Amarya Beauty Box Review ~ July

21 July 2012

Ren: Moroccan Rose Otto Body Cream, Inika: Mineral Eye Shadow,
Antipodes: Rejoice Light Facial Cream, Ren: Photoactive Sun Veil

As you know from one of my past posts i recently signed up to get the Amarya beauty box. I was really really excited and I'll be honest, a little apprehensive about it. From what I read a lot in the bloggersphere, beauty boxes are often hit and miss.

I was really pleasantly pleased with this July box. At first I was a bit disappointed the box wasn't very pretty or fancy like other beauty boxes, but then I realised that actually these are much better because they use minimal packaging so avoid waste and they can really easily be recycled, which is always a good thing. And that fits in nicely with the natural/organic character of Amarya.

The products I got I was chuffed with. In the July box I received 4 products all which I was happy with. I was really excited to get an Inika eye shadow and in a colour that I will definitely use! It looks gorgeous! Inika is a brand that I have been lusting over for month and months but never actually gone out and bought. Not sure why, they are a little expensive but all their stuff is sooo beautiful. Can't wait to review this shadow, mine is a beautiful shimmery bronze gold that is rich but neutral and completely a shade I would choose! I tend to go for nude, bronze, golds and peaches and avoid colour so this literally couldn't have been better. The Ren product was also nice to get. I had recently gone on a massive magazine haul as loads were doing natural beauty freebies and Ren were from one of those and so now I have a fantastic collection to try out. I got a Rose Otto Body cream, rose isn't make first choice in scents but I'm still eager to try this out! I also received a Ren Photoactive Sun Veil sample which will be lovely to pop in my bag to use on my face on a (rare) sunny day. I actually don't mind getting two samples of the same brand as I'm sure in other boxes I'll certainly get to try more variety than I would if I was having to go out and buy full sized products myself.

Lastly in this beauty box I received an Antipodes Rejoice Light Facial Cream which I'm excited about because I have always wanted to try Antipodes and heard amazing things about them!

Overall, I like this beauty box. It's simple and has no frills attached. I feel like it's all about the great products inside and not about any fancy packaging or celebrity products or big designer brands. It feels...honest, if you know what I mean by that. It's nice and I will certainly be looking forward to getting my next one in August.

I'll be writing reviews of some of the products I received in the box in later posts, so there will be lots more to come. I have soo much to catch up on, that is almost scary but exciting. It's just so good to be able to get back into blogging again.

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