Before I went on holiday I was sent some gorgeous samples of the '5 Free' natural nail polish brand HJ Manicure. I'd never heard of the brand before but I love discovering new brands and after checking out the website I was very eager to give them a try!

I chose two colours, Tropical Sunset* (from the Holiday Collection) and Thunder Storm* (from the HJ Signature collection). Today I want to focus on the heavenly shade Thunder Storm!

Thunder Storm is a sultry, dusky grey toned lilac and I fell in love with the colour straight from the website. If I could only choose one colour, it would be this. It is soo soft and gentle looking, dusky without looking bland and dull. Just beautiful!

I have to be honest when I first applied the polish I thought the formula was very runny and worried that combined with my terrible nail painting skills it would be thin and streaky. But no, you soon realise that the formula is thin but this actually means that is seems to settle perfectly on the nail with literally no streaking at all! I think the long narrow brush really helps with precision too. The fluidity of the polish certainly doesn't compromise the cover either, one coat is perfectly opaque and as I said no streaks and completely patch free. Being so fluid makes it mega easy to apply and fast too.

Talking of fast, this polish dries really well and speedily without getting sticky and tacky which for a cultz like me is a bonus (no more finger prints on my nails!) Like I said you can happily get by with one coat but two coats really gives it that extra summin' summon'. The finish is smooth and has a beautiful gloss and shine to it that really helps enhance the colour!

As for durability, well i tested these polishes on holiday and at home and with a top coat they stood the test of Sun, Sand, Sea, Swimming (chlorine and salt), Showers and the nibblings of a teething 8 month old. They lasted through multiple hair washes and washing up and wear and tare started shooing on the tips at about day 3 and proper chipping after about day 5! I think that's pretty good going for a natural nail polish brand.

Of course these nail polishes are toxic free. Free from all the top nail polish nasties including Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toulene, DBP (Di-butyl phthalate) and Camphor. They are also free from Animal Derivatives and so are Vegan and also cruelty free!

Polishes are £9.50 (15ml) and available online at HJ Manicure

HJ Manicure

Do you ever get it where you use a new product and love it so much that you can't imagine never having it? You think to yourself, what the hell was I using before I had this?!

Well this REN  Rosa Centifolia Express Make Up Remover, a stunning little tube of bliss, is just that kind of product for me. It came in a beauty box and I was excited to use it but when it came round to it, it actually felt a little odd to be using a cream to remove my makeup as I was so ingrained in using bio or micellar waters or oils. But once i used it a few times, boy oh boy was I taken with it. Still am.

When it says 'Express' well it tells no lies, no holding a soaked cotton pad against the eyes for a few seconds before you can wipe, no this creamy milk formula works the seconds you place it on the skin and almost miraculously removes my make up so easily and quickly and importantly so so gently. It's genuinely a blink and you miss it situation. Waterproof makeup, stubborn eyeliner, lashings of mascara just erased …aaah!

Now with a heavy load of eye makeup there can be a bit of smearing but a second swipe sorts that out straight away and it genuinely budges everything and leaves the skin so soft and fresh afterwards. I seriously love this.

I am almost at the very bottom of this tube and desperately rationing it so that it lasts just that little bit longer! Unlike a lot of products I don't feel like my skin gets used to it and lessens it's effects at all and it doesn't break me out or cause even the trace of irritation, not even in my eyes!

As for the tube, that itself is a feat of genius, easy to get the product out and you have plenty of control for how much you want to use. I just wish the tube was bottomless or somehow just magically refilled itself!

The scent is fresh, delicate and very light which is perfect for me as i'm very picky about scents and sometimes it can really put me off a product, thankfully this is just yet another area in which this product excels in!

A dream product that gets a full 10/10 5* rave review!

REN ~ Rosa Centifolia EXPRESS MakeUp Remover

It's nearing the end of the month and I suddenly realise I haven't blogged about this box yet. Tell me something new! I completely forgot to blog about June's box, but then again it didn't really grab me as a must share box so hey, there you go.
This July box though is nice nice nice!

