SoukSouk February Box

20 February 2014

For me this months box is a very special box! I was lucky enough to be asked by SoukSouk to be featured in their beauty magazine and to do an interview for their blog (you can read it here). And this is the month that i was featured. I can't tell you how excited this made me and how thankful I am to be featured by such a wonderful company.

But enough about me, onto the box and the goodies inside:

   Conscious Skincare Body Wash - Grapefruit and Cedarwood   
   Conscious Skincare Body Lotion - Grapefruit and Cedarwood   

A new brand to me which is exciting. I'm intrigued by the sunflower oil element. Can't say that too many of my products contain it and I've never considered this oil for beauty. So this will be an interesting one to try out. Also i like having these shower 'sets' as mixing scents isn't my thing.

   Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser   

Ah Living Nature is a great brand and it was one of my first ever natural brand discoveries! I've tried their cleansers before but not this one and anything with Manuka Honey has me sold!

    Living Nature Deep Cleansing Mask   

Again, I love Living Nature products and up for trying more of their products, although i'm not the biggest clay mask fan, they tend to be too drying for my skin, not all but some. Lets see how this one goes.

   BodyTox Lavender Sleep Patches   

I'll be totally honest, I'm a little more than sceptical about these patches. I'm all for  acupuncture and reflexology, there seems to be a lot of truth and benefit to it. But these patches, well we will have to see. I might get more patches and just try an experiment and see what's what. 
Also damn lavender, I'm slightly allergic to it which is very annoying, however i try to have lavender around me so my body never becomes totally intolerant of it, and maybe over time will be able to cope with it. Seeing as these go on my feet i reckon my allergies shouldn't be too bad. Lets hope.

   The Raw Chocolate Company Cacao Bar (nom nom)   

Err what is there to say but Total Yummy Awesomeness! no?!

What do you make of this months box?


  1. Well done for being featured in the magazine! That's great! :) I'm also a little sceptical about the lavender patches but will give them a shot as I've been sleeping quite badly the last few nights. Maybe if you put socks over the top you won't be too allergic. x

    1. Thank you! Oh lovely i hope your sleep gets sorted, its miserable not being able to rest properly, i used to have terrible sleep problems so i know what it's like. Have you tried the This Works Sleep range? Its pretty good. I also find the Neom bath oils good. Their Complete Bliss one absolutely knocks me out, i genuinely have to be careful using it in the bath! no jokes. xxx

  2. I loved reading your interview on the SoukSouk site today, it must be so exciting to be out there!
    I'm not sure on the detox patches - I've tried them in the past and I think they are a load of old phooie!

    1. Bahhaaa i love your honesty!! Thank you for your lovely comment, it is exciting! xx


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