Butter London Jack The Lad £12

This year and over christmas I been having a major crush on all things green and glittery, they just seem to have so much drama and glitz and this gorgeous nail polish from butter London is no exception.

This fabulous colour is called Jack The Lad and is described as, 'Opaque, moss green shimmer with gold, turquoise, and green microglitter' yeah I'd say that pretty much describes it exactly! The gold and turquoise are quite subtle but had a little extra something when you notice them flicker on your nails. B.E.A.utiful! 

Butter London polishes come in a whole range of swoonful colours with glitters and shimmers and glosses galore, I would have every single one if I could. Butter London polishes are also 3 free polishes  so they have no Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP. Perfect and the quality is no way compromised by their 3 free formula. 

Two coats make this wonderfully opaque and a third really makes it a solid glittery pop of deep rich colour, I just adore it, and spend ages shimmering my nails in the light looking at it, like a freaky human magpie!
The chipping starts after about 3 days without a top coat and with lost of nail wear such as washing up and cleaning etc, so I think that's pretty descent. With a good top coat this polish can easily last on my nails up to 5 days before the chipping is really noticeable.

I'm defiantly head over heels with this polish and I'm sure it wont be long until i get my little mitts on a few more!

Butter London - Jack The Lad

Neom Complete Bliss Bath Oil (Sample Size)*
(Full size available - 100ml £32)

So a while back I said I was keen to really try and actually relax a little, no computer, no endless job applications and cv rewriting, just a nice candle or two and a warm soothing bath. Well, i'm pleased to say that, despite being a 'shower' girl, I'm thoroughly enjoying a few long soaks in the tub! Who would have thought!

I've had a lovely little sample of Neom's complete bliss bath oil floating around my 'to test and review' draws (possibly from an Amarya beauty box) and thought this would be the opportune time to give it a whirl. I'll admit I was just a little sceptical and ever so slightly put off at the idea of oil in my bath water. To be honest, I didn't really get the reason for it. However I thought I'd give it a go anyway, it could only go a few ways, either I'd hate it, I'd not notice it, or I'd love it.

So, what did I actually think? Well I am pleased to say that it was the latter. I thoroughly enjoyed it! My bathroom was so beautifully fragrant I was already relaxing before I even hit the water. The oil on the surface of the water also wasn't a problem like I had imagined, it was rather nice, every time I swooshed the water it just released more waves of lovely scent. And my my, did my skin feel lovely! I came out feeling i had skin as soft as a proverbial babies bum.

Would I use an oil again in my bath? Yes, I believe i would and i would certainly pick up another Neom oil, the scent of Moroccan Blush Rose wasn't at all overpowering or 'old-ladyish' at all, and the notes of Lime and Black pepper gave it a lovely perky citrusy twist. The scent lingered on my skin for a pleasantly long amount of time and i was genuinely relaxed and soothed. I honestly think this would be perfect just before you head to bed. For me it worked wonders and for someone as bad a sleeper as myself, feeling so relaxed after a bath that you would be quite capable of dropping off to sleep straightaway is an absolute luxury which I am keen to have again!

I honestly can't fault this bath oil and would happily purchase this myself. Complete Bliss? 100%!

Neom Complete Bliss Organic Bath Oil

Nourish Protect Intense Face Gel £7.98*
I have been a fan of Nourish skincare since I was lucky enough to try one of their Relax kits, you can see my review here, and I was keen to try their other products. I have been using their Golden Glow Souffle and reviewed it also.

This serum is a wonderfully hydrating gel from their 'Protect' range of products and can be used as the final step of your cleansing/toning routine or on it's own as a skin booster for rehydration and evening out skin tone. You only need the smallest of pumps and it will do for your whole face and down your neck. My skin just drinks this in at the moment, I can practically hear my skin going 'thank goodness for that!!' it's perfect for winter as my skin is soo dehydrated from both the cold outside and the increase in central heating. I've been using this before make up, after removing make up, before bed and when I wake up and on make up free days. So pretty much addicted to this really. I love how it's non oily and is amazingly light and smells deliciously fruity and citrusy!

I know there's a lot of debate in the beautysphere about HA on pores ie clogging vs unclogging, but i genuinely think that this gel has definitely helped unclog my pores (I have terrible pores!) and made them appear less obvious!