Firstly John Masters as a brand is always extremely welcome in a box and secondly blessedly isn't the blood orange body wash/body lotion duo that i now seem to have a dozen of from different sources! This mini set is Lavender and Rosemary Shampoo and Citrus and Neroli Detangler. Now I'm not such a fan of lavender, but barely detect it from a sniff test, so this should be great to give a go. The detangler  is something I'm interested in trying as i haven't been conditioning my hair at all for the past few months and I'm considering starting it up again. My hair is just so temperamental, you never know!

Next is the Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer. I've got this as a sample before and talked about it then so wont go much into it, but I have the body version and love it, so have high hopes for this one!

Then we have Mychelle Fabulous Eye Cream, which sounds really interesting, I went through a phase of being obsessed with using eye creams, and now I've hit the quarter of a century milestone in my life (how the eeffff did that happen?!) I think it's about time I started giving eye creams the attention they deserve again!

And lastly, but by no means least the cowshed selection! Usually I have to admit I don't like getting sachets all that much, i feel like often there's not enough to really try the product. But when you get a whole fan selection of beautiful Cowshed sachets, well you can't really complain!

Included are bath and shower gels (in no particular order): Grumpy Cow (Uplifting), Gorgeous Cow (blissful) and Knackered Cow (Relaxing)

And Body lotions included: Moody Cow (Balancing), Wild Cow (Invigorating), Lazy Cow (Soothing) and Horny Cow (Seductive) - oh I say!

Lovelula July Beauty Box

Hands up who loves a freebie?! Yes Sir I Do!

Aaaand what's better than the freebies being natural brands eeeek!

Get your mitts on these lovely natural freebies in these magazines available at the moment. Check out 

 Marie Claire (July 2014 Issue):  Free mini Ciate polish and mini Caviar Beads, in a range of colours! Ciate is a 3 free brand! Plus extra 20% off discount in the mag (see page 59)

 InStyle ( July 2014 Issue):  Free REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser and muslin Cloth. Plus an exclusive 20% off online discount in the magazine (check page 133)

 Red (July 2014 Issue) :  Free Mavala Nail Polish. Available in 4 colours. Mavala is a natural nail range free from parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, camphore, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metals.

What are you waiting for?! Go forth to the newsagents and haul! 

Magazine Goodies!

Exciting news for natural makeup lovers! Benecos are soon launching new additions to their make up range available in the UK!

They will be releasing a whopping few new eye products from shadows to bases. 

Here's what's to come:

 Natural Duo Eyeshadows (£4.95) 

            Ocean                                                                                              Shady Greys       
Natural and Vegan these mineral shadows provide the perfect colour pairings to create a subtle or dramatic look!

 Natural Mono Eyeshadows (£3.95) 

Fairytale                                                                                                 Mermaid
Vegan mineral eyeshadows that are made with blends of organic plant oils so that they apply super smooth and creamily. Strong pigments with a hint of shimmer and sparkle!

 Natural Baked Duo Eyeshadows (£6.95) 

Party                                                                                            Celebration

These pretty ones are mineral shadows infused with jojoba oil  and can be applied wet or dry and have a lovely shimmer! Vegan too!

 Natural Eyeshadow Base (£5.95) 
This base is natural and vegan! It has a creamy smooth formula that helps prevent creasing and gives a subtle golden glow to intensify your eyeshadow!

All these goodies should be available online at and other online retailers soon so keep your eyes peeled!

NEWS// Benecos New Makeup

Hey everyone, I know it's been a pretty long time since I've uploaded a video right? Well i finally got one up and so if you want to hear and see me waffling on about some products i've used up in the past few months then head on down to the picture below and it will take you to my youtube video!

As always I would love it if you would like and subscribe as that encourages me to film and upload more. I love getting to read your comments and hear your views and suggestions so please do pop them in the comments section!

Got any video requests? Let me know what you guys want to see in a video!

Empties Video

 What Is It? 

1,4-dioxane is not a direct ingredient or chemical, in fact it is actually a by-product, the result of processing other chemicals. In this case 1,4-dioxane is a petrochemical by product of the petrochemical process of ethoxylation. 

