Oooh I've landed on Facebook!

22 February 2014

Hey guys,
Just a quick little post to share that I now have a proper Facebook page for Naturally Diddy blog and Youtube. You can find the link here or on my social media icons to the left (in the sidebar)!


Well sometimes i want to add little extras like musings and ramblings and quotes etc and bits and bobs but don't want to be cluttering up my blog posts with loads of random bits and pieces. And twitter can be a bit limited and once its posted, its gone in 5 seconds flat. It's too fleeting. Also my blog can be very much focused on beauty etc and you never get to know much about me, so maybe i can add a little more of myself on there too.
Sooo, Facebook seemed like the right platform.
Hopefully I shall be updating joyfully as I go along, i'll pop on my latest post and videos and whatnot and you can get juicy bonus stuff as added extras! Exciting, no?!

Please like and follow and all that jazz if you want! 

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