Beauty blogs and sites are always raving about the best routine or the must do beauty chore that you simply shouldn't live without or skip past, but we all have our little naughty moments, we occasionally drop the ball on our beauty regime, but you know what, it's ok! 

The other day i got to thinking about my bad beauty habits or lack of habits and thought i'd share them because we girls, we're all human and you know honestly it's ok!

So here are my top worst dirty little beauty secrets:

1 // I always cleanse - but i never tone! (i can feel the shockwaves rolling around the beauty world as i type!)

2 // I chew my nails, i know it's gross but i don't bit them off, i just chew until they go gross and bendy

3 // I'm terrible at washing my brushes and find it a total CHORE! 

4 //  I LOVE picking my split ends, it's bad but compulsive!

5 // I have (and probably always will have) make up and skincare that I still haven't used floating in my    draws yet I still always buy MORE!  

6 // I still end up buying foundations the wrong colour even with a beauty assistance help! 

7 // I rarely brush my hair, I didn't realise i lost my tangle teezer on a trip until 2 months after the trip!

8 // I hardly ever clear out my stash, routinely have make up out of date /broken and even have makeup that's older than I am (courtesy of my Mutti)

9 // I buy products sold on their fancy name or scientifically named ingredients, i may not know what it means but gosh gilly it sounds clever and like skin wizardry so it must be good!

10 // Eyelash curlers will always freak me out!

What are some of your dirty little beauty secrets - come on girls we all have them!

Mavs xx

Dirty Little Beauty Secrets

I've had this pretty little eyeshadow duo palette floating around in my draws since the bareMinerals READY eyeshadow collection was first launched. I believe I actually got this in a goody bag from a press event at some point.

At first I wasn't sure on the colours and so initially avoided testing it out despite being a total bareMinerals makeup whore! This duo is called The Nick of Time and features a beautiful pale, creamy and ever-so slightly peachy toned nude called Chance and a rich, deep and very velvety smokey brown with mauve undertones called Kismet. Chance has tiny tiny specks of shimmer glitter that give it a bit of depth without making it a sparkly or typical shimmery shadow. Kismet is a smooth matt. 
Over time the colours grew on me, i think at first i was thrown by the mauve in the Kismet colour but once i applied it I saw at once how versatile a colour they both are and how gorgeous they look! The photo doesn't do these colours justice, Kismet isn't quite as pinked toned as it looks in the photo - just blame my shoddy photography skillzzz lol!

The pigmentation of these shadows is amazing, with a little sweep you can get a lovely sheer wash of colour and build it up to a really bold striking effect. The powder is super creamy and smooth and not a hint of chalkyness in texture or colour at all. Described as an ultra smooth  and silky texture, these shadows are just that.  Easy to pick up on the brush but with little wasteful fall out.

Apparently this great result is down to bareMinerals SeaNutritive Mineral Complex formula with antioxidants, cold-pressed borage oil, caffeine and cucumber extracts. All work to keep your peepers looking bright, shiny and prepped with less puffiness and lines! From someone who has a turbulent relationship with sleep, Cheers to that!

Thanks to the amazing formula these shadows are quick and easy to apply and blend superbly! It takes me no time at all to achieve a subtle day smokey-eye look. I guess that's why they are part of the READY collection.

Another thing that I love about this shadow duo is the packaging. It's made from a smooth almost rubberised material that is brilliant at protecting the palette from mishaps and being tossed about in my bag. The material of the packaging does tend to pick up and show grubbyness a lot but that's a fare trade off for perfectly formed, unbroken shadows! The mirror provided is also a really nifty size - no squinting into thin strips of mirror here!

The READY range comes in a whopping 22 sets of complementing duo shades, thats 44 individual colours right at your finger tips. I do think £19 is quite high for an eyeshadow duo, coming out at £8 a shadow but for the incredible quality of the powders I would be happy to purchase these myself (got my eye on the palette called The Top Shelf!) Also available is the READY 4.0 and READY 4.0 REMIX sets which as you can guess contain 4 shadows.

This palette is certainly a perfect grab and go eyeshadow duo for day or night and i would recommend it to anyone. Of course not to mention these  shadows are free from parabens etc

What do you think of these duos? Have you tried them yet?

