While browsing through my twitter the other day I realised that I had been nominated for the Liebster award by the beautiful Amy Chessman from the wonderful blog Disguised By Zebras. Amy's blog is a fascinating blend of beauty, food, travel and lifestyle, i'd recommend you check it out if you haven't already! Amy herself did a great post for her Liebster Award and I'm so thrilled to be nominated by her for it. Thank you very much Amy, wish i'd seen it earlier!

Liebster Award!

Can you believe that we are only a few weeks away from it being 2014? Nope me neither, but new product launches are a sure sign of the new year to come. And that's where REN steps in.

Undoubtedly one of the leading brands in fabulous organic and natural skincare in the UK, REN have announced that they are launching yet more must-try items to their already hugely impressive range of skincare!

2014 shall see REN introduce not one, not two but three new products that make the beginnings of their spanking new V-Cense collection. These three products are as follows:

NEWS// REN - 2014 Product Launches

A new brand has just launched called So Pure! 

So Pure is created with predominantly natural ingredients including it's signaure ingredient, Prickly Pear Seed Oil. ( I love when a brand has a signature ingredient, like KORA with Noni) The formulas will be artificial additive free and free from the usual suspects including including parabens, phenoxyethanol, fillers, silicones,  some glycols,  colours, phthalates, PEGS, TEA, DEA and synthetic fragrances.

NEWS// So Pure

To those who are true Essential Care fans this may not be new, but to those like me who are still exploring the brand this will come as some great new news! 

The creators of Essential Care have launched a new brand of skincare called Odylique by Essential Care. 

As mentioned on their site, 'Odyl' means - force/power of nature, which lends it's meaning to the name as they use natural ingredients. 

Apparently Odylique is designed as a luxury, or eco-luxe as they call it, affordable line of skincare aimed at sensitive skin. The products are formulated as organic and 100% natural, certified with the Soil Association seal of approval.
The formulations of all the products also promise to be hypoallergenic and free from common allergen tree nut oils, soy, wheat or dairy, as well as parabens, petrochemical and sulphates!

There's a whole range of products within this brand from cleansers and serums to milks, tonics and much more. Above are just some imagery examples I have from the website, the design i think is so chic and clean looking, i'm quite impressed! (i love good packaging i do!)

I've taken a look at the Essential Care site and as well as an intro to Odylique page they have a whole FAQ page all about this new development of the Odylique brand. It's very interesting and worth a read as they cover loads of info about the change. They even say how many of the Essential Care products will become Odylique in the future so it's worth reading if you have current Essential Care products.

The links that I've mentioned above can be found again below:

What do you think of this new launch from Essential Care?

NEWS// Odylique - The Power Of Nature

A few examples of the products available

Hooray after things being a little quiet on the natural beauty and skincare news front, I have some great, great news to share!

Lavera! Yes this great brand have launched a whole huge heap of hair care products! They already have a few hair products in their range but this is a whole new level of total all-round hair care, natural style!

NEWS// Lavera Hair Care

I cannot believe it is December already! Well actually i can because i'm wrapped up in bed typing this as it is the only warm place in the house, and i can't go anywhere about town without a father christmas thrusting gym subscriptions at me! Hey the merriment of December!

Anyhow i've been testing some new products lately after i set myself a mission to just get on and use up all those samples and travel sized minis that are overflowing in my very many draws and cupboards. First impressions are quite important to me, but not the be all and end all. Many times i'll try a product, not like it and then pick it up again months later and fall in love. But when i adore after the first or first few uses, that's when i know its a golden keeper fosho.

First Impressions

I've unfortunately just finished this lovely Madara soap now and thought it was high time i wrote it a review!

I got this in a beauty box quite a while back and started using it pretty much straight away every morning in the shower. I knew i'd love it as i adore anything minty, i love the smell and the tingly feeling it can give. Very fresh and invigoration to wake me up and make me feel better about it being the crack of dawn. What's more the scent lingered a decent amount of time on the skin without being over powering or leaving a weird after scent.

