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19 February 2013

BalmBalm Lip Balm - Tea Tree £3.50

Balm Balm Tea Tree Lip Balm is one of those great all-rounders. Essentially it is a lip balm, but actually it is so much more than that. 100% natural and organic BalmBalm is stuffed full of tea tree oil, sunflower oil and all sorts of other natural goodness.

You can use this lovely little balm for just about anything. Cracked lips, sorted. Dry hands, knees, elbows? Balm Balm will fix it. You can even pop this little wonder on a spot, the tea tree is antibacterial which will help curb the spot's fury and prevent further infection, and unlike other tea tree products this doesn't dry out the skin around the spot (some people say it dries out the spot, but never has that worked for me, i just end up with an angry spot under a dry patch of skin -eww for me that is doubly worse)
i've even plonked this on under my nose when i'm a little congested and it's been lovely at helping clear my sinuses (a bit like vapour rub) and soothing my red nose!

Now it's a tiny tiny pot only 7ml (0.25oz) but luckily it's seriously long lasting, i've been using mine for months and i've barely even created a finger dibbet in it! At £3.50 I think you actually get more for your money than you realise!

With BalmBalm i love having it in my bag always, then I feel like I've got any beauty scenario covered, just in case. Plus one product in the place of several, that just makes great space saving sense!

BalmBalm have some other amazing products as well as other lip balms which you can check out on their website. For people who hate sticking their finger in a pot, they got it in tube form too!

How do you feel about multipurpose products? Lifesavers, or do you still need the whole selection of products?

Mavs xxx


  1. I love multi-purpose balms like this, balm balm is one of my favourites, I like the Rose geranium scent too. x

  2. Hi there ;)
    I've heard you can also mix it with your foundation for a dewy finish!
    Great post and blog! Now following :) xx


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