The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish - £9 (200ml)
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This product isn't a natural based product, however, The Body Shop products are all inspired by nature and are all ethically conscious and do have some natural ingredients in. A lot of their ingredients are fair trade and cruelty free. So I'm happy to use their products and write about them on here!

I love love love this body scrub. I first got it in a small beauty set from my lovely Boy on Valentines and we both got addicted to it. For aaages we couldn't figure out the sweet smell (obviously Strawberry...but something else as well) and then one day I realised it reminded me of Calpol! I used to pretend to be sick as a kid just so I could have a spoon or two of Calpol! Hahah so the scent of this scrub is divine. Whenever I use it people say how amazing I smell or how great the bathroom smells after I've used it.  It is very sweet so I don't know if it would be for everyone but I can't get enough of this scent!

The scrub has Fair Trade Honey in it which leaves you skin super soft especially combined with the crushed walnut shell that is used in this as an exfoliater. The grains are not soo big or scratchy that they rough, but are just right for a lovely exfoliation for a good clean feel. I also love how the scrub has 'strawberry seeds' in it for effect, I'm not actually sure what they are made from or if they have an exfoliation use, but they look great and really give this scrub character! I looked at the ingredients and this scrub does actually have strawberry juice in it so it makes me happy knowing that the strawberry aspect of the scrub isn't just fake flavourings/fragrance.

The formula is a thick gel, they say it is a 'foaming gel' but I actually think that it makes more of a soft lather than a high foam result. But really that's nothing. For 200ml it retails at £9 which I don't think is too bad considering it is Fair Trade and cruelty free.

This is most definitely one of my favourite body washes to use. I get everything in one bottle; great scent, exfoliation, clean refreshed skin, soft skin, and I also feel quite woken up and energised after using it which is a huge plus for mornings!

If you are into body scrubs and polishes and love a bit of sweetness then this is certainly a product you should try!

The Body Shop- Strawberry Body Polish

Lately I've been really into discovering Burt's Bees products. I have always known of the brand and read and heard great things about them but for some reason never actually tried them myself. I thought now was as good a time as any.

Lip balms are a big obsession of mine as I have quite full lips that often get quite chapped. I have a horrible habit of biting them which makes it soo much worse. Lately I have been trying super hard to keep them as good as possible and protected especially lately with this hot weather. The Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm sounded great to me and I was eager to try it out.

I have been using it for a few weeks now and absolutely love it! The thing I love the most about it is its completely non-greasy texture and appearance on the lips thanks to the moisture locking bees wax used. This balm is super hydrating and moisturising and leave my lips lovely and soft and smooth. The balm combines Coconut and Sunflower oils to get that fabulous moisturising result.

For the flavour Peppermint oil has been included, and boy am I glad it is!The mint flavour is absolutely delicious! I literally have never had a mint flavour lip balm that tastes this good. Even my sister, who hates mint flavours, loves the flavour of this balm! The Peppermint also gives this amazing 'tingle' sensation on the lips which I love as it almost makes it feel like you can feel the balm working!

For eco lovers like me this balm is great as it is natural and organic and the tube is made out of recycled plastic! Brilliant. This balm also comes in a cute tin and there are many other flavours and variations of this great balm. I really like the sound of the New Refreshing lip balm with Pink Grapefruit, I am a huge Pink grapefruit lover!!

At about £3.69 I don't think it's a bad price for such a good lip balm! I will happily be adding this balm (and probably all the rest) to my ever growing collection and I'm sure I'll definitely be repurchasing it quite soon as although you get a good amount of product and it goes along way, I have been using it one heck of a lot!

So far for Burt's Bees, so good!

Burt's Bees -Beeswax Lip Balm

UNE Breezy Cheeks Blush retails around £8.99

UNE Breezy Cheeks Blush in - B02

This is another UNE product that I have been trying out lately, I really love blushes and love testing all the different formula bases that they come in. So I was pretty excited to try this UNE natural blush which provides a cream to powder texture that is designed to blend easily with the skin.

This blush comes in a same brilliant design as UNE's cream foundations. Its a slide open box where you peel the front label off to expose a mirror on the top, which as I've said before, I think is genius design. The blush doesn't come provided with a brush or sponge but using finger tips works nicely for applying it to your cheeks.