 Where Does It Come From? 

1,4-dioxane is derived from petroleum and as said above it is a by-product, the result of a chemical process call ethoxylation which is used to change chemicals into milder forms (such as with SLS which is turned into SLES through ethoxylation) this process creates bi-products that can be just as harmful as the original chemical and this is where 1,4-dioxane is 'created'. It isn't created deliberately or even used particularly as a direct ingredient, but anything that has gone through ethoxylation will produce 1,4-dioxane and other chemicals as a result of the process. 

 Where To Check For It: 

Even natural and organic products may contain 1,4-dioxane.

As 1,4-dioxane is not a direct ingredient or chemical, rather a by-product, it wont actually ever be labelled directly or even appear on any labels at all.

1,4-dioxane can be found in a huge variety and range of products anything from hair dyes and shampoos, body wash and creams, face creams and lotions, self tan and bath products and critically baby care products.

As it is a by product of ethoxylation any product that has ingredients or chemicals that have been put through this process may contain 1,4-dioxane. It is used to create better chemical surfactants with foaming, sudsing qualities so check for products that claim to be foaming. It is also used to make a strong chemical/product more gentle so check products claiming to be mild, gentle or for sensitive skin. Most famously it is found in 'gentle' baby care products!

And of course as its a by product of chemicals that have gone through the ethoxylation, you'll need to know which chemicals have been through it to look out for...

 Ingredients To Check For, That May Indicate The Presence of 1,4-dioxane: 

 Look for these other chemicals and ingredients that may have been through ethoxylation and therefore may indicate the presence of 1,4-dioxane:
  • SLES
  • ALS
  • PEG
  • Polyoxyethylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Polyethylene Glycol
Furthermore check for ingredients that include these clauses within their name:
  • 'oleth'
  • 'eth'
  • 'oxynol' / 'xynol'
  • 'ceteareth'
(For example: SLES - sodium laureth sulphate)

 Why You May Want To Avoid It: 

The EWG report that the U.S EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) consider 1,4-dioxane as a  known carcinogen in animals and a probable carcinogen for humans (we are essentially animals so I'd say that it seems a little more than 'probable'). Need i say more? It has a very high risk factor and in animals studies has been found to cause cancers and tumours in the liver and can even effect the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. 

Some children even have skin sensitivity to it causing rashes. It is easily absorbed through our skin and this is enhanced by warm water which opens the pores and leads it being more readably absorbed into the blood stream, so it is even riskier in bath products or face washes.

Furthermore, it can also be released as a gas which is inhaled (again this can be exasperated by warm conditions)

 On The Brighter Side: 

While in the US the presence of 1,4-dioxane is not regulated (yet) the USDA National Organic Program bans any ethoxylation processes for products that are certified or produced under their certification. Therefore the risk of 1,4-dioxane in any products produced or certified by USDA should be markedly lower. But remember the certification must apply to the product as a whole and not just to one or more of the ingredients used.

The EU has a ban on any personal care products that contain 1,4-dioxane and bans the use of it in any personal care products.

Ingredients Glossary: 1,4-dioxane

A while back I posted about the much raved about Jason PowerSmile Anti-Plaque and Whitening toothpaste and absolutely loved it, but I do love trying new things, so after getting through a few tubes I thought it was about time that I experimented with something else. After being mightily impressed with the Jason range, it made sense to give one of the other toothpaste options they have a go.

Obviously cavities, tartar and plaque aren't something I'm particularly able to fully keep tabs on and use to assess the greatness of this toothpaste so it really is down to whether or not i like the formula, the texture and the taste really.

This formula is a natural formula but does contain fluoride (which the other one does not) but it is said to be naturally derived (couldn't find any further info on this, which would be interesting to know). Also the formula is a gel rather than a paste. Not only is it like a jelly but it is also much smoother and thinner than the paste formula. It doesn't have nearly as much of the grittiness that the fluoride free one has either. It is still peppermint flavoured though.

Jason PowerSmile - Anti-Cavity

It's that time again, another beauty box unveiling (although I am a little late to the show, but hey)

This months box has quite a lot of goodies in it, i was surprised by how many products we got in this one! Lots of great brands too!

