dr.organuc Skin lotions x2 varieties, Grown Facial Masque*, balance Me pure skin face wash*,
Ren: Day Cream, Hand and Body Cream, Eye Gel*, Patyka Foaming Cleanser*,
Neom Hand Cream*, Mitchell and Peach Hand Cream and moisturiser sample sachet*

Grown Facial Masque*, balance Me pure skin face wash*,
Ren: Day Cream, Hand and Body Cream, Eye Gel*, Patyka Foaming Cleanser*,
Neom Hand Cream*, Mitchell and Peach Hand Cream*

dr.organic Skin lotions: Rose Otto Anti Aging, Pomegranate Daily Moisturiser, Manuka Honey Repairing Moisturiser, Royal Jelly Firming, Vitamin E Daily, Aloe Vera Soothing Daily.
Have had a rather large beauty haul this month. First I got a whole bunch from magazines, including the Ren, Neom and balanceMe products. Then it was my birthday and my work really kindly gave me a bunch of products in a lovely gift box. They gave me a Grown face mask, Mitchell and Peach Hand Cream, Patyka Foaming Cleanser, and a sample of Mitchell and Peach body cream and a little perfume sample. I'll be doing a post on it in the future. All these products are marked with an asterisk (*) to show that they were gifted.

While browsing around Holland & Barratt I came across these sets of dr.organic Bioactive Skincare. I initially was going to just by one set with Pomegranate, Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera but then saw it was buy 1 get one for a penny! How could I say no?! So the other set I got included Rose Otto, Vitamin E and Manuka Honey Lotions.

So far I have been having a lovely time testing all the products here and there and will write up reviews soon.

Beauty Haul

Badger Balm Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen SPF16
£12.49 ~ 25ml

Badger Balm is a brand that I have known about for a while but only just recently decided to look into purchasing. And with this latest news I have more motivation than ever to go out and get me some Badger Balms goodies.

It's just been announced that Badger Balm are releasing their new Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen (SPF16)! This facial sunscreen uses the anti-oxidant & nutrient-rich powers of Rosehip, Seabuckthorn and Pomegranate extracts and of course Rose Otto essential oils. The rose blossoms are picked (by hand) and processed all in the same day to ensure they retain as much of their goodness as possible (like Birdseye peas!) This combination of essential oils is designed to soothe and nourish the skin, helping to prevent and improve the appearance of wrinkles and lines and give it a much needed moisture boost! 

With an SPF 16 protection factor the sunscreen protects your face's skin from both UVA and UVB rays, which also helps reduce the onset of wrinkles. 

Now I'm not the greatest fan of Rose scent so I'm hoping they might bring out another scented face sunscreen later, but for now I think it might be nice to try especially with this lovely weather we have been having! 

You can buy the new Badger Balm Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen here at theremustbeabetterway.com

NEWS // Badger Balm ~ Damascus Rose Facial Sunscreen


Exciting news for Neal's Yard Remedies lovvers!

It's been announced that they are launching a Bee Lovely body care range! After the success of the Bee Lovely Hand Cream that was released last year they have extended to the full works! There will be wide range of products including, Bee Lovely: Busy Bee Balm, Bath & Shower Gel, Body Lotion & a Hand Wash!
And of course they have brought back the wonderful original Bee Lovely Hand Cream which is available online here!

The whole range will be Soil Association certified and all the products in the range will be made from a blend of organic 'bee-friendly' Honey and organic citrus Orange & Mandarin essential oils.

The aim of the product range is to raise awareness about the decline of bees in the UK due to the over use of powerful pesticides such as Neonicotinoid. Neal's Yard hope to teach people about the importance of these little critters, as they are so super important, you just couldn't imagine! (total nature lover, girl from the country, what can you expect really ahah). Through this range you can help promote the protection of bees and help to save them!

What better feeling is there than lapping up beautiful skincare will simultaneously saving the bees and in the long run the planet?! So go sign the petition and save the fluffy stripy bumbles! (I have too!)

The Bee Lovely range is due to be released on August the 15th!! Very exciting!

You can check out more about this wonderful campaign and delectable products on Neal's Yard website: http://bit.ly/tKgMXq

NEWS // Neal's Yard- Bee Lovely!

Ren: Moroccan Rose Otto Body Cream, Inika: Mineral Eye Shadow,
Antipodes: Rejoice Light Facial Cream, Ren: Photoactive Sun Veil

As you know from one of my past posts i recently signed up to get the Amarya beauty box. I was really really excited and I'll be honest, a little apprehensive about it. From what I read a lot in the bloggersphere, beauty boxes are often hit and miss.

