Just a casual little nod to this unimposing and often over looked little tool! The wooden comb.

Wooden combs have so many benefits that are far better than their plastic or metal counter parts. For starters wooden combs are often waxed and polished (no splinters here!) so the prongs are smoother and softer on your scalp and reduce and discomfort or damage. I actually find my wooden comb to be quite massaging due to the gentle nature of the prongs (i've read before that apparently combing your head in a certain way with a wooden comb is meant to be highly therapeutic and has even been claimed to improve women's health - for me the jury's out that one.) This massaging of wooden combs is said to help increase blood flow in the scalp which improves circulation and sebum production.

What's more the prongs tend to be wider and bigger and further spaced apart than on the standard plastic comb which again is easier and gentler on the scalp. The larger space between the prongs also means less friction and less snagging and much less tugging on the hair root so the risk of damaging your roots is reduced too! Waheey.

The Wooden Comb

Hey hey, My latest video is up on YouTube where you can hear me ramble on about my favourite products from February. Some are your typical natural green products that everyone and their mother adores, and some are a little more surprising (well for me at least)!

I just want to say a big thank you for all the lovely comments, they make it all worthwhile! I have so many ideas for new videos so stay tuned for those!

Click the picture to be whisked away…

Feel free to share in the comments your favourite products or what you think of my choices this month! Heck if you have any recommendations then pop them to me as well for sure!

February Favourites

A new one to be checking out lovelies! Beauty brand Sans [ceuticals] is launching in the UK exclusively to BeautyMart!

Based in New Zealand, Sans [ceauticals] is a natural brand that focuses on all natural ingredients and sustainability and care for the environment. All their products are free from sulfates, parabens, silicones, PEG, petrochemicals and mineral oils, vinyls, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours or bleaches, PPGDEASTEAand aluminum/alumina. They are also cruelty free! Most of the products (except a few) are vegan and vegetarian!

The brand is also good for the environment using recyclable paper with vegetable dyes and bottled in non leaching plastic! And the majority of their ingredients are from responsible and sustainable sources.

They have a neat range of face products and an exciting array of hair products all designed to give the best most natural results!

Definitely one to be checking out! Find these new brand products online at BeautyMart! Available from the 26th Feb!

NEWS // Sans [ceuticals]

When I blog I aim for total honesty and honesty is something that is high on my list for using brands and companies, and certainly so for using products. That means if i think something isn't so good, i'm going to say it. Obviously i'm not going to be trashing a product or brand but i'll give my honest opinion.
And when I talk about my green journey I also feel it is best to be 100% honest, which is why in my last Youtube video, the Going Green Tag I was open about using a completely non natural/organic liquid eyeliner. And I feel that it is only right to be completely honest when I make mistakes in my natural green journey or nearly make a mistake that i shouldn't have after learning everything i have. No one is perfect, and this is a tricky road to traverse!

So this little series (and hopefully it will be little) will document when I've made a total booboo or nearly fallen 'victim' to greenwashing, branding, marketing, pure laziness (on my behalf) and many other reasons. Because despite doing this for a few years now, I do make mistakes and still will continue to, i'm sure of it.

Today my mistake was almost falling for the Recognisable Big Name Brand. This means that there's a big name brand that is touted as natural and organic, green, clean and eco and you just trust it because you know the name, you know the design and packaging and you think you know their standards and quality.

Classic Going Green Mistakes #1

Hey guys,
Just a quick little post to share that I now have a proper Facebook page for Naturally Diddy blog and Youtube. You can find the link here or on my social media icons to the left (in the sidebar)!


Well sometimes i want to add little extras like musings and ramblings and quotes etc and bits and bobs but don't want to be cluttering up my blog posts with loads of random bits and pieces. And twitter can be a bit limited and once its posted, its gone in 5 seconds flat. It's too fleeting. Also my blog can be very much focused on beauty etc and you never get to know much about me, so maybe i can add a little more of myself on there too.
Sooo, Facebook seemed like the right platform.
Hopefully I shall be updating joyfully as I go along, i'll pop on my latest post and videos and whatnot and you can get juicy bonus stuff as added extras! Exciting, no?!

Please like and follow and all that jazz if you want! 

Oooh I've landed on Facebook!

Whenever I research into a product or ingredient I always come across a wealth of information, often pages and pages of wordy text and complicated formulas and all sorts. It can get overwhelming, confusing and a little too much to wade through.

Being a very visual person I sometimes find imagery, diagrams and even videos so much easier to follow, get to grips with and really drink in and learn from. With that in mind I keep an eye out for any pictures, videos, cartoons, diagrams and colourful charts that make things a little easier.