The formula is quite a compact pressed cream and has no stickiness or pastyness to it. It does blend beautifully with your skin and as it is advertised, it does blend in more like a powder than a thick cream and gives a slight sheen to a matt effect, without the powder residue look, that I really enjoy.  The cream is highly pigmented but as it is more of a blendable sheer blush than a stark bold blush I found I do like to layer it up to create a bolder definition of colour. However, this is still achieved with minimal amount of product so I can see this lasting a long time even with regular/daily use.

This blush is definitely a matt blush with no high shimmer or glitter, but the formulations of a cream to powder texture creates the look of a slightly dewy matt. A soft sheen glow. It's hard to describe but I'm very happy with the overall effect of this blush.

The only thing that I don't like is that the products don't have names, just letters and numbers and this is a little confusing especially as some retailers label them online under different letters (Boots use a 'T' or 'L' instead of a  'B' and seem to have a much bigger range of colours than they do in their shops, no idea why but its annoying.) Other than that I think this is a great blush for a natural subtle fresh look!

I use shade B02 which is the lightest pinkest shade in the range which has a soft peach tint to it.

UNE- Breezy Cheeks Blush

Coral Bliss

Recently cutECOsmetics announced that they were supplying the US brand Megan Miller nail polish and I of course jumped straight in there and purchased some! Megan Miller nail polishes are '3 free' polishes which means that they contain no Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) no Formaldehyde and  no Toluene. There are lots of nail polishes out there that are trying to develop formulas of polish that are '3 free' but often the results are not the best. This is not the case for Megan Miller Polish!

I bought two shades, one bright and one soft to see how these polishes work from both ends of the spectrum. For the bright I chose Coral Bliss and for the pale I chose Lemon Ice. These polishes apply soo smooth and silkily! There is no gloopyness or stickiness to the formula which means that you get the most flattest, most even, smoothest coat application ever. I'm dreadful at painting my nails but I had literally zero streaks or patches when I used these polishes. When you first apply the first coat the formula does appear thin but it isn't at all. It only took 2 coats to get a completely opaque look and colour on my nails for the Coral Bliss shade. I did find with the softer/paler Lemon Ice if I wanted a more opaque look that I had to go up to 3 coats. But as I have to do this with many other nail polish brands it's no biggie. The polish doesn't chip overly so no more than a non '3 free' polish and doesn't crack in my short experience. As with all polish I use a clear top coat for protection regardless.

excuse the french tips underneath - also trying out new nails!

MM polishes come in the gorgeous and unique rounded bottles with little natural raffia bows which I believe are eco-friendly and sourced from Madagascar. The lid with the brush in is unlike I have ever seen. The brush is held in the standard plastic hold but the outer lid is made from cork over the top of the brush holder. Not only does it look super sweet and natural but also the cork does give you an excellent non slip hold on the brush. I just adore the design of these bottles and I am soo glad that the quality of the polish is equal to the design!

Overall a really lovely lovely 3 free polish! Head over to cutECOsmetics to take a peak at the pretty peacock inspired range of colours also available from the Megan Miller collection!

Lemon Ice

Megan Miller Nail Polish

I love natural cosmetics and am always on the hunt for new ones to try out. Online shopping is 95% of where I get my products and cosmetics from so as with the goodies I'm also always on the hunt for a great natural cosmetics online site, whether it is for one brand or many. 

So lately I have discovered cutECOsmetics. And it's brilliant. I found it while searching for the best place to buy my beloved EOS lipbalms. In fact EOS also recommended them as a good seller after I tweeted them asking about retailers in the UK of their products. So all good! This is one of the best aspects of the site, they don't just sell UK products! No no, they sell UK, US and Australian products too, which is beyond good as it means I can get my products like EOS and Inika easy instead of getting them shipped from overseas or having to buy from expensive outlets.

CutECOsmetics is really a brilliant site, it sells a huge range of natural cosmetics and products that are all natural based or ruled by Ethics that they have hand picked to be the best of concious products. On the site you can even search for products by Brand or based on Ethics which is great if you are into Vegan products etc. All products have a key to see whether they are, organic, cruelty free etc too. Products range from make up and skin care to brushes and tools and all at really reasonable prices. They even have free UK delivery which is the cherry on the top -who doesn't love a bargain?!