LoveLula May Beauty Box

I used to be quite big on baths, but, due to water boilers/heaters that have been around since the stone age, water pressure so low that a thready trickle is a sign of a good day and pipes so long, thin and old that hot water is cold by the time it has traversed them, they are somewhat of a rarity these days. 

Bath time in my house is relegated to nights when no one is in the house (we only have one loo and you can't run a bath or shower if someone is using the toilet or any other tap for that matter), the water heater has been running for precisely 15 mins (no more or the pipes bang and shake, no less as the water wont be hot/there wont be nearly enough for even half a bath worth) and the water is heated up just before you want a bath (because it mind boggling cools in a split second despite taking aeons to heat). Oh and you need 5mins of running the tap to get the hot water to flow and then a good 20+ minutes to let the bath fill...

Soo, anyway on to the review. As you can imagine from my disgruntled and long suffering previous assessment of my abodes water works and heating system, I don't get to enjoy many baths these days. But when I do, I make damn sure they are the best, most topnotch, tickity-ta-boo, all bells and whistles, no expense spared, full blown bathing extravaganzaaaaa! I mean it has to be good for all the damned effort that goes into running the bloody thing!

This is where Ila bath soak comes in. I got this lovely little sample in a LoveLula beauty box quite some time ago. While ill I used it a few times to help relax and help clear my sinuses and rather enjoyed it, but i was always being careful with saving it. Until lately. Recently i just wanted a damn fine bath and decided to go full pelt and drizzle damn near the whole bottle into my bath! I previously said the scent wasn't much to speak about, but with a good hefty dose in a really hot bath it gives the most wonderful heady scent and snuggly warm aroma! Love it!! Give me moooore!

It's blended oils of Vertivert, Petitgrain, Evening Primrose and Apricot and you can definitely smell the former two with strong touches of citrus. I think the Apricot and EP oils really come into play not with it's scent but with how soft my skin is after using this soak in the bath. And you know there isn't that nasty oil slick left behind that sometimes goes hand in hand with oil blend bath soaks and i don't feel at all greasy after using it. Just soft and scented and relaxed.

Another plus to this soak is that it turns the water quite soft feeling, not really sure how else to describe it, i just feel like it makes the water gentler and less harsh in a way. Also it adds a lovely milky quality and frosted appearance to the water which I really like! No globs of oil bouncing about on the water surface.

Overall, it smells great, relaxes me very nicely, leaves my skin soft and moisturised, doesn't leave mess and makes the bath prettier. What more can you ask for?!

Organic. Cruelty free. Paraben, colorant, synthetic fragrance and Propolyne Glycol free. (Oh and made in my home turf of the beautiful Cotswolds! Whoop whoop!)

Ila Bath Soak review (that is actually more a disdainful review of my water heating system…)

Now I know, this is nothing new to the world. We all hear the advice on drinking down hot water with lemon in the mornings to really prep ourselves for the day. But it never hurts to just hear it that one more time, maybe this will be the time it sticks…and you actually live by it. That's what happened to me at least.

I used to half-heartedly sip on hot water and lemon once in a blue moon and think that I was being good. Then I made changes in my life and made it my mission to actually care about myself and give myself a helping hand. That is where hot lemon water came in. I started drinking a big mug every morning and occasionally throughout the day. Over the past two months I've been seeing some wonderful changes and benefits…

  Clean In = Clean(er) Out  

In other words, Digestion. Lemon water is great for detoxing the body of toxins and impurities. By helping flush the rubbish through and out your system it helps support your liver and kidneys, your bladder, renal system and your stomach. What's more it can help detoxify your blood, beating free radicals and purify your blood. With these benefits it can help as a diuretic and a mover and shaker in all things being 'flushed out' shall we say.

  Balancing Act  

Not only does lemon water have wonderful internal cleaning benefits but also while it is there working it's magic on cleansing your system it is also tinkering away balancing out your pH levels. As a citrus fruit it is highly acidic but once in your digestive system it becomes a powerhouse of alkalising goodness! This helps balance you out and decrease cases of heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux. Especially beneficial if you have a high acidic diet involving foods like pork, cheese and processed foods.