As you can tell i really enjoyed using it, not just for the great scent but also because it was such a mild yet effective soap. It left my skin feeling clean and refreshed without leaving it feeling tight or stripped of any oils etc. I think the Algae is meant to have a nourishing and cleansing effect.

On another more practical note, i really thought the pump was good. It gave just the right amount of product without wasting any. It didn't leak or drip and didn't get gamed up at all. Plus it was easy to press and product didn't go shooting out to crazy fast or far. It was just a well designed pump. (I'm going to keep the bottle for other products that have lousy pumps!)

This product is SLS/SLES free but did foam slightly with from judging the ingredients i assume is from the sodium coco-sulphate. Now, i know some people may still not like it, but I've done my own reading on it and as it is a natural surfactant derived from coconut oil, I personally think it is absolutely fine to have in my products. Plus I do like a slight foam to my products so it makes it a little more enjoyable!

99% of the ingredients are natural which is great, i do wish that more of the ingredients were organic as currently it is only 5% but it is still ECOCERT approved so i can't quibble with it really.

I know that the range of body soaps also includes Nourishing and Vitalising and at only £9ish I'd be happy to purchase one of these to see if it is just as lovely!

Have you tried anything from the Madara range? What would you suggest I try next?

Madara Refreshing Soap

This months beauty box was a lovely one. Nothing too exciting or extravagant, but a good solid selection of classics I think.

In this box there is all good brands and a nice range of products that pretty much covered the whole body from top to toe (almost)

Included were:

 Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo: 
I love Weleda products, they are in my opinion the leaders in natural and organic hair care so I have high hopes for this shampoo. Shampoo samples for me are brilliant as i find my hair ranges a lot with the seasons etc and i'm a firm believer in switching up your shampoo regularly. This way i don't end up with lots of half empty full-size bottles. This one is from their new range which is ace to learn about and try!

 REN Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash:  
Aaaaah REN my favourite brand never fails to produce something that i simply must must must have! Neroli and Grapefruit, there is no better scent! I almost don't want to use this because then it will be all gone and i'll not get to enjoy it until i buy another. But then again it smells too good to miss. This will be a winner to invigorate me on cold mornings!

 REN Neroli and Grapefruit Body Cream: 
Whoop got to love having the matching item and it actually does smell exactly the same as the body wash so this will be lovely lovely to try. 

 Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm: 
Herbfarmacy isn't new to me, i am currently using the Herbfarmacy marshmallow lip balm which is very very nice. This mallow beauty balm smells quite citrusy and i'm eager to see just how feels between being a serum and a balm. 

 Cowshed Cow Herb Restoring Hand Cream:  
Another goodie. This was created to celebrate 15 years of Cowshed history! I have the Cowshed Cow Pat hand cream which was great so i'm sure this Cow Herb one will be just as good! However, i have to say Lavender is not my most liked scent

Do you think this was a good classic box?

LoveLula Beauty Box - November

My first Tag! I've seen so many tags go round but never actually done one, who knows why?! Anyway i thought this one sounded fun and loved reading so many peoples answers so thought i'd give it a go too!

TAG// Green Beauty Character

A few weeks ago I was just casually minding my own business when an email popped into my inbox that made me squee with excitement and literally drop everything and whip out my credit card. Aaah i'm so easily enticed. Anyway this email was from bareMinerals, my holy grail of healthy clean make up and they were announcing an exciting surprise purchase. 

Basically you pay £30 i think it was and will be sent a secret and surprise selection of 7 goodies from their entire collection! Aaah the possibilities were endless! What would i get?! The total worth was something like £75 so I literally could not physically stop myself from getting this.

BareMinerals Beauty Surprise Collection!

This past Tuesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Natural Beauty Year Book 2014 book launch. This is a big important event in the world of natural and organic beauty and I was thrilled to be invited an so excited to go!

The launch party was held at Whole Foods Market in High Street Kensington. If you have never been there, you need to go, it is sensational. I could live in there, i feel like every time i go its a whole new experience! The launch was co-hosted with WFM and Melvita, a huge natural brand that i am very fond of and they had lots of their great products on show.