PS - i just noticed on their page bareMinerals have great little eyeshadow tips and guides to creating pretty eye looks with these palettes at the bottom of the page. Sweet.

Mavs xx

bareMinerals ~ Ready 2.0!

I got these little samples of Gielly Green shampoo and conditioner from one of my Amarya beauty boxes a few months back and have just got round to using them.
I'd never heard of Gielly Green products or the salon before but seeing as the products are 95% natural I was keen as mustard to check them out.

These products first of all smell fan-bloody-tastic! Seriously deliciously yummy, really fresh and zesty and invigorating. The best thing is that these are actual sizes on offer, they are part of the Travel size range from the hair collection.

Classic Shampoo:
A mix of grapefruit and grape and any other incredible oils this beautiful shampoo cleans my hair really thoroughly without stripping it and leaves it light and shiny. After using this I had the best results with my dry scalp yet, i cut out SLS to help with my dry itchy scalp but never found a shampoo that really really tackled it, this shampoo however, really has made an incredible difference. I thought it was just me at first but I do believe it is a result of this great shampoo.
This travel size tube costs £5 for 50ml

Classic Conditioner:
Like the shampoo it is a brilliant product. It leaves my hair well nourished and sleek without leaving it feeling heavy of weighed down. I can even put this near my roots without worrying that I will wake up with greasy roots. My hair feels super soft even after a day or so (most natural conditioners i find make your hair soft for a few hours then it's make to feeing dry) and even after blow drying. This conditioner doesn't smell quite as great as the shampoo but I still think it smells damn great.
This travel size tube costs £5 for 50ml

Both products and the rest of the Gielly Green Boutique Collection products are 95% natural and are fee from; Parabens, SLS (but do include the natural form Sodium Coco Sulphate) and SLES. Both are also suitable for normal to dry hair.

This is definitely an example why i love beauty boxes because you get to discover amazing products that I might never have com across before. And this discovery was a great one.

Mavs xx

Gielly Green Boutique Collection

Image- (not actual product -just a nice range photo innit!)

Korres have announced that they are releasing a new product the their Black Pine range. This new product will be their new innovation an Anti-Ageing Serum. Designed to firm and lift the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The serum is made with a combination of black pine extract containing polyphenols, with pure polyphenol epigalocatechin, oat polysaccharides and black tea, soy and hyaluronic acid. That all sounds impressive with those fancy long terms, but the jist is that it is packed full of great ingredients that will help combat the signs of ageing!

Costing £39 for a 30ml pop this new serum will be available online from 15th April and other stockist in June.


Mavs xx

NEWS// Korres Black Pine Anti-Ageing Serum

 White Grapefruit and May Chang 70g -£10

Who ever knew that photoing candles was so tricky? Or is it just me being totally inept and a bit of a nonce with a camera? Haha 

Anyhoo, currently burning through my nights is this beautiful White Grapefruit and May Chang candle from Abahna. A soft but tangy, slightly floral subtle scent that is beautifully fresh and clean smelling.

So what makes this candles so good? Well, first of all, being natural wax they burn clean and don't have a smokey smelly output, there is nothing worse than the sooty dirty smell you get from other candles. Secondly the scent is quite subtle and not at all over powering but it lingers along time and leaves each room lovely and citrusy.

Grapefruit has to be one of my all time favourite tastes and scents so this was a winner for me, added with the lemony May Chang it's divine, not a hint of cheap fake citrusyness either. This will never leave you thinking of that luminous 'lemon fresh' all purpose bathroom cleaner, thank goodness for that!

The Pink one is Frangipani and Orange Blossom which I haven't tried yet!

As for the packaging well you can see for yourself that it is stunning in it's own right. Each scent of candle has it's own beautiful floral/flora design and is smattered with dusky gold dotting over frosted glass. This is certainly one that will look amazing on your bedside table full of jewellery and trinkets after the candle has gone!
These candles also come housed in pretty coloured boxes, each again with the matching floral design with a chic black bow on top.

Lovely! These pretty little candles cost £10 for the 70g version I have and is also available in 180g for £27. These larger ones also come with a delicate gold lid, perfect for keeping the scent alive!

A must try for candles lovers for sure!