Now at some point in our lives we are all going to get a sniffle or stomach bug or two. But with all the benefits above lemon water can help fight that. High levels of Vitamin C and other nutrients help boost and build your immune system to ward of any nasties and kick their metaphorical butt if they do creep in. Furthermore, illness and disease love acidity, but guess what, your lemon water has made your body nice and alkaline so it's hard for illness and viruses to take hold. One mean lean illness fighting machine!

  What Goes On Inside, Shows On The Outside  

So your insides are working pretty grand by now and that is going to show on the outside. Bad skin can be caused by toxins and acidity. But wait you've got those sorted on the inside from the lemon water. Toxins are often flushed out through urine (etc), and through your skin, if your insides are toxin free then there won't be much to be pushed through your skin to cause break outs and wrinkles. Add in the benefits of Vitamin C and antioxidants provided by the lemons and you have even more blemish busting properties. And don't forget the skin on your scalp too, lemon and hot water is known to improve you scalps condition leading to less dandruff and stronger follicles which means stronger healthier hair growth!


There are many other benefits associated with hot water and lemon including, improved oral health and less stinky breath (nice), weight loss, healthier hair and nails. Also it can treat sore throats, stomach ache, arthritis, reduce the symptoms and reactions to hayfever and allergies. Additionally lemons are high in potassium which have endless benefits to healthy hearts, blood and blood pressure and your CNS. 


- Try to use organic lemons to avoid any pesticides or wax in your drink

- Always wash your lemons (organic/unwaxed or not) before you use them just to make sure 

- Gently rolling the lemon before cutting will help get all the lovely juice moving a bit to make a more zingy water

- I like to cut up lemons into circles or chunks and freeze them in bags. Then each morning you can just pluck a few out and pop into your mug of hot water. No muss, no fuss. Plus freezing the lemon keeps the nutrients and vitamins more intact than if cut lemons are left for a few days.

- Sip it slowly instead of all in one go so your body has more time to extract the benefits

- Drink on an empty stomach to get the full effect of the benefits, that's why it's suggested first thing in the morning.

Beauty Benefits of Lemon Water

Well it's been a long long time since i've done a wish list and that's not because i've been buying things either, i just haven't really had my heart set on much. That was until now and coupled with the fact that i'm on a spending ban. Hmph so wish list it is.

 1  LuLu Organics Hair Powder. Heard so many amazing things about this hair powder and I love the fact that it is Talc free! It's expensive at £20 and hard to get but it is available to buy from Liberty's and Amazon. They have Lavender and Sage or Jasmine (my pick).

 2  Melvita Fresh Micellar Water (Face and eyes - rose). I tried a sample of this from a travel size box and fell in love with it. It is going to be a definite purchase for the summer and keeping skin fresh and revitalised. Buy in most good natural health stores or online. (£15.50)

 3  Primal Pit Paste. Another product that has rave reviews. Natural deodorants are notorious for being hit and miss but i've only read and heard high praise about this. Hard to find online, the tub is easier to get than the stick, but i'm not giving up just yet.

 4  Zoya Nail Polish in Alma (From the new range Bubbly). I cannot wait for this new collection to launch, it's called Bubbly and features 6 metallic shades with a holographic edge and a jelly formula. this shade is the most beautiful balance between orange and yellow.  (€9)

 5  Dr Hauschka Liquid Eyeliner (black). I'm on a mission to finally swap my traditional liquid eyeliners with natural formulas. This brush isn't quite how i like it but i tested this out in WholeFoods the other day and the formula was lovely, a really true black. And it stayed around a fair while on the back of my hand which is always a good sign! (£18.99)

Natural Wish List

Give me anything coconut and i will gladly receive it with open arms. I was very excited to try this Essential Care  Creamy Coconut Cleanser, it's been sitting in my skincare draw for yonks (i do believe i got it in a beauty box but it was so long ago i really can't be sure…)

Now first impressions were good but i do have to admit that while i do like this cleanser and would use it again, i certainly wouldn't say that it is anything to particularly shout about from the rooftops. But that's just me. It's very nice, but you know 'nice' is nice.

