Dr Bronner's Citrus Orange Castile Soap

3 March 2014

I mentioned this Castile soap in my February favourites video and realised that i've never actually reviewed it. Perhaps i thought after all the rave reviews I would have nothing new to say. But here I am putting my two cents in about this gorgeous soap anyway.

Just like the name 18-in-1, this product seriously can be used so many ways (more than 18 i reckon). I love using it to wash my brushes, it makes them very clean without drying them out. It is also great for cleaning surfaces and i especially use it for whipping down my beauty desk which often has makeup all over it, it doesn't damage the finish of the desk and leaves it clean and smelly slightly citrusy!

I 've been trying this out as a shampoo combined with a conditioner or oil, but as of yet I haven't found the winning combo yet. So when i do I'll have to do an update.

But my most favourite use for this is as a body wash. The scent is light and fresh and not overpowering or crazy strong. It sits on the skin before fading after a while. The citrus orange scent is my favourite scent of all of those that I've tried to far (peppermint, rose, lavender, unscented). As a body wash it leaves my skin literally squeaky clean but doesn't dry it out or stripping it. pLus there is no residue left. I have to admit when i first used it  I had trouble getting used to it being so fluid and liquid compared to many creamier formulas i've used in the past. But once i got used to it, it became the norm and i love that somehow it foams really nicely, and it doesn't have any foaming agents! How does it do that!? It 's fun to use a foaming product again after using many natural non foamy ones!

Price and amount wise, you get A LOT for your buck! It is pricey (anywhere between £11-£16) but for this price you get roughly a litre! And a little goes a very long long way. I use it at least twice a day and i've had this for months and months and still only about 1/4 the way through. 

This is definitely worth the money and certainly worth all the hype it gets in both the natural and traditional beauty worlds! Whenever i see a bottle in TK Maxx or on offer, I scoop it up, because you can never have enough!


  1. I love Dr. Bronners! Would you say that this scent keeps the moisture in your skin? I recently used the Peppermint, and although it definitely did it's job cleaning wise- I felt it sort of took away some softness from my skin... not sure if I used it right! Haha! XOXO Kathryne from getunsullied

  2. I really like Dr Bronners, but I do find that it can be a bit drying sometimes....


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