Natural Beauty Yearbook 2014!

Aaaah I'm sorry, I know I am about a month late to this party and my beautiful box has been sitting on my bedside for so many weeks. I'll skip the excuses and just write up what's in my box and how I am feeling about it.

I might as well just throw it out there. This box is EPIC! I adored this box as soon as I opened it! There's nothing in the box that i don't / wouldn't want. Oh and the brands, oooh the brands. Great great stuff!

A Beautiful World Winter Selection Box

Yes, that is right...Stylist Magazine teamed up with Neal's Yard Remedies and made a beautiful baby mascara!

For those of you that aren't familiar with it, Stylist is a stylish free magazine that is given out around London and I believe other cities like Birmingham and Manchester (in the UK). It is full of fashion, beauty and other goodies and always features an amazing article about something interesting and out there cool.

Anyway so, last week I was religiously reading through it as i do every week (it's a definite mid-wekk fix!) and right there had to be the greatest article and peice of news going. Stylist had teamed up with Neal's Yard Remedies and helped create their first ever (for both parties) mascara...aaaaaaah! Yes!

You can read all about it above as I just had to scan it in and show it on here, but it sounds fabulous! It took 40 trials to get the natural formula just right, now that is dedication and commitment! 

This collab mascara is 100% natural and 78% organic which is amazing for a mascara!

This will be available on the 6th of November on Neal's Yard Remedies website and hopefully rolling out in stores soon after that!

But wait...that's not all of it yet! No no, it gets better! To celebrate this lovely union and show this new product to the world, Stylist are giving away a bundle of these mascaras to be won on their website!
Hit up this link here >> Stylist Comp and enter NOW as the comp closes at midnight the 6th November!

Stylist + NYR = Amaaazing Mascara!

Melvita is a brand i'm sure all you are pretty familiar with, what with them being one of the main leaders in the natural and organic beauty world. They have recently announced that they are adding a few more deodorants to their collection. They currently have two deodorants in their range (Purifying Roll On Deodorant and Men's Roll On Deodorant) but this January 2014 will see the introduction of two more roll on deodorants to the line. It will be their new Natural Deodorants Collection!

Both deodorants will be aluminium free and will work to prevent both odour and dampness! The two deodorants to be added to the collection will be:

24 Hour Effectiveness Deodorant -  This is formulated with sage oil, triethyl citrate, acyl lactylate, Vitamin E and essential oils including Peppermint, thyme thymol and sandalwood to combat body odour and leave a lovely fragrance. The fragrance will be a floral blend of water lily, lily of the valley, rose, aloe and apricot!
Also  natural mineral silica is added to help absorb sweat and reduce dampness.


Sensitive Skin Deodorant -  This deodorants formula is a blend of usnea lichen, aloe vera, vitamin E and the all important damp busting absorbent silica! The scent of this one sounds even nicer, a sweet blend of freesia, rose, violet, vanilla and raspberry! Floral and fruity!

Both formulas are designed not just to tackle both the issues of smell and dampness but also the ingredients are chosen to be non-comedogenic to keep your under arms fresh, unblocked and free to breathe. That will equal happy under arms and happy skin, helping avoid bacteria build up and dark pigmentation.

Both the new deodorants are priced at £11 each for 50ml. They will be available online at the Melvita site, at Wholefoods stores, John Lewis and other online retailers and stores!

NEWS// Melvita Deodorants

Emu Balm - £20                                      Emu Oil - £10

Hmm, an interesting news today. Recently new 100% Natural skincare brand Lorem has launched. Lorem's brand launch comes with two products, Emu Balm and Emu Oil.

Yeah, genuinely this is oil from Emus, SO, obviously, these products are NOT VEGAN! Juuust to avoid any misunderstandings with this one.

So apparently in Australia Emu oil has a long long long history waaay back to the first Aboriginals who used it as a natural sunscreen and moisturiser. It's meant to be amazing stuff. I did a little digging and there are a lot of brands that use Emu oil as a product or in products so there you go.

These products are 100% natural (non vegan), bacterio-static (anti-bacterial) and non-comedogenic.