Useful Videos

For me this months box is a very special box! I was lucky enough to be asked by SoukSouk to be featured in their beauty magazine and to do an interview for their blog (you can read it here). And this is the month that i was featured. I can't tell you how excited this made me and how thankful I am to be featured by such a wonderful company.

But enough about me, onto the box and the goodies inside:

   Conscious Skincare Body Wash - Grapefruit and Cedarwood   
   Conscious Skincare Body Lotion - Grapefruit and Cedarwood   

A new brand to me which is exciting. I'm intrigued by the sunflower oil element. Can't say that too many of my products contain it and I've never considered this oil for beauty. So this will be an interesting one to try out. Also i like having these shower 'sets' as mixing scents isn't my thing.

   Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser   

Ah Living Nature is a great brand and it was one of my first ever natural brand discoveries! I've tried their cleansers before but not this one and anything with Manuka Honey has me sold!

    Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask   

Again, I love Living Nature products and up for trying more of their products, although i'm not the biggest clay mask fan, they tend to be too drying for my skin, not all but some. Lets see how this one goes.

   BodyTox Lavender Sleep Patches   

I'll be totally honest, I'm a little more than sceptical about these patches. I'm all for  acupuncture and reflexology, there seems to be a lot of truth and benefit to it. But these patches, well we will have to see. I might get more patches and just try an experiment and see what's what. 
Also damn lavender, I'm slightly allergic to it which is very annoying, however i try to have lavender around me so my body never becomes totally intolerant of it, and maybe over time will be able to cope with it. Seeing as these go on my feet i reckon my allergies shouldn't be too bad. Lets hope.

   The Raw Chocolate Company Cacao Bar (nom nom)   

Err what is there to say but Total Yummy Awesomeness! no?!

What do you make of this months box?

SoukSouk February Box

Well today is another gloomy and grey dreary looking day isn't it (well in the UK at least). Last night I popped up my video response to Rachel from All Natural Aspirations 'Going Green Tag' and answered her questions. I was feeling my previous videos were a little stodgy and flat and didn't really have much character to them. So i decided to stop playing safe and just let my personality run the show and if it comes across as a bit kooky, then that's tops because yeah that is true me. Haha

Also I've been playing around with my set up and backgrounds and made them a little more fun too. I tag everyone to do this video as its a good'un and pretty fun to do. Definitely going to be doing some more Tag videos for sure. They are pretty fun!

So enjoy the video where i answer some going green questions and go off on a minor, teen tiny, ever so small rant! 

As usual click the pic to be whisked to the land of Youtube!

Fancy doing this tag? Then leave me a link to it in the comments i'd love to see it if its video or even read it if you've done it blogger post style!

Going Green Tag

Afternoon lovelies! I've been really getting into this YouTube business lately and have been filming and planning away. Slowly slowly i'm getting to grips with editing so hopefully over time it will improve a bit!

Anyway this video I bring you a Haul! Whoo. This is an EcoTools haul as I popped into Boots a few weeks ago to buy ONE brush to replace an old one, and left with EIGHT (technically it's 16 brushes, but two were sets, so they only count as one brush each right….) In all fairness it wasn't my fault, i was totally swayed by a mega buy-one-get-one-half-price deal on the EcoTools. So there you go.

Appologies for the bad sound quality and me mumbling. my lovely housemate does night shifts sometimes and i didn't want to be chatting too loudly at the camera in the middle of the day when she needs to get her sleep! Ha so that's why you may want to whack up the volume a bit.

So if you want to check out my new brush stash then just click the image below and it'll take you to my YouTube video.

I would love to know if any of you have tried any of these brushes, the foam applicator most especially. I am sooo intrigued to use it!!

EcoTools Haul

Labelling can get a little complicated sometimes and sometimes you can think you know what something means, when really it can mean or imply something totally different.

This is so true for the labels of Unscented and Fragrance Free. Do they mean the same thing? Do they achieve the same thing? Well here's the low down on those trickster labels. 

Unscented Vs Fragrance Free

Say hello to the latest and absolutely stunning new nail polish collection from Mavala! This collection of iridescent beauties is called the Metropolitan Collection and there are 6 new multi-tonal chrome shades to choose from and they all look beyond beautiful!

Mavala Nail Polishes are all free from parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, DBP, camphor, cellophane and even heavy metals! Oh and they are Vegan too!