I recently checked out the Nourish website and seen that they have had a bit of an image re-branding, I really like the new look of the bottles, it looks a lot cleaner and fresher than the original grey packaging. It also appears that they have changed these Face Gels to Peptide Serums. I just hope these peptide serums are the same formula and it's just a name change because I love this Intense Face Gel! The link above is to a site called cutecosmetics.com where you can purchase this Intense Face Gel but if you head to the Nourish skincare website you can see the new range and rebranded products including the Peptide Serum which i believe replaced this Intense Face Gel. If it is a different formula then i'll just have to purchase one and test it out, it's a hard hard life ;)

Anyone tried Nourish products and fallen in love with a product like I have?


Nourish //Protect ~ Intense Face Gel

Amarya Beauty Box £12.50 monthly
Ooopsies! First of all I haven't posted a Amarya beauty box post in months and now this one is rather late.....

Ho hum, i'm sitting down and typing it up now. Better late than never I say. Righto, so what did I get in this months Amarya Beauty Box? Well I shall tell you below:

REN - MOROCCAN ROSE OTTO BATH OIL:  Me along with everyone else in the beauty world have been swept away with REN. They are fabulous products so I couldn't have been more chuffed to receive a sample of their bath oil. If you read this blog often you'll know that recently i've been trying out more relaxing through baths so this sample was a total gem!

GIELLY GREEN - CLASSIC SHAMPOO:  Really interesting product to get, never heard of this brand before but I am always on the search for a decent natural/organic shampoo so I'm really excited to get started with this once I rotate my hair products. This one sounds perfect as it focuses a lot on the condition of the scalp which for me is essential as that's certainly a problem area for me.

GIELLY GREEN - CLASSIC CONDITIONER:  Again from the same brand. This one will be good to try, i often find natural conditioners are great for my hair so I have high hopes. It promises healthy shine which is always a plus if it works! Pleased with the size of sample too as with really long hair it often isn't enough but this looks like i will get a few washes out of it.

GIELLY GREEN - HAND & BODY WASH:  Not as excited about this product as the others, i have a whole heap of body washes that I need to test. However this does contain argan oil which i looove and it smells abso-bloody-lutely incredible with lemon and lily!

OXYGEN - PURIFYING HONEY MASQUE:  Another really great sample, masks are a big favourite of mine lately and i'm a fan of manuka honey, i have loads of lip balms and body creams with manuka honey so this face mask will be a great addition. Really hoping this will be a winner as it claims to be super hydrating and perfect for winter skincare.

Overall, I think this is actually the best Amarya Beauty Box that I have had yet. There was an awesome mix of brands and types of products, hair samples are a really pleasant change from multiple moisturisers etc. Really pleased with the size of the samples too, not a sachet in sight (i genuinely love sachets but large bottles are just way more exciting!) Plus you get 20% off all the brands included in the box when you buy through Amarya, REN haul, here i come! ;)

What do you think of January's Amarya Beauty Box, would this be a perfect box for you?


Amarya Beauty Box ~ January

Images Credits: bdellium Facebook
OOooh Girls an exciting news update for all you pink lovers! Bdellium Tools are launching their fabulous brushes in Pink!! We've had the classic beautiful green, the fun and bright yellow and now the gorgeously girly pink is put into the mix!

Still eco friendly and with the amazing quality and unbelievable softness these pink bambu brushes look and sound stunning!
I'm a huge fan of bdellium brushes and even have been buying sets for presents for family and friends because they are so good. These pink versions give me an extra excuse to go and buy some more.

As far as I know they are just launching in the US and are being displayed at IMATS in LA and so hopefully some time after that they should be winging their way to the UK!

To get your hands on these beautiful new pink brushes when they are released check out the this link for the stockist page on the bdellium website. Just scroll down to see all the stockists by country, including for the UK.  A definate stockist I know of it cutecosmetics.co.uk which is one of my favourite online sites for natural and organic products!

Are you tempted by these new pink beauties?


NEWS // bdellium Tools

Organic Surge Mega Bundle £23.97 worth over £60!
I'm not much of a sales girl me, I hate pushing through crowds as i'm super impatient. I'm one of those stomping rushing people. I guess that's why I love London so much, I seem to fit in! ahha. Anyway so as I say i'm not one for trawling the shops for massive bargains and even online I always feel that if i have to pay delivery then I'm not really saving much.