It can be used not just as moisturisers but as treatment for rashes, inflamed skin, redness and itchiness. You can use it to treat many skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and more. Plus it can be used on the scalp and for hair too.

It is also meant to be super duper especial for aching joints and muscles.

The Emu Oil formula is blended with coconut oil and  Essential oils  including Arnica, Wintergreen, Clove, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Sweet Marjoram, Lavender, Clary Sage and Juniper. Something tells me this is a fragrant balm and oil! 

You can get these from the brand's website Loremcare and they are available now.

NEWS// New Brand - Lorem (and their down under remedies)

Yes that's right, I'm only just posting about this box and it is very nearly not october any more. But still! better late than never they say right? Agreed!

Seeing as it is so very very late and we have all seen lots of other people's lovely posts on this months box I'll keep it brief.

In this months box we have:

LAVERA BEAUTY BALM - Firstly, I adore Lavera, they make my favourite foundation ever and secondly I am really really into bb creams now. i've mentioned before how much I love the REN bb cream so it will be interesting to see how this one compares! Exciting!

SANTAVERDE ALOE VERA CREAM- Interesting, very interesting. i've used Santaverde products before and while liking them never made them a must have or part of my routine. Perhaps this will be the one that wins me over.

MENDILL- As an ex face wipe user this both excites me and makes me nervous. I used wipes all the time until i really read up on them. Now I know wipes are like marmite, love them or hate them but they can be really handy just for a quick once over or if you're travelling. Sadly i got the lavender scent,  dang it. 

DR HAUSCHKA MELISSA DAY CREAM - Another interesting one as I'm a fan of the ol' Dr H! I like how this cream is designed for winter protection as well as summer skin healing. It's a unique combo that's piqued my interest!

Overall, I like this box, but I am glad it had a decent sized Lavera product as otherwise with just the sachets I think I would have felt a bit short changed! 

LoveLula October Box

Nourish Revital-Eyes Kale Biometric Anti-Aging Eye Cream - £29.50 10ml

Don't you just love it when one of your favourite brands launches a new product?! Well, it's exciting to spread the word that Nourish have released their new product: Revital-Eyes Kale Biometric Anti-Aging Eye Cream.

Ok firstly, I'm  seriously into eye creams of late and secondly I adore kale, I eat it non stop, its just so tasty and good for you. So kale in beauty care...errm yes please! Oh and thirdly, you have got to love a product with a good ol' bit of word play in its name eh?!

So a little info about this sweet and very stylish looking product. Nourish have formulated this eye cream with oil based Kale extract, Yeast and Tonka Bean extracts and anti-oxidants, vitamins B and E plus peptides and enzymes to help with dark circles, puffiness, redness and even crows feet. The eye cream is designed to be brightening and anti-aging, boosting the skins natural elastin, as well as to protect and repair the eye area. 
Another power ingredient that is packed into this eye cream is tetra-peptide 3. Tetra-peptide 3 (an amino acid that is said to boost collagen in the skin) is apparently clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just one month (28 days) so you can see why this is targeting those crows feet! Aditionally this cream also contains bio-peptides Chronoline and Drieline which help treat and prevent internal cellular metabolism mechanisms which can cause premature ageing!

It is also 79% Organic!

And there is so much more to this cream. You can read in-depth about the wonders of this on the Being Content blog!

Nourish Revital-Eyes Kale Biometric Anti-Aging Eye Cream is available exclusively at Being Content throughout october until it launches nationwide on 1st November 2013!

NEWS// Nourish Revital-Eyes

I have a cold.

No matter how hard or for how long i fought it, it crept up on me. Now we all know how a cold can make you feel. Personally I feel like i want to climb into bed and hide under the covers with a box of tissues, watching old disney movies and noshing on endless plates of fish and chip shop chips (yeah i know it's a weird craving, but hey) Unfortunately life doesn't really let you do that and you have to muscle on and face the day and try and combat everything a cold can throw at you.

So as my cold has progressed so have my techniques at managing it. I thought it would be interesting to share with you my little go-tos, hints, tips, favourite products etc that really help make having a cold that little bit easier to live with.

