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26 March 2014

Every now and then i take a break from blogging, just so that it always stays fun for me and so i keep my inspiration up. But usually i get back to it quite quickly. You may or may not have noticed that lately i've not blogged for a good part of 3 weeks. This time it actually wasn't a conscious decision it was just something that simply wasn't happening.

I would sit down and try to write and it just wouldn't work. I couldn't think of what to write and if i did know what to write about i just felt like i couldn't explain it. So many times i thought 'i'll blog today' and then just stared absolutely perplexed at the blank page.

This isn't because i'm not into blogging any more it's because a month or so ago i made a massive change in my life coming off ALL hormonal birth control and it's affected/ is affecting me both mentally and physically. To tell the truth it is totally kicking my butt. So apologies for the massive gap in blogging, i now feel more able to blog again but of course i can't be guaranteeing anything. With that said i'm going to start writing up a series of blog posts covering all the bases of my journey from start to finish if anyone would be interested in that. I'm also thinking about doing some videos on it, but not sure how much detail i want to go into on YouTube, i don't know. We shall see.

So hopefully now i feel that things are on the up blogging will resume. Thank you to everyone who's still commenting and reading posts and supporting me on Twitter, it makes me feel good that there's still a great community I can come back to when I feel ready!

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  1. I think doing posts on your journey would be awesome! And quite helpful too :) x


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