Its the exciting arrival of the first new beauty box that I love, not knowing whats going to be in it, what brands will be included, new ones, old favourites! Exciting! Unfortunately for me my excitement was put on pause as it seemed my next door neighbours had my lovely little box for a few days and the postie hadn't left me a note to say so! Hmph! Well anyway, no my box is here and I've finally had some time to give it a proper check out!

So what is in this first box of the Amarya-LoveLula Beauty box blend?

LoveLula Beauty Box ~ September

L: UK Natural Health   R: US Natural Health

There are magazines aplenty out there that are focused on natural and organic beauty and health and fitness and sometimes it can be mind boggling which ones to choose. Do you buy one all about food and recipes or one all about fitness, but what about beauty and make up... it would be a lot to buy a separate mag for each (but if that's your thing, hey go for it!) That's why I love getting the latest copy of Natural Health magazine whenever I can.

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