative. Lately though my skin has been a lot more oily than usual and I at first was disappointed because this powder wasn't lasting as long as usual. However, happily they do also provide a Flawless Matt finish powder specifically for oily combination skin, which at the moment I think would be more suitable for me with my skin.
But when my skin isn't playing havoc with me, the powder is suitably long lasting and holds my make up in place for a good eight hours without being cakey or powdery.

The powder blends in very nicely with my skin and the price is great and the packaging is clean and fresh and rather pretty I think! Plus the pots have an excelent twist and click seal to prevent spillage and germs - perfect for a clumsy germaphobe like me. 10/10 for package design!

I think if you are just getting into mineral, natural and organic makeup this is a great product to get started with. I can't actually fault it at all.

What do you think of natural Finishing powders, are they essential to your routine, like mine?


Mavs xxx

Lily Lolo ~ Mineral Finish Powder

Ok so I psyched myself up and decided to try my first attempt at a youtube video! Squeeee so nerve racking!
I thought this would be a really cool added dimension to the blog and I mean who doesn't love youtube?! personally I'm addicted to it and thought it was about time I bit the bullet and gave it a go. Plus there's not that many natural/organic youtubers out there so i thought it would be a cool niche to explore!

So bare with me, it's a bit waffly and i fiddle with my hair a lot, oh and it's totally ok if you laugh at the editing! There was a lot of spitting blood and feathers (metaphorically of course!) over iMovie. I used to be ok at it and did several courses at uni, not any more it would seem! But hey it will get better in time!

Comment on it if you like and let me know what is good/bad, or any suggestions you have. I'm open to it all at this early stage. I'm so excited (in a nervy way) to start this and hope that you guys like it as much as me.

So here it is. My Current Favourites that I'm addicted and obsessed with atm! Oh you can also watch in HD! :) (groovy bananas right?!)


Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand cream -

My Review: http://bit.ly/OgS8E6
Where to Buy: http://www.nealsyardremedies.com

Dr Lipp Nipple Balm For Lips -
My Review: http://bit.ly/Rl8pNE
Where to Buy: www.cultbeauty.co.uk

Korres Fig Body Scrub -
Where to Buy: http://www.feelunique.com

Neal's Yard Remedies Eye Shadow in Hibiscus -
Where to Buy: http://www.nealsyardremedies.com

Amargan Nourishing Protein Cleanser -
Where to Buy: http://www.feelunique.com

Doll Face Lolita Restore and Peel Mask -
Where to Buy: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com

Hope you like it! 

Current Favourites & Youtube!

PitRok Crystal Deodorant 100ml - £ 4.05
In all honesty this deodorant was a grab and go buy. I was running around Boots scooping up essentials  after spontaneously deciding to take a trip to stay at a friends despite not having a stitch to wear or even anything essential as a toothbrush etc. So when I got to the deo section and saw this among all the usual suspects I was pretty surprised and pleased and since I had already heard of PitRock before, I happily scooped it up into my basket. It all worked out really rather nicely!

But the thing is, I'm struggling to get to grips with this deodorant. You might think that's a silly thing to say, like, 'it's just a deodorant, what's the silly girl on about?'
Well, I shall explain.

The deodorant is in a spray form but unlike traditional spray deodorants it isn't in a pressurised air form. Rather it is a spray pump, very much like for a body oil or room spritzer. This means that the formula doesn't come out in a nice misty spray it comes out in spurts of liquid. So instead of having a nice even coating of deodorant the formula tends to hit the skin and as obvious as this sounds, but, it's really wet. So much so that if you spray too much you get a little river running down your pit and down your side! Erm a little bit mank!

Ultimately this means you have to practice to get the right pumping amount, but once you do, you can feel a little bit smug like 'yeah i got it down!' Buuut, then you realise that your perfectly pumped coating of deodorant is still pretty wet (i know, i know) and although it's not running down your sides, it's not really drying rapidly either... now, it's not sticky per se but it doesn't feel like it dries down. They say on the instructions to let it dry for a minute, well a) one minute feels like an eternity when you're standing there like a donk in nothing but your birthday suit or undergarments and b) even a minute isn't long enough. Cue much arm flapping and prancing about in front of heaters or fans.

Pheeew just thinking and typing this makes me feel exhausted.
So, is all this pumping practice and nuddy-pants arms-akimbo dancing for a deodorant worth it? Well, essentially yes it is, if you don't mind  being energetic. (Hell, that could be a totally great thing, an easy enjoyable and multi-functional way of getting fit. Although the whole conundrum of exercise = sweat with exercise = drying deodorant to stop sweat is a puzzler to get your mind whirling about).

The fact is that once you have mastered the deodorant application process the result is fantastic, since using this I never have dreaded smells or embarrassing patches and it lasts a super long time, all day and I'd say even into the evening.  The issue is that it can only be applied to clean skin and therefore can't be topped up. But thankfully due to the longevity of the formula this so far hasn't been a problem.
The formula doesn't clog or block the pores like an anti-persparent, so my skin doesn't feel suffocated or tight and it has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Calendula and Grapefruit extracts to keep your under arms smooth and conditioned.
Best of all is that this formula never leaves white marks or have that fluffy fallout that some deodorants can have.

A factor about this deodorant that I never know whether I like or not is that it is unscented. Now that's great if like me you are funny about scents (there's nothing worse than having a strong scented deodorant that wafts scent and makes me think of my pitts repeatedly throughout the day- is that just me?) but then again maybe it would be nice to have a gentle scent, sometimes a scent can lend to that whole fresh feeling. I'm so fickle.

Now the basic bits. The price is pretty reasonable for 100ml andI reckon it will last me quite a while due to it being so long lasting. I love the packaging- what other deodorant packaging makes it look stylish and cool?

So, take from this what you will, both pros and cons, but ultimately I say if you're not perturbed by a bit of deodorant dancing then this is a great deodorant, that just takes a little bit of practice.

Getting To Grips With ~ PitROK Crystal Deodorant

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