Well that was until I hit the Organic Surge website and immediately saw the most amazing deal going! Organic Surge are offering a huge Mega Bundle for Skin and Body, this includes 10 products at the incredible price of £23.97! Down from £60.39 you save a whopping 60%!! Who on earth can resist that? Oh, oh yeah and FREE P&P squeeeeee!! (Gets me every time, nothing sweeter than free p&p to me ;)!)

What's more it's an incredible range of products including (in photo order):

Daily Care Face Wash, Sweet Blossom Shower Gel, Skin Perfecting Polish, Gentle Meadow Body Lotion, Gentle Cleansing lotion, Kiss and Make-up Wipes, Overnight Sensation Night Cream, Eye Gel, Super-Intensive Daily Moisturiser and Lemon and Honey Soap.

Oddly enough I haven't actually tried any of these products before so I am beyond eager to get testing and trying! I love the range of scents that are provided in this bundle, I reckon there's something for everyone, whether you love sweet scents, floral or citrus you can find it in here. As someone who loves scents but at the same time is pretty picky about them, it is great to have the range so there will always be something that hits the spot.

If you are new to Organic Surge and want to try them then i think this is an amazing and affordable way to get introduced to them without blowing your budget or burning a hole in your purse! I'll definitely be scouring the OS website for more great deals throughout the year. I think we will be expecting many organic surge reviews this year and in the near future.

To get this deal get onto their website quick as I don't know how long this deal will last for! Apologies for the bad photos, didn't get the pics done before the light went (damned winter!)

Do bundles like this tempt you?

Note: This is not a sponsored post, I have not been paid or imbursed in anyway to promote these products. All opinions are my own.

January Sale Joy!

Product links and Images: Organic Surge, Thisworks, Neom, Neom
Evening ladies! Now I don't really do New Years resolutions, i'm much too lazy and un motivated to stick to them,  but this year there's certainly something i want to achieve more.

To Chill Out! Relax, let it all go! Because boy am I one stressy mare and honestly that's really just not that cool. Nah i'm not really that bad, it's more of an internal thing for me, in the mind. Anyway there are a few ways that I have thought would help me to achieve this, i want to explore scented candles more, try to make my world a snugglier place. Bubble baths are also a keen avenue i want to delve into, everyone raves about Lush products etc so maybe through this i can truly understand why (if you have any lovely Lush bath suggestions, hit me up with them, i'd love to know). Also sleeping is something i have always had a rather turbulent relationship with, so thats on my 'to tackle' agenda too!

These will probably be to you ladies  quite normal, natural routine nice ways of chillaxing, or just general small aspect in your life, but with me I just seem to find it hard to give myself a little pamper and indulgence. So from now on I want to really enjoy my time whether i'm working or blogging or whatever with these little treats!

1 - ORGANIC SURGE RELAXING SPICED LILY FOAMING BATH (£4.49 sale): I think this would be amazing for the bath, relaxing and invigorating. I just ordered a HUGE bundle from Organic Surge so this one might have to wait till I gain some more pennies!

2 - THISWORKS THE DREAM TEAM (£6 sale): Oooh so as you know from one of my latest posts I recently have been using thisworks products and love it! Heard many good reviews on these as well from lots of lovely bloggers so these i think will be a must buy soon!

3 - NEOM COCOONING HOME CANDLE (£39.50): I'll admit these seem pretty pricey but again i have heard so many great things about these candles I reckon they are worth it!

4 - NEOM COMPLETE BLISS ORGANIC BATH OIL (£32): I chose this becuase wonderfully I actually have a little dinky sample of it! Yaaaay so this one I can really delve into and check out straight away! Snaps for samples!! whoop :)

What do you guys do to keep chilled and have a relax?

Taking Moments To Relax

bareMinerals Mineral Powder Foundations, Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Facial Wipes, BareMinerals Prime Time, UNE Smart Length Mascara, UNE All In One Mascara, Yes to Cucumber Facial Towelettes.
I have been loving the empties posts and videos that have been popping up everywhere in the past few months, it's such a great idea as it means that you can genuinely see that people use up the products they review, instead of using it once or twice and just saying that its good/bad.

So in the spirit of empties I saved up my bottles and bags of the products that I've used up in the last month, I was surprised at how few I had although most are quite long lasting products.

bareMinerals Mineral Powder Foundations (£25 each): I love bareMinerals foundations, they give fantastic coverage and are really long lasting. I rarely have to top up my face with these powders, they have a great range of colours and the overall result is lovely, matt without being chalky or too powdery. Easy to blend and light weight, can't really fault these powders except for the price! These lasted me months! Fantastic! See link below image for a full review when I first ever tried BM!

