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8 December 2013

To those who are true Essential Care fans this may not be new, but to those like me who are still exploring the brand this will come as some great new news! 

The creators of Essential Care have launched a new brand of skincare called Odylique by Essential Care. 

As mentioned on their site, 'Odyl' means - force/power of nature, which lends it's meaning to the name as they use natural ingredients. 

Apparently Odylique is designed as a luxury, or eco-luxe as they call it, affordable line of skincare aimed at sensitive skin. The products are formulated as organic and 100% natural, certified with the Soil Association seal of approval.
The formulations of all the products also promise to be hypoallergenic and free from common allergen tree nut oils, soy, wheat or dairy, as well as parabens, petrochemical and sulphates!

There's a whole range of products within this brand from cleansers and serums to milks, tonics and much more. Above are just some imagery examples I have from the website, the design i think is so chic and clean looking, i'm quite impressed! (i love good packaging i do!)

I've taken a look at the Essential Care site and as well as an intro to Odylique page they have a whole FAQ page all about this new development of the Odylique brand. It's very interesting and worth a read as they cover loads of info about the change. They even say how many of the Essential Care products will become Odylique in the future so it's worth reading if you have current Essential Care products.

The links that I've mentioned above can be found again below:

What do you think of this new launch from Essential Care?

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