A Beautiful World Winter Selection Box

21 November 2013

Aaaah I'm sorry, I know I am about a month late to this party and my beautiful box has been sitting on my bedside for so many weeks. I'll skip the excuses and just write up what's in my box and how I am feeling about it.

I might as well just throw it out there. This box is EPIC! I adored this box as soon as I opened it! There's nothing in the box that i don't / wouldn't want. Oh and the brands, oooh the brands. Great great stuff!

My box includes:

 Tili Bag 

This is always a lovely addition. Its handy to have something that is practical as well as pretty. This should keep my things nice and clean while traveling and for storing.

 Konjac Sponge 

This could not be better! I adore my Konjac sponge, and have it in Green French Clay, but never tried this original one without the french clay in it. This is will great to use when my other one is past it!

 Naisture Collagen Mask 

A while ago when A Beautiful World launched i was lucky enough to win one of these and haven't yet tried it as I didn't want to use it up and then not be able to use it again if I loved it. Now I have a back up so expect some scary face mask photos on here to come!

 Butter London Polish (The Black Knight) 

Another dream product! I've seen that several people got the Hardwear polish which I already have so I was beyond pleased to get a colour that I haven't got. And boy what a colour it is! A super beautiful glitter concoction of pinks, blues and golds. This will be so stunning for christmas!

 S.W.Basics Shea Cream 

Like the face mask, I was lucky enough to win a large size of this from A Beautiful World when they launched and I have really loved using it on my legs, especially for my knobbly old knees that tend to get dry and ashy. So having this is ideal for me to take my fave moisturiser travelling!

 S.W.Basics Cocoa Lip Balm 

Lip Balm. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed by them. This is just another delicious addition to my collection. I also have S W Basics Lip Balm in Cinnamon which is lovely so I know this Cocoa one will be delicious!

 Yarok Feed Your Ends 

So excited to try this, there has been so much hype about Yarok, but being a lazy hair person I never went out to try it. Now I have it there is no excuse and I'm thrilled to have this in the box!

 001 Pure Active Peel 

Interesting, I don't know anything about this brand so I'm excited to sit down and do some researching about them. But I do love a good peel mask!

 VMV Hypoallergenics Know It Oil 

Again a product that is completely new to me, which is really fun to have. It's 100% organic virgin coconut oil which as a coconut oil fan is perfect. I have a huge tub of Coconut oil already so this will be handy for travelling.

 Marble and Milkweed Nourishing Body Oil 

Hmm something else new to me! I love love love oils and often use pure forms, but every now and then i love to use blended oils for a bit of a change. This has 6 oils in it along with Vit E and other goodness so this sounds like a beautiful blend.

 Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil 

Like Yarok, Indie Lee is a brand that suddenly popped up and exploded all through the blogosphere but I never tried out. Plus with the ingredient of the moment, Squalane, I'm very interested in trying this out!

 Modern Chai No.2 Tea 

Totally random, totally different. But I love how this highlights that beauty is about what you use internally as well as externally. As a healthy eating foodie this makes me a happy chappy!

So wowwee! That is one sensational box, plus i love the bag you get with a beautiful world, they are super handy for shopping and fold away easy and look cute!

You can buy all these gorgeous goodies and even more snazzy stuff online at A Beautiful World's Webiste

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