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I'll be the first to admit that my body skincare is one of the last things I bother about. Unless I'm getting my legs out or I notice my knees are looking seriously ashy, moisturising just isn't something I think about. However, lately this has started to change, what with the warmer weather and being on a mission to do more things for 'me' I've been paying a bit more attention and I do believe my skin is thanking me for it.

Part of the reason it's going so well is that I've been using this beautiful COCE Skincare Luxury Body Cream* with Prickly Pear Oil and Mullein Oil which I won in their competition when they first launched. I loved it when I first got it but didn't discover it again until after I moved house. Now it's a firm fixture in my bodycare. I actually believe that since I got this COCE have had a bit of a revamp, updated packaging and this is now called Renewing Body Cream / Prickly Pear Body Cream, but it looks like it has the same formula.

Obviously as a moisturisers it's great at moisturising, so that goes without saying. It applies really easily. It's super light and doesn't take ages to sink in and you don't feel oily or sticky afterwards, which is perfect for me because I'm perpetually in a rush and running late!

What is they most striking factor about this lotion is it's scent. At first you think it's the typical, herby slightly citrusy scent that a lot of natural products have but with something like a vanilla twist to it. But then as time goes on it develops and changes. This lotion seems to have layers of scent and it is so so amazing! I don't know if it's layers of scents fading and coming through over time or something to do with body heat or more likely the bodies own natural scent mixing with it (which sounds a bit weird I know), but my god it's lush. It goes from a standard 'lovely scent' to something utterly sensuous and wholly unique. That sounds silly and gushy and maybe over the top, but as someone who is very particular about scents, it's a dream! You know that brand of perfume that adapts to your own biology or molecules? This lotion seems to be like that. I'm not good at describing scents but trust me when I say it smells, 'warm', ' softly spicy', 'peppery', 'vanillary' and 'velvety' (I know it sounds ridiculous but thats the best I can do) I feel like I've got that warm skin scent you get from being on the beach or out in nature but without the sweat and BO! 

The ingredients list (which you can check out on the website) is about as long as my arm and chocablock full of oils and whatnot so I reckon they all play a crucial part in creating this insanely delicious scent.
I love this so much that I decanted some into another glass jar that I can carry around with me when i'm not at home or travelling. That way I always have some to hand!

ALL about the SCENT // COCE Skincare

Spring Product Swap

Today is the Vernal Equinox or Spring Equinox as you may know it better which means it is officially the first day of Spring! Nothing is making me happier right now. The sun has been making an appearance (not as well as last weekend, but a good show nonetheless) and I've been having a good old clean of the flat and other areas of my life. While pottering around my bathroom I realised that by pure coincidence today was actually the day that I had finished a few skincare products and ready to swap over to brand new ones. A skincare spring clean. Perfect.

I've been loving my skincare regime lately, it's super minimal and all the products have been absolutely favourites. But with the combination of being obsessed with beauty products, a complete hoarder and a beauty blogger all in one, it means that I have a stash that is always waiting for me to get through. Products that are screaming for my attention (well sort of...). 

So it's out with the old and in with the new. Here's which products I've used up and new products I'm replacing them with. It's like a two in one post, empties and new products!

The first product that I've (very regrettably) used up is the amazing One Love Organics Skin Saviour which I wrote about in my last post. Sadly for me it was a sample sized pot and I used it religiously so it ran out rather fast! This was such a wonderful all-rounder of a balm, incredible as a cleanser and lovely as a moisturiser. Now it is all gone. However, it is not all doom and gloom because I have a new product, the wonderful MOA The Green Balm. Now, I have used this before from one of those minute little sample pots, so I already know I like it. It is again an all-rounder product, perfect for cleansing, moisturising and handily this one is also great for spots and things like grazes! With the pot I had before I got about three uses out of it so I'm happy to have a full size of this to give it a full trial!

Along with the One Love balm I was using a variety of face cloths but my favourite to reach for was always the Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloth which are the right balance between soft and gentle and a little rough for exfoliating type results. However, with the MOA The Green Balm you get a absolutely luxurious face cloth, that made my actually say 'oooooh' when I took it out and stroked it for for a good few minutes. It's like its double sided with a fleece lecture on one side and a more woven cotton texture on the other. I like this idea of this versatility. The only thing is that it is so nice and white and I just don't wait to get it gross and grubby like all my other cloths haha. Anyone else have that when you don't want to use something because it looks too nice? I will use to tho, obvs.

The third and final Skincare Spring Clean product I'm swapping is the Melvita Fresh Micellar Water. I had a sample of this and loved it so much that I put on a wish list and thankfully my darling sister bought it for me. It was perfect for freshening up the face and removing any traces of makeup I was too lazy to clean from the night before. It is really light and fresh and doesn't have a 'old lady' rose scent to it. I've been savouring every last drop of this but now like all things in life, it too has come to an end...*sigh*. But fear not because I'm excited to use this Madara Comforting Toner* which is a completely new product for me to try out. I've used other Madara products before but this one is a recent addition to my collection. The formula and ingredients are quite different from the Melvita one so I'll be interested to see how it works with my skin and performs in comparison. Watch this space!

Here's to a fresh new season and fresh new skincare!

Skincare Spring Clean

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