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Facial Wipes (£5.50): Another product that I have been completely one over with! I am super fussy with face wipes and hate ones with too much scent or that are too rough on the skin or too stripping or too wet or too dry -yeah I'd definitely say i'm fussy! ha. Seriously I bought these on a whim and haven't looked back! They are scented and smell of Lavender which is not a smell I like, however the scent is so faint and doesn't linger on the skin, I don't find it a problem at all. with the lavender, aloe vera and white tea, these wipes are amazingly soothing, cooling and calming on my skin and they balance my oil levels perfectly. the cotton sheets are amazingly soft as well. They are so good i'm happy to pay the price! A definite repurchase!

bareMinerals Prime Time Primer (£21):  I got this little primer in my bareMinerals starter kit way back when! I actually finished it up in October but thought I'd hold onto it to include in this post. I really like this primer, it's a great all rounder that would suit most skin types, it creates a great base for the powder without clogging the pores so that the powder can't be blended in. A little goes a long way which is ideal seeing as it's a pretty hefty price tag! A possible repurchase although more tempted by the Oil Control version.

UNE Smart Length Mascara (£10.49): An almost empty - I got this after I tried the UNE All In One Mascara and have been left feeling very unsure about this product. On one hand I think it is much better than the All In One, my lashes look really long and luscious after two coats and the formula is a lovely rich black. Initially the formula wasn't goopy but after a few uses i found the product had literal just gone into thick gloopy muck which I couldn't quite finish. I'm always careful about closing them properly and avoiding pumping mascaras, so maybe I had a faulty lid or it was just the formula going off super quick. Who knows, I'm tempted to repurchase as i enjoyed using it while it lasted and I really want to see if it happens again...

UNE All In One Mascara (£10.49): I reviewed this mascara a while back (see link below the photo if you fancy reading it!) and to be honest I wasn't blown away with it, it was a good everyday mascara but nothing i would shout about. However, other than purchasing online, natural/organic mascaras are hard to get in store so I'll probably be going back to this or sticking to traditional mascaras. 

Yes to Cucumber Facial Towelettes (£4.99): Ah I had such high hopes for these face wipes (excuse me i mean 'towelettes' ha! I find calling them that such a hoot!) I adore the Yes to Cucumber Face Wash (review here) and was really excited to try these. I got these in a Yes to travel set which means they are a small pack of 10, normal pack is 30 wipes (price above is for the full 30 pack.) They smelt great and the cloth wasn't too rough, but they just didn't budge my make up as well as I would like. They did leave my skin fresh and clean but I felt like a film had been left behind and always felt I needed to wash my face with water after. Also I found they made the areas around my eyes (my brow bones and under eyes) really sore and almost felt a bit like it was a burning sensation. I don't have overly sensitive eyes, nor was i particularly rough and the cloths themselves were soft so I think it must have been something in the blend that didn't suit my delicate eye area. I used them up though as they made pleasant cleansing wipes for the rest of my face when i wasn't wearing make up and just wanted a freshen up to remove daily build up.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you think of them!

All Gone! ~ December Empties

thisworks Clean Skin 5-in-1 water £21 200ml
Whenever I pop into Boots I have a pretty habitual routine of walking around the store in certain way, (which makes things really frustrating when things get changed around, i can tell you!) With my little system I can happily dodge all the stuff i'm not interested in (male related, babies etc) and hit the areas I really like with full force and enthusiasm. In this way I can spend all my energy on the make up and the hair care areas that really draw me in. First i scoop up all the essentials in a methodical and efficient manner and then I reach my 'lust-have' shelves and slip down a gear into a sweet slow cruise! I can spend many many hours perusing these shelves, with their pretty bottles and jars, clean white surfaces with pops of colour and their enticing 'try me signs'! But, I never buy anything from these areas, they just seem too special, i'll pick up the bottles and read the labels with wide eyes and oohh and aahs but never actually manage to pop them in my basket, let alone cart them off to the till!

Thisworks sits in one of these very areas that I love and I have so many times been tempted to buy any number of their products but never did until a few months ago. I was having a spontaneous day and thought 'yeah I'll have that', I literally charged to the till just so i wouldn't have time to change my mind. 