Top marks do go to this cleanser for being what it says on the tube and being a very lovely gentle cleanser ideal for sensitive skin. my skin had no worries with this in terms of harshness. Which is nice. It gives a good clean but by no means a deep clean and it did struggle somewhat with my heavier makeup days. For makeup it didn't have  the 'melting' effect that other cleansers have so i had to really use cotton pads to get a good clean sweep, especially for eye makeup (pleasantly though it didn't sting my eyes at all)

However, due to being more gentle it is ideal for a double cleanse. Double cleansing provides a much deeper clean without it going too far and stripping your muggins dry.
I actually played around with this cleanser a lot and found that it made a lovely pair with a Konjac sponge, which together provided an effective slightly more enhanced clean. A face cloth was a touch too harsh and on it's own it was a tad too gentle. So after that it was used with my Konjac sponge (FYI i use the green french clay one) and it was perfectly adequate and nice.

I got surprisingly quite a few uses out of this tube (its a 30ml one - £6), i think because with the sponge i didn't need as much product as i did when using it solo. During the period of using it I didn't find it at all drying nor did it cause my skin to be oily, so snaps for that.

Finally the scent is definitely a pleasant one. I wouldn't guess coconut if i had my eyes closed, but i would say citrus and maybe a bit of eucalyptus. Obviously the main oil ingredient is coconut hence the name.

As for 'green-ness' of the product it's pretty fabulous. Its Soil Association certified, at least 88% organic ingredients, cruelty free and free from all the usual 'nasties' that we like to avoid. Good stuff.

Creamy Coconut Cleanser

Prima Spremitura Hand & Nail Cream* (£9.50) 150ml
Hello lovelies. 
Today I thought I would share with you a hand cream that has been getting me through this past month or so. I suffer from Dyshidrotic Eczema and one of the only things that people agree on is that stress aggravates it and moisturising can help soothe and reduce itchiness and redness.

Stress for me makes my OCD flare up which means i clean a lot (without gloves) and wash my hands a lot too which obviously won't help the eczema either! So as you can imagine I try to stress less (not so easy) and am always layering on the hand cream. Now I get through a lot of hand creams and like to experiment with new ones. So when i was offered a sample of the Prima Spremitura* olive oil hand cream from Simply Naturale i was eager to give it a test.

This hand cream is created in Florence Italy by Idea Toscana and is the only IGP certified olive oil product in the world. This certification ensures that the olive oil used is 100% extra virgin Tuscan olive oil (the best known olive oil available) and is organic. The olive oil used is actually food grade -so super healthy and clean. It also certifies that the ingredients in the product are at least 95% organic and that fragrances are 100% natural.

This cream is very thick and 'creamy' and a little goes a long way. At first when you apply it, it can feel very thick and heavy but you soon notice that it actually sinks in well and the first sense of stickiness is completely absorbed after a few rubs and it doesn't leave any residue. As with many hand creams that boast oils as a main ingredient I always have a worry that they will be greasy and 'oily' but with this hand cream there literally is no oiliness at all and the only indication of the olive oil being present is the very slight yellow tint to the cream and the distinctive olive scent that it has.

On the topic of the scent, it is at first a little odd, like olive oil, citrus and herbs, to me it is almost like a Greek salad. But actually it does grow on you and I've come to really enjoy the scent and find it quite peppy and invigorating. It isn't overly powerful but lingers a decent amount of time. There's definitely some citrus and lavender scents going on in there too, from the other oils included in the formula.

I've been using this daily for a month or so now and although I can't really determine if it has helped my  DE anymore than another hand cream, I have started noticing that I'm actually applying hand cream less throughout the day. This may just be that i'm getting lazy but I think that possibly it could be that this hand cream is so gently nourishing that I don't feel like I need to keep reapplying it. With this and the huge amount in the tube it is lasting a long time!

This cream is free from: SLS, SLES, Parabens, silicon, artificial colorants, fragrances and Isothiazolinons. It is also cruelty free and both dermatologically and microbiologically tested. 