Today I'll focus on the little beauty bits and then in the following posts i'll whitter on about nutritional and miscellaneous bits if you are interested in those too.

So...beauty for the beast of a cold.

Beauty for sick days.

Its the exciting arrival of the first new beauty box that I love, not knowing whats going to be in it, what brands will be included, new ones, old favourites! Exciting! Unfortunately for me my excitement was put on pause as it seemed my next door neighbours had my lovely little box for a few days and the postie hadn't left me a note to say so! Hmph! Well anyway, no my box is here and I've finally had some time to give it a proper check out!

So what is in this first box of the Amarya-LoveLula Beauty box blend?

LoveLula Beauty Box ~ September

L: UK Natural Health   R: US Natural Health

There are magazines aplenty out there that are focused on natural and organic beauty and health and fitness and sometimes it can be mind boggling which ones to choose. Do you buy one all about food and recipes or one all about fitness, but what about beauty and make up... it would be a lot to buy a separate mag for each (but if that's your thing, hey go for it!) That's why I love getting the latest copy of Natural Health magazine whenever I can.

Natural Beauty Reads

Suffer from eczema and psoriasis?

Then this news post might just be perfect for you! This september will see the launch of Grahams Natural Skincare, all the way from the sunny land of Australia, renowned for pumping out fabulous natural skincare and beauty brands!

Grahams Natural skincare is formulated specifically for eczema and psoriasis suffers. The team at Grahams researched the conditions and discovered that these skin conditions were on the rise in the population and were caused by internal factors as well as external ones. They found that a lack of Essential Fatty Acids led to an increase in the occurrence of skin irritation and sensitivity related to eczema and psoriasis. 

Armed with this knowledge they set out to make products that wouldn't dry out the skin and were gentle, healing and soothing. They developed a whole bunch of products from creams to shampoo to help alleviate symptoms of redness, itching and dryness, and also aid healing and repair of skin. Products including Calendulis Plus cream, and the Sooth-it-Balm are designed  to provide relief from these skin conditions. All done with natural formulas -free from paragons, sulphates and petrochemicals!

Packed with ingredients such as Manuka Honey and Calendulis these creams are suitable and gentle enough for all ages including babies.

NEWS// Grahams Skincare

REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream (15ml Sample Size)*

Samples have to be the greatest form of exploration when it comes to beauty and skincare. If it wasn't for samples that i've acquired from some place or the other (beauty boxes, magazine gifts, gifts with purchase etc) I wouldn't know about or use half the wonderful products that I do now. What with natural and organic skincare and cosmetics being quite pricey, samples give me the perfect way to test out a product before I commit to spending my money on it for a full size. 

Among others, REN samples have to be among my most prized and coveted samples of all.

This little tube is exactly why i adore REN products and why I love trying samples before I buy. 

REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream

Nutritional news for you guys today! If you are a fan of chia seeds like i am and have a love addiction to making every flavour chia pudding under the sun that you can think of, then I think you will enjoy this little news titbit.

Word is out that australian company The Chia Co have launched a new product called Chia Pods that will be available in the UK. These are dinky pods of chia 'pudding' made with Chia seeds, fruit and coconut milk (and no added sugar!) Three amazing ingredients, sounding totally yum and meaning they are vegan and dairy free!

NEWS// The Chia Co

So you guys know that I love, love love and hate scents right? Scents and smells are uber important to me. If something smells gross, chances are i wont use it, no matter how great a product is. That sounds silly but honestly scent for me is the difference between yes and no. Scents are very powerful.

So what has this got to do with Alison Claire Mango Body Butter? Well, i'll admit, i was very reluctant to try this as I am really not a mango fan, mostly the taste, but often the smell, it's not for me. I knew obviously that the main 'mango' aspect would be the main ingredient of the formula, but i still expected it to be topped off with a fake mango scent (oh cynical me). However, I thought, 'come on Mavs, get over it' and whipped open this little tube of body butter. 

Alison Claire Mango Body Butter

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