I'm glad I had that spontaneous day!

thisworks clean skin 5-in-1 water is a cooling and soothing rosewater cleanser for removing makeup and the daily buildup of junk in your skin. I find this cleanser to be lovely and gentle and ideal for my combination  to oily skin. After using it I feel like my skin is clean and refreshed without being tight or dry. Preferably i like to use this every other day as I feel too frequent a use makes my skin a little tight, but nothing major. I also find it's great to use before applying make up as you get a really clean surface to use. The only issue I have with this cleanser is that it is designed to be for make up removal and though it does an excellent job on my face, i can't use it for eye make up. Even when I am really careful to avoid my eye directly i still find the solution stings my eyes and leaves them quite uncomfortable. I've heard a lot of people say this about this water also, so that is certainly something to consider if you are thinking of trying it. 

Despite this I still thoroughly enjoy using it on my face and think it does a great job at balancing my oil levels, it smells lovely and lasts a good amount of time, i just wish it was more suited for eye make up.

Anyone else tried this and had the same results? 


thisworks ~ 5-in-1 Water

It's a new year and I'm so excited for what it holds, but for everything to get going you have to start from the beginning and for me that's taking and making more time for the things i enjoy, mainly my blogging.

So for a while I have been having a crazy whirlwind of a time and unfortunately my blogging totally took the fall the most. This year i really want to make this blog so much better, i want it to go from strength to strength and really grow as a blog and hopefully I think I will grow with it! I have so many ideas and so much content to write now that it's crazy exciting and almost too much. But I really can't wait to get going again and start posting regular posts here.
I also really want to get my other blog up going again as that one has been so neglected of late, i can't even think of the last time i posted on there. tut tut me!

I think that this year will be a good one, already I have some exciting potential projects that I am really excited to get my teeth into and really get everything rolling for this year!

I am so excited to get started and feel like i have a whole new fresh perspective and boosted drive and enthusiasm for making this what i want it to be. Thank you for sticking with this through it's ups and downs and i hope you enjoy everything that is to come in 2013!



Brand New Year!

Korres Mango Butter Lipstick (SPF10) in 12- Frost Pink £15

For my features and my petite face I have pretty full lips,  and I love them and have never been self conscious of them, but I've never really been one to fully embrace them and put them out there. There are so many girls out there that rock lipstick and I've always admired them and thought I wish I could!

Then I went to uni and on nights out I used to start wearing a lip colour but never in the day. Lately I've been much more adventurous and have been really enjoying experimenting with lipsticks!

Korres are a delicious natural and organic brand that I adore, I have many of their body scrubs and skin care products so for me it was an easy decision to start my lipstick adventure with them. I thought to start I go for the subtle and gentle and work my way up from there. No point scaring myself with a bright red lip (although this was my fave colour on nights out at uni- but then when you're boozy in a dark club I simply wasn't worried if I looked like a clown lol!)

Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Frost Pink is a beautiful subtle baby pink with gentle blue undertones. It has a sheer finish with a brilliant glossy high shine that I actually really like. I've never been one for glosses but the frosty effect of the shine gives it a pearly quality that I think is gorgeous!
I have quite red pigmented lips which shows that despite the sheer formula, the coverage and colour of the lipstick is well pigmented and actually comes off really true to the colour in the tube. Yay.

The Mango Butter makes the lipstick super moisturising and gives the formula a creamy silky texture that is so easy to apply. Despite it being mango butter, blissfully the lipstick doesn't have taste or scent which is great because there is nothing worse than a lipstick that smells like kids crayons.

This is a really high quality lipstick that gives a sweep of sheer colour that is build-able but never too loud, I would wear this happily throughout the day and think it would look great with really dramatic smokey eyes for an evening.

The packaging I think is gorgeous, feels really good quality and pretty luxe! At first I did find the price a little steep but now after using I think that for the quality of the product and even the packaging it is defiantly worth it. I have my eye on a few other colours and also on their Guava Lipstick range too, which will be an ideal step up in my lipstick adventure, with a bolder sweep of colour!

Oh and of course not to forget the amazing natural qualities of these lipsticks, free from: Mineral Oil, Silicone, Propylene Glycol, Paraben, Sulphate etc etc! With bonus SPF 10!

What do you think of Korres Lipsticks?

Feel free to suggest any other great natural lip products that would be great for my lipstick adventure!

Mavs x

Korres Mango Butter Lipstick

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