Rio Rosa Mosqueta Oil ~ First Impression

8 February 2014

Rio Rosa Mosqueta (Rosehip Oil)* £10.49 20ml

Rosehip oil has long been on my radar as a wonder ingredient. You find it in thousands of products and many people swear by it. I've only ever used it in other products and never in it's pure form.

This is a first impressions review as i believe with products like this you best see true results after an extended period of use. I've been trialling this Rosehip Oil, Rio Rosa Mosqueta* for just over two weeks and this is how i've got on so far.

I have been using this oil on my face daily and also on my stretch marks (which are for my age, very bad) and on my scars (of which i have many, and bad ones!) 

Usually on my face I use pure avocado oil, but only in the evenings before bed. This rose hip oil I find to be a lot lighter in texture and a lot less 'oily' and it sinks in very quickly which is lovely. This means I am able to apply it in the mornings before makeup and not have to wait for ages before i apply the rest of my face. I then re-apply it after removing my makeup at night. With using it twice daily i have found that over the past two weeks or so my combination-oily skin has balanced out a lot more. It's texture is a lot more even and my contrast patches (where i get extreme dry flakiness alongside excess sebum patches) have definitely been reduced. My dry patches are a lot less dry and my oily patches a lot less oily. It seems to have balanced out both those issues.

Additionally when I have a spot or the dark marking left from a nasty zit, I have been giving it a little more attention with this oil and I see that the spots heal up faster and leave less of a dark scaring pigment.

It has a very natural raw scent from being pure rose hip oil (rather than oil from the scented petals) and having no added fragrances, it is by no means the most pleasant smell but it certainly doesn't put you off it either.

I use about two drop for my whole face for each application and find that to be plenty enough, a little does go a long way, i've been using it for over two weeks and the bottle still looks full! I massage it in carefully and it is easy to really get it to sink in. 

I'm certainly going to carry on using this rose hip oil on my face and also i'll keep using it on my scars and stretch marks and see after 6 months or so if there is any benefit in that area.

Rio Rosa Mosqueta is a completely new brand to me and I did a little research on them first. Their rsoehip oil is made from the wild rose, Rosa Mosqueta (Rosa affinis Rubiginosa) which grows high up in the Chilean Andes of South America. How does this make it different to other oils? Well, all roses contains different levels of EFAs but Rosa Mosqueta contains higher levels of  GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid - Omega 6) and also contains Trans-retinoic Acid (similar to Vit A). However it is lower in Omega 3. So whether this makes it more beneficial in some ways than other rose hip oils is out there for testing, but this is the difference between this Rosehip oil and other rose hip oils made from other rose hip species.

Available from the Rio Rosa website in 20ml (£10.49) and 50ml (£20.49)


  1. Rosehip oil is great for treating scars! I've used it myself and they have definitely reduced.
    Massaging the area as you apply the oil increases it's healing properties.

  2. Love this post, I also have combination/oily skin and have been wanting to try out rose hip oil for ages. Definitely going to look into this one now x


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