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21 February 2014

Whenever I research into a product or ingredient I always come across a wealth of information, often pages and pages of wordy text and complicated formulas and all sorts. It can get overwhelming, confusing and a little too much to wade through.

Being a very visual person I sometimes find imagery, diagrams and even videos so much easier to follow, get to grips with and really drink in and learn from. With that in mind I keep an eye out for any pictures, videos, cartoons, diagrams and colourful charts that make things a little easier.

Lately i've been stumbling across some great videos that cover all sorts of topics and which i found seriously useful, even if they are just covering the basics that I already know (its nice to have a refresh).
Below are a few videos that I think are pretty great and get the point across in a really easy to follow way without being aggressive or using scary shock tactics etc.

I hope you find these helpful too!

 The Story of Cosmetics 

(There is also a critique video of this video, if you fancy seeing someone else's view of things. Remember there will always be two views to everything and anything)

 Choose Organics -Ingredient Detective Tips 

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