Mavs xx

Burning the Night Away with Abahna

Look at me actually managing to get a beauty box post up before the month ends haha. I think it depends on whether or not I'm excited about a box or not, last month it was a great sample set from Dr Hauschka which was lush but i wasn't so enthused that I had to try it straight away. This box however has a sweet mix of products that I'm really eager to get trying!

There were only three samples in this box, but one of them was full sized so I'm assuming that's why. I don't mind having less products as long as they are really great ones, and for me the Zoya nail polish is the best yet!

So obviously included was a lovely full sized Zoya nail polish, I got it in shade 'Julie' a beautiful grey, blue toned lilac with a hint of pearlescent shimmer. B.E.A.Utiful! Really thrilled to get this. I have been lusting over Zoya polishes since I first came across them and now I can! The Shade Julie is from the new Spring 2013 Lovely range. The Lovely range includes six pastel shades all with a gorgeous shimmer. Zoya polishes are available through Amarya or Naturisimo (they have a small range tho) and cost £10.50.
Zoya Nail Polish is FREE from toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free! Even better than 3 free formulas!

Also included was this Green People Gentle Cleanse and Makeup Remover. I love Green People products but funnily enough don't own many full sized products, i've just had lots of mini samples so it's great to get a big smaple size to properly try out. now I'm a face wipe kinda girl so it will be interesting to see how I get on with this makeup cleanser! It's not something I've explored before. This cleanser has Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Marshmallow so it sounds pretty delicious. Obviously it's Green People so this is free from a whole heap of nasty stuff like parabens and SLS. Suitable for all skintypes too! Full size available at Amarya and Green People (£18.95 -200ml/£10.95-50ml)

Lastly, but not least is this Alison Claire SoRemarkable Mango Body Butter. Firstly, amazing packaging! I am a big fan of these types of pumps! Secondly it smells and looks fabulous! It has Mango (duh!) and Green Tea with Vitamin E in the formula.  I've never heard of this brand before, which is great as I love to explore new brands and ranges. This whole range is designed to be irritant free so certainly one to try on my milk and stress rashes. This body butter is a full sized product (50ml) and costs a very reasonable £7.99 from Alison Claire online as well as Amarya also.

So a pretty nice little box this month. And of course it comes with the usual 20% the brands featured when you shop through Amarya with their beauty box code, so Zoya nail polishes...come to meeeeee! Teehee.

What do you think of this box? Are you impressed?

Mavs xxx

Amarya Beauty Box ~ March

Hello ladies (and gents!) just a quickie update on a fun little titbit! While slopping about the newsagents between trains at the weekend I noticed that there are some fantastic natural and organic freebies being given out with magazines this month!

Yaaay! So what have we got?

The April issue of Marie Clair has a full sized Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream, which is insanely amazing as you'll know it is my most favouritest hand creme yet! The mag is £3.80 which is great considering the hand cream alone costs £10, huzzah! And it's got an interview with Mila Kunis, who is a total babe!

Good Housekeeping have a full sized balanceMe hand cream (also worth £10) with their April Issue. Price is £3.90 so again it's a great price for such a superb sample!

I love it when you get brilliant samples with magazines, especially when I was going to treat myself to it anyway (i know, i know it's sad that these days i have to only have a magazine as a treat but oh well) all the better to get a lovely sample that is not only a decent size but also a natural and organic brand too. This organic and natural beauty scene is booming at the moment and it's very exciting!

So scoot! Off to the local newsie (or your supermarket, you choose) you go and reap the glorious benefits before someone else snaffles them up! woohoo!

PS I love how both the celebs featured in the mags are perfectly petite women too! Yaaay.

Mavs xx

Update - Magazine Samples!

Currently my skin has been grossly shocking and in all honesty, it's 100% my fault! 
For years now I've known that my skin reacts very very quickly and badly towards sugar, when i was 15/16 i went on a sugar detox on the advice of The Chubby One (my mum) and it was amazing the effect it had. Alas i also have a full set of sweet teeth, that's right not a 'sweet tooth' no no, not for me, i have a voracious set of sweet teeth!

I LOVE SUGAR! To put it into perspective for you, on a GOOD day, when i'm being VERY restrained i'll have three heaped sugars in my tea. Most people will raise their eyebrows at two. On the average BAD day (most days) I have five to six heaped tea spoons of sugar in my tea...
You can practically stand a spoon up straight in my sweet tea. 

