I've unfortunately just finished this lovely Madara soap now and thought it was high time i wrote it a review!

I got this in a beauty box quite a while back and started using it pretty much straight away every morning in the shower. I knew i'd love it as i adore anything minty, i love the smell and the tingly feeling it can give. Very fresh and invigoration to wake me up and make me feel better about it being the crack of dawn. What's more the scent lingered a decent amount of time on the skin without being over powering or leaving a weird after scent.

As you can tell i really enjoyed using it, not just for the great scent but also because it was such a mild yet effective soap. It left my skin feeling clean and refreshed without leaving it feeling tight or stripped of any oils etc. I think the Algae is meant to have a nourishing and cleansing effect.

On another more practical note, i really thought the pump was good. It gave just the right amount of product without wasting any. It didn't leak or drip and didn't get gamed up at all. Plus it was easy to press and product didn't go shooting out to crazy fast or far. It was just a well designed pump. (I'm going to keep the bottle for other products that have lousy pumps!)

This product is SLS/SLES free but did foam slightly with from judging the ingredients i assume is from the sodium coco-sulphate. Now, i know some people may still not like it, but I've done my own reading on it and as it is a natural surfactant derived from coconut oil, I personally think it is absolutely fine to have in my products. Plus I do like a slight foam to my products so it makes it a little more enjoyable!

99% of the ingredients are natural which is great, i do wish that more of the ingredients were organic as currently it is only 5% but it is still ECOCERT approved so i can't quibble with it really.

I know that the range of body soaps also includes Nourishing and Vitalising and at only £9ish I'd be happy to purchase one of these to see if it is just as lovely!

Have you tried anything from the Madara range? What would you suggest I try next?

Madara Refreshing Soap

This months beauty box was a lovely one. Nothing too exciting or extravagant, but a good solid selection of classics I think.

In this box there is all good brands and a nice range of products that pretty much covered the whole body from top to toe (almost)

Included were:

 Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo: 
I love Weleda products, they are in my opinion the leaders in natural and organic hair care so I have high hopes for this shampoo. Shampoo samples for me are brilliant as i find my hair ranges a lot with the seasons etc and i'm a firm believer in switching up your shampoo regularly. This way i don't end up with lots of half empty full-size bottles. This one is from their new range which is ace to learn about and try!

 REN Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash:  
Aaaaah REN my favourite brand never fails to produce something that i simply must must must have! Neroli and Grapefruit, there is no better scent! I almost don't want to use this because then it will be all gone and i'll not get to enjoy it until i buy another. But then again it smells too good to miss. This will be a winner to invigorate me on cold mornings!

 REN Neroli and Grapefruit Body Cream: 
Whoop got to love having the matching item and it actually does smell exactly the same as the body wash so this will be lovely lovely to try. 

 Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm: 
Herbfarmacy isn't new to me, i am currently using the Herbfarmacy marshmallow lip balm which is very very nice. This mallow beauty balm smells quite citrusy and i'm eager to see just how feels between being a serum and a balm. 

 Cowshed Cow Herb Restoring Hand Cream:  
Another goodie. This was created to celebrate 15 years of Cowshed history! I have the Cowshed Cow Pat hand cream which was great so i'm sure this Cow Herb one will be just as good! However, i have to say Lavender is not my most liked scent

Do you think this was a good classic box?

LoveLula Beauty Box - November

My first Tag! I've seen so many tags go round but never actually done one, who knows why?! Anyway i thought this one sounded fun and loved reading so many peoples answers so thought i'd give it a go too!

TAG// Green Beauty Character

A few weeks ago I was just casually minding my own business when an email popped into my inbox that made me squee with excitement and literally drop everything and whip out my credit card. Aaah i'm so easily enticed. Anyway this email was from bareMinerals, my holy grail of healthy clean make up and they were announcing an exciting surprise purchase. 

Basically you pay £30 i think it was and will be sent a secret and surprise selection of 7 goodies from their entire collection! Aaah the possibilities were endless! What would i get?! The total worth was something like £75 so I literally could not physically stop myself from getting this.

BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Collection!

This past Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Natural Beauty Year Book 2014 book launch. This is a big important event in the world of natural and organic beauty and I was thrilled to be invited an so excited to go!

The launch party was held at Whole Foods Market in High Street Kensington. If you have never been there, you need to go, it is sensational. I could live in there, i feel like every time i go its a whole new experience! The launch was co-hosted with WFM and Melvita, a huge natural brand that i am very fond of and they had lots of their great products on show.

Natural Beauty Yearbook 2014!

Aaaah I'm sorry, I know I am about a month late to this party and my beautiful box has been sitting on my bedside for so many weeks. I'll skip the excuses and just write up what's in my box and how I am feeling about it.

I might as well just throw it out there. This box is EPIC! I adored this box as soon as I opened it! There's nothing in the box that i don't / wouldn't want. Oh and the brands, oooh the brands. Great great stuff!

A Beautiful World Winter Selection Box

Yes, that is right...Stylist Magazine teamed up with Neal's Yard Remedies and made a beautiful baby mascara!

For those of you that aren't familiar with it, Stylist is a stylish free magazine that is given out around London and I believe other cities like Birmingham and Manchester (in the UK). It is full of fashion, beauty and other goodies and always features an amazing article about something interesting and out there cool.

Anyway so, last week I was religiously reading through it as i do every week (it's a definite mid-wekk fix!) and right there had to be the greatest article and peice of news going. Stylist had teamed up with Neal's Yard Remedies and helped create their first ever (for both parties) mascara...aaaaaaah! Yes!

You can read all about it above as I just had to scan it in and show it on here, but it sounds fabulous! It took 40 trials to get the natural formula just right, now that is dedication and commitment! 

This collab mascara is 100% natural and 78% organic which is amazing for a mascara!

This will be available on the 6th of November on Neal's Yard Remedies website and hopefully rolling out in stores soon after that!

But wait...that's not all of it yet! No no, it gets better! To celebrate this lovely union and show this new product to the world, Stylist are giving away a bundle of these mascaras to be won on their website!
Hit up this link here >> Stylist Comp and enter NOW as the comp closes at midnight the 6th November!

Stylist + NYR = Amaaazing Mascara!

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