I was really pleasantly pleased with this July box. At first I was a bit disappointed the box wasn't very pretty or fancy like other beauty boxes, but then I realised that actually these are much better because they use minimal packaging so avoid waste and they can really easily be recycled, which is always a good thing. And that fits in nicely with the natural/organic character of Amarya.

The products I got I was chuffed with. In the July box I received 4 products all which I was happy with. I was really excited to get an Inika eye shadow and in a colour that I will definitely use! It looks gorgeous! Inika is a brand that I have been lusting over for month and months but never actually gone out and bought. Not sure why, they are a little expensive but all their stuff is sooo beautiful. Can't wait to review this shadow, mine is a beautiful shimmery bronze gold that is rich but neutral and completely a shade I would choose! I tend to go for nude, bronze, golds and peaches and avoid colour so this literally couldn't have been better. The Ren product was also nice to get. I had recently gone on a massive magazine haul as loads were doing natural beauty freebies and Ren were from one of those and so now I have a fantastic collection to try out. I got a Rose Otto Body cream, rose isn't make first choice in scents but I'm still eager to try this out! I also received a Ren Photoactive Sun Veil sample which will be lovely to pop in my bag to use on my face on a (rare) sunny day. I actually don't mind getting two samples of the same brand as I'm sure in other boxes I'll certainly get to try more variety than I would if I was having to go out and buy full sized products myself.

Lastly in this beauty box I received an Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Cream which I'm excited about because I have always wanted to try Antipodes and heard amazing things about them!

Overall, I like this beauty box. It's simple and has no frills attached. I feel like it's all about the great products inside and not about any fancy packaging or celebrity products or big designer brands. It feels...honest, if you know what I mean by that. It's nice and I will certainly be looking forward to getting my next one in August.

I'll be writing reviews of some of the products I received in the box in later posts, so there will be lots more to come. I have soo much to catch up on, that is almost scary but exciting. It's just so good to be able to get back into blogging again.

Amarya Beauty Box Review ~ July

Lulu & Boo Organic Shea Butter & Jojoba Deep Hair Treatment (10.95)*

A few weeks ago the wonderful people at cutecosmetics.co.uk sent me the Lulu & Boo Organic Shea Butter & Jojoba Deep Hair Treatment to review.
Lulu & Boo weren't a brand that I was massively aware of, I'd heard of them but never really went out of my way to explore, which sounds bad but with soo many brands out there it can be a bit over whelming. So I was quite pleased to discover them and see what they are about.

Lulu & Boo products use organic and natural ingredients that are nearly all organic certified and avoid using Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Parabens or synthetic fragrances or colourants. Their products are designed for most skin types and skin problems and aim to avoid using chemicals that will cause problems with your skin and hair. Their products also use organic essential oils and active natural ingredients. So you know they are going to work.

This hair treatment is for dry, course, damaged and coloured hair. My hair ticks ALL of those boxes. You're meant to use this regularly and only use a small amount but I have really long hair almost down to my bottom and it's incredibly thick so I found I had to use a lot of product. Due to this I haven't been using it as regularly as they suggest but I have still found it a really good product regardless.

At first I wasn't too sure about the scent of the product but after using it I actually quite like it. It certainly isn't the prettiest of smells, but its ok. I love the packaging, I think the design is beautiful, its soft and pretty without going too young and too girly overload. Its subtle and stylish and the misted glass and bottle designs are a beautiful blend of classic apothecary bottles and jars with a contemporary twist. Once I use up this product I'll definitely find a use for the jar, its just lovely.

The texture of the hair mask is amazing. It reminds me of thick lemon fool (like a thick creamy yet fluffy mousse). That sounds weird but I don't know how else to describe it. You have to see for yourself. Its almost edible in texture. It warms really easily and quickly in your hands and at first does seem to become a little oily but once it's on your hair it isn't oily at all. I use it on my hair for about an hour or so wrapped in a towel then rinse out with shampoo. I have used it both with and without conditioning my hair after and in both instances my hair is a lot smoother and feels much more hydrated and less straw like.

I like this product and think at £10.95 for 50ml it's a great price! Normally hair mask cost a lot more so I'd be happy to buy it for myself.

I was gifted this product from cutecosmetics.co.uk and have decided to use the asterisk (*) to mark when I have been gifted or sent a product for review. Most blogs use this system now and so it's become pretty universal and I want to be honest with you readers about what I have and haven't bought/ been gifted.

Lulu & Boo Organics ~ Deep Hair Treatment.

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