A 150ml tube of this costs only £9.50 and can be purchased from Simply Naturale online

Prima Spremitura Hand and Nail Cream

Aha! Finally a beauty box post back on the blog! last months box sort of slipped my mind completely what with everything else in my life and I think that although it was a nice box, it wasn't anything for me to rave about. And also i wasn't posting much anyway on here.

This months box however is one of those boxes that makes me go 'Ooooooooh' when i open it and shout a triumphant 'Yes' when i spot a well desired product.

So onto the goodies that have made me all shiny and happy from this box:


I love Jane Iredale products I just never buy them much because of the cost and i'm always worried about wasting product and money. So a sample to try before i buy is excellent and as spring and summer are on the way this BB cream with minerals and SPF will be bang on. Plus with my skin being bad from crazy hormonal changes atm, the term 'full coverage' is a blessing! 


UNE have been in my make up bag since they first launched and i'm a big fan of their products, especially their blushers! Saying that though, i've never tried their kohl eyeliners so this will is an ideal sample for me but it will have to be good because i'm an eyeliner fiend and it will be up against some stiff competition!


Sante as a brand came on my radar a while back but i've not yet made the commitment to purchase anything, i'm saving my money to buy their liquid eyeliner and test it out which has been on my wish list since discovering them.
These shower gels look nice and i'm thrilled with the scents; Goji Power (Goji and lemon) and Coconut Dream (Pineapple and Coco)


Um how fabulous does this sound?! Mocha ( a fave) AND Orange (one of my most loved scents/flavours ever) and in lip balm form. For a lip balm addict like me, this product is just a total dream and i can't wait to tear into the packaging and smooch it on.


Last but certainly not least by any mark, this is the most exciting and well worth it product from the bunch. I'm a ridiculously big REN fan and hoard their products and samples like a magpie. I haven't found a product I don't like yet. So a full sized make-up remover is just fabulous to receive! I'm always playing around with make-up removers from brand ones to DIY methods and i can gleefully add this to my 'next to try' list.

I'm chuffed as punch with this months box. How about you?

LoveLula April Beauty Box!

Thisworks In Transit Spray-on Moisture (£18) 100ml

This is one for all the ThisWorks fans out there!

Thisworks are expanding and are ready to launch new products to their In Transit range. Launching in May they will be adding three new products to the line including:

 In Transit Spray-on Moisture  
A quick and effective spray on moisturiser that is light and hydrating to give an instant replenishing moisture boost with balancing skin properties.
100ml (£18)

 In Transit Balancing Body Lotion 
A balancing all over body lotion that both moisturises and tones for silky soft and firm skin. Shea Butter provides rich nourishment and soft supple skin while ginger and lavender work to both invigorate and soothe the skin and senses.

 In Transit Reviving Shower Gel  
A fragrant revitalising gel formula for every day use that cleanses gently while providing a perky energising boost to both the body and mind with mandarin and bergamot essential oils. Also designed to help sooth and reduce tension!

All three products will be available from 5th May from thisworks online and in this works retailers including Boots.

NEWS// Thisworks New Releases

Every now and then i take a break from blogging, just so that it always stays fun for me and so i keep my inspiration up. But usually i get back to it quite quickly. You may or may not have noticed that lately i've not blogged for a good part of 3 weeks. This time it actually wasn't a conscious decision it was just something that simply wasn't happening.

I would sit down and try to write and it just wouldn't work. I couldn't think of what to write and if i did know what to write about i just felt like i couldn't explain it. So many times i thought 'i'll blog today' and then just stared absolutely perplexed at the blank page.

This isn't because i'm not into blogging any more it's because a month or so ago i made a massive change in my life coming off ALL hormonal birth control and it's affected/ is affecting me both mentally and physically. To tell the truth it is totally kicking my butt. So apologies for the massive gap in blogging, i now feel more able to blog again but of course i can't be guaranteeing anything. With that said i'm going to start writing up a series of blog posts covering all the bases of my journey from start to finish if anyone would be interested in that. I'm also thinking about doing some videos on it, but not sure how much detail i want to go into on YouTube, i don't know. We shall see.