Yeeeeeeaaaah, Even i wince at reading that. Ha so erm don't hate me, i just have awful will power! NB i'm writing this while diving into a box of After Eight. I asked for one, i got the whole box. My bed is a sea of wrappers, this post is typing up slow as the majority of the time my hand is sailing through the short distance between box and my face. See, no will power.

If there was any justice in the world I would have terrible cavities in my teeth, as luck would have it my teeth are practically invincible, so it's my skin that gets all the problems. The thing is there are just so many lovely things that i like that are packed with sugar or i love to add sugar too. Main culprits include (but not limited to):
Tea, Coca Cola (and other fizzy, coke just has a special place in my heart), Chocolate (no brainer), chocolate cake, Glace Cherries (weird i know but i eat them like sweets!), Mints, Squash (as in the drink, not the veg, although I do use no added sugar versions, ditto for the mints), Nesquick and Cereals (shreddies, wheatabix/oatabix in particular are highly compatible with extra sprinkles of sugar!) The latter two being doubly offending to my skin as they both require copious amount of milk, another skin aggravator of mine!

Eurgh, so I thought it was about time to put aside the After Eight, the cans of Coca Cola and get to grips with my sugar habits and while i was at it make a it more effort to eat more of the good stuff. To make this more entertaining for myself I've grabbed a copy of 'The Clear Skin Cookbook' (i love cooking) by Dale Pinnock and challenge myself to creating and eating great meals and sweet treats that wont let me slide back into my sugary desires! 

My first stop, Raw Key Lime Pie made with avocados and walnuts! I saw a chocolate version of this on River Cottage (i love that show!) and it looked amazing so I'm pretty eager to get going and what better way to start than with a heathy sugarless dessert! 

Wish my luck on this little adventure, I'll try and keep you guys updated on my failures and successes throughout! Check out this book if you're interested, it's got amazing insightful advice and information on nutrients and everything alongside the recipes, which is so useful and helpful!

To good skin and beyond....!

And Now For Something A Little Bit Different...

Today I want to introduce you to two great new discoveries! A natural foundation and an online retailer!

Lately I have been straying away from powder foundations and opting towards liquid foundations a lot more, it think just for the quickness and ease of it. I guess i'm just a bit lazy these days when it come to my make up.

The thing is i never actually thought of buying a natural/organic liquid makeup, it just didn't seem to be something that had occurred to me. Strange really.
I did some research and came across some great looking foundations but was always put off buying online incase of a disaster colourwise (i have done this before and it was awful). Luckily for me the lovely Amy at Gossip PR introduced me to which is an amazing huge site for natural and organic products, it is literally an Aladdin's cave of goodness. You can find anything on there! For me the great perk was that they have a great section for make up and i was able to select a Lavera foundation from the site to try.

In literally two days the parcel was at my door. Talk about amazing delivery!

Lavera foundation is a beautifully cream gel like foundation that is light coverage but amazingly buildable, i use a 5p sized amount for a sheer light coverage and a second 5p pump for a thicker more flawless coverage. This is amazing, it blends really well and is so easy to apply. It smells great and last quite a long time. It gives me a lovely healthy colour and dewy glowy finish!
I do think the colours are possibly a bit dark, i used the lightest colour Porcelain 01 which for my skin tone was perfect, but on people who have more pale skin it would be too dark i think. The tones also lean a lot to the olive yellow warm hues so again this maybe one to research first if you have pinky/peachy cool undertones. Personally for someone with asian blood and quite tricky skintones to match, this is the perfect foundation.

Big Green Smile is a great retailer and this Lavera foundation was only £11.50, on other sites it's £12.90! So it's definitely got great prices, postage seemed reasonable too. I'm really glad that i got to make two great discoveries in one here, a great new foundation and a brilliant new online retailer to check out to. There is so much to explore on there, and their ranges are huge. What is also great is that they have a lot of reviews on the products, both good and bad so you really get to know as much as possible about your product before buying it, plus they have a full ingredients list and colour charts available, which may sounds simple but not all sites do, so i'm pretty happy!

Check out for anything green, natural and organic!

Happy Shopping!

Mavs x

BIG Green Smile & Lavera

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