Priced at £4.75 each this collection and the amazing polishes will be available to buy from February 14th! Find them stocked online, or at Boots, Debenhams, John Lewis and other pharmacies. 

NEWS// Mavala NEW Polish Collection!

 What Is It? 

Tocopherol(s) are fat-soluble chemical compounds that occur naturally and are related to Vitamin E. Often when products and labels state 'With Vitamin E' the ingredients will list it as Tocopherol. 
There are 8 types of Tocopherols that are part of Vitamin E  (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Tocopherols, and Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta Tocotrienol) but alpha Tocopherol is the most common one to be used, and most Vitamin E items do not contain all 8 of these Tocopherols anyway.

Ingredients Glossary: Tocopherol

This product was a 'return-to' product for me. When I first tried it out, it just didn't seem to do anything for me at all. It didn't cleanse my skin particularly, even with two applications and i found make up, mostly liquid eyeliner, a nightmare to try and get off. It just smeared it across my face!

So as you can imagine I was less than impressed and put it to one side. It's been a few months since and driven by a combination of running out of my holy grail cleanser (that's for another post) and trying to stick to my plan of only using samples and not buying new stuff, i ended up reaching for this cleanser.

Green People Gentle Cleanse

Rio Rosa Mosqueta (Rosehip Oil)* £10.49 20ml

Rosehip oil has long been on my radar as a wonder ingredient. You find it in thousands of products and many people swear by it. I've only ever used it in other products and never in it's pure form.

This is a first impressions review as i believe with products like this you best see true results after an extended period of use. I've been trialling this Rosehip Oil, Rio Rosa Mosqueta* for just over two weeks and this is how i've got on so far.

Rio Rosa Mosqueta Oil ~ First Impression

This month i have to say this box came at the right time. I had genuinely been considering not continuing my subscription with this box, i usually liked the contents, but the past two months boxes just never turned up and i had to contact them to get it sorted. It was sorted out but i still felt that things could have been better. Despite this i thought I'd wait for this months box seeing as it was due so soon.

Luckily this box is my favourite yet, i rarely find the boxes contents disappointing but this box has really the best of the best products on offer. Everything in this months box made me go 'Yes!' 
I think it is the combination of the best brands being in the box and the samples being their best products from those brands.

In this months box we have:

 Dr Bronners 18 - in-1 Castile Soap - Hemp Rose 

 EOS lipbalm - Strawberry Sorbet 

 GlamGlow YouthMud Face Mask 

 MyChelle Sensitive 5 Step Face Pack 

I love all of the brands especially Dr Bonner's and EOS (of which i collect the flavours!) and think this box has really made a step up in quality of brands. 
What do you think of this months LoveLula box?

LoveLula February Beauty Box

Neal's Yard Remedies have recently just launched a new bath oil to their range. Rose and Pomegranate Bath Oil.

Designed to bring comfort to both the body and the mind, the Rose and Pomegranate oil is formulated with a huge blend of essential oils including organic Damask Rose, Patchouli leaf, Cedarwood and Bergamot to soothe the senses and soften the skin. Pomegranate seed oil, Vitamin E and Apricot oil are also infused in the oil to add extra skin softening and nourishing properties.

This new bath oil is 90% organic too!

Available now, Rose and Pomegranate Oil is £14.75 (100ml) and available at NYR stores and online.

NEWS// NYR ~ Bath Oil

Well hello!

Do you guys remember about a year ago I gave YouTube a try? Well i liked it but honestly my life wasn't in the right place to do it. Now I feel like I am in a place and state of mind where I can really go forwards with it and give it another shot, because i was fun and it's a cool community to be part of. I'm so inspired by other YouTubers and i want to be able to hopefully inspire other people too. 

So I just thought i'd let you guys know that i'm taking it up again and have already popped up two new videos to get started and i can't wait to post even more! Bare with me as my editing is a little rough and while i get used to the camera in my face!

The first video is really just an intro explaining why i stopped and stuff. In the second video (which i've posted below) covers some natural beauty questions that i thought would be interesting for you to get answers to. These kind of questions always pop into my head when i watch other peoples videos or read their blogs, so i thought it would be good to give some background before i just jump in head first.

Hope you enjoy them, please feel free to leave suggestions and comments on video ideas or what you would like to see in the future.

Questions I cover:

Why and how did you get into natural and organic beauty?

Was it easy making the swap from traditional products?

What is the main lesson you've learnt from transitioning?

What are the benefits of going natural, for you?

In another video I hope to cover some more questions about my progress and development in the natural and organic beauty world.

Natural Beauty Questions ~ YouTube

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