So hopefully now i feel that things are on the up blogging will resume. Thank you to everyone who's still commenting and reading posts and supporting me on Twitter, it makes me feel good that there's still a great community I can come back to when I feel ready!

Just a little update

Hey lovelies,
so I'm sure you've spied this already, but for those of you that haven't there's a cheeky Neal's Yard Remedies Goji Berry Lipgloss going free with the latest Marie Claire Magazine. If you're anything like me and adore NYR this is one to snap up! I saw it yesterday while browsing the mags and had to have it! It's a lush colour too!

What's more usually in conjunction with a magazine freebie there is usually a good old promo code somewhere in the mag and luckily for us there is a whopping 20% off NYR! Whoo, you can get it off in store or online! Promo code: MC2014 (online only) you'll need the page from the mag for instore!

This calls for some shopping!!

NEWS// Magazine Sample

I mentioned this Castile soap in my February favourites video and realised that i've never actually reviewed it. Perhaps i thought after all the rave reviews I would have nothing new to say. But here I am putting my two cents in about this gorgeous soap anyway.

Dr Bronner's Citrus Orange Castile Soap

Huzzah! Finally my latest video is up on YouTube! So lately i've been thinking how very little you guys and youtube viewers know about me. Now obviously i'm not going to be sitting down and sharing all my deep dark secrets and crazy life stories, so i thought i'd do a humorous one instead. So please enjoy learning 50 weird, wild and wonderful facts about me that you never knew you needed to know! 

Really I just wanted to share a little bit about me and bring a little cheer to someones day…it is spring now after all so things are looking slightly brighter!

Click the picture below, you know what to do!

As always leave me comments, i love reading them, and i bet this video will bring out some funny ones!

50 Facts Video!

Just a casual little nod to this unimposing and often over looked little tool! The wooden comb.

Wooden combs have so many benefits that are far better than their plastic or metal counter parts. For starters wooden combs are often waxed and polished (no splinters here!) so the prongs are smoother and softer on your scalp and reduce and discomfort or damage. I actually find my wooden comb to be quite massaging due to the gentle nature of the prongs (i've read before that apparently combing your head in a certain way with a wooden comb is meant to be highly therapeutic and has even been claimed to improve women's health - for me the jury's out that one.) This massaging of wooden combs is said to help increase blood flow in the scalp which improves circulation and sebum production.

What's more the prongs tend to be wider and bigger and further spaced apart than on the standard plastic comb which again is easier and gentler on the scalp. The larger space between the prongs also means less friction and less snagging and much less tugging on the hair root so the risk of damaging your roots is reduced too! Waheey.

The Wooden Comb

Hey hey, My latest video is up on YouTube where you can hear me ramble on about my favourite products from February. Some are your typical natural green products that everyone and their mother adores, and some are a little more surprising (well for me at least)!

I just want to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments, they make it all worthwhile! I have so many ideas for new videos so stay tuned for those!

Click the picture to be whisked away…

Feel free to share in the comments your favourite products or what you think of my choices this month! Heck if you have any recommendations then pop them to me as well for sure!

February Favourites

A new one to be checking out lovelies! Beauty brand Sans [ceuticals] is launching in the UK exclusively to BeautyMart!

Based in New Zealand, Sans [ceauticals] is a natural brand that focuses on all natural ingredients and sustainability and care for the environment. All their products are free from sulfates, parabens, silicones, PEG, petrochemicals and mineral oils, vinyls, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours or bleaches, PPGDEASTEAand aluminum/alumina. They are also cruelty free! Most of the products (except a few) are vegan and vegetarian!

The brand is also good for the environment using recyclable paper with vegetable dyes and bottled in non leaching plastic! And the majority of their ingredients are from responsible and sustainable sources.

They have a neat range of face products and an exciting array of hair products all designed to give the best most natural results!

Definitely one to be checking out! Find these new brand products online at BeautyMart! Available from the 26th Feb!

NEWS // Sans [ceuticals]

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