My fave feature about the site is that they have a Features section to their site which features a new ingredient of focus. They give you a little blurb on the ingredient, its origins and benefits and then gives you a whole selection of products that they sell that include this ingredient. So marvelous. I literally have been learning new stuff by going on this site!

If you are kinda new to the world of natural and organic products then this is a good site to use as you wont get overwhelmed by fancy names and big brands and overload of a zillion choices. You can trust that everything is what it claims to be and that it's hand picked as the topest of tops so you have no worries. 

Go on, take a peek


A while back I reviewed another Yes To product, the Tomatoes cleanser and I was suitably impressed but as I mentioned my skin is highly temperamental and lately I have been experiencing better skin and it's much less oily so the Tomatoes cleanser wasn't the most suitable any more for my skin.So I thought I would give the Cucumber range of Yes To as this line is more aimed at sensitive skin with it's calming and soothing ingredients of cucumbers and aloe vera (plus dead sea minerals).

Firstly the smell is delicious! It's even nicer than the Tomatoes cleanser which I thought smelt pretty good anyway! I would like the scent to linger a little longer than it does, purely because I enjoy the scent so much. This cleanser is definitely a gentle cleanser, it doesn't strip your skin of oils so your face doesn't feel tight or dry after using it. I do still feel very clean and fresh after using it and my skin is left sooo soft, especially my cheeks.
I rarely have issues with oily or dry patches or break out these days even when my diet is bad (atm it's terrible, naughty naughty) so I do put it down to using this great cleanser!

The substance again is a fluid gel with a slight green tint, the colour doesn't transfer at all. The cleanser doesn't actually foam up that much, just a slight lather.When you use it you don't need to vigorously scrub or rub it in, just a really quick circular massage into the face really and then rinse off with warm water is all that is needed. You don't have to work hard for it to do it's job which is great. Its quick and efficient. I  use no more than a 5p piece sized amount of the cleanser to wash my whole face as well as down my neck and around my ears so a little goes a really long way. This cleanser comes in a great amount of product at 95g so it will definitely be lasting a long time which makes it even more of a bargain as it is pretty inexpensive at only £8.99 which I think is cheap for how good it is. Normally natural based products tend to be higher priced but Yes To seem to have the prices spot on.

This is a Daily cleanser  and I use it twice daily and have nothing but good things to say about it. I like waking up in the morning and knowing that when I wash my face it will be super clean and at night I can sleep easy knowing that all my make up that I didn't get off with wipes is now gently cleansed away!

Yes To products can be purchased through many online sites such as mypure.co.uk (always have great deals) and feelunique.com as well as Amazon and a huge range of other sites and internationally through their own site: yestocarrots.com

Top notch Cucumbers....mmmh cucumber sarnies! Anyone now hungry? I am haha!

Yes To...Cucumbers: Soothing Cleanser

Blush comparison -
L: bM Joyous Jennifer - thinner powder with high shimmer
R: Bloom Rosie - Thicker matt powder, lot less mess

G'day Ladies, or should I say Sheilas! teehee!
This review is on the gorgeous Aussie brand Bloom. I have always hovered by the gorgeous Bloom stand in Superdrug and one day decided that they were far too pretty not to try out. What encouraged me more was the scrummy Pure Mineral range that they had as part of their collection. You know I love anything natural and mineral so it was destiny really.
So I happily purchased one of their blushes to try out. I chose their blush in Rosie, a very soft gentle dusky pink. From other experience of mineral make up blushes, notably my fave bareMinerals blush in Joyous Jennifer, I was expected a slightly sparkly blush. This blush however is beautifully matt. There is no fancy sparkles or glitter, not light reflecting particles or added shimmer. It is simply matt, smooth, soft and silky. By silky I don't mean it has a sheen or pearlescent quality to it, instead I'm referring to the texture which is such a soft smooth powder, I'm not sure how to describe it, its almost creamy but still in powder form. The description describes it as feeling like silk which is spot on and leaving a soft dewy look. I personally wouldn't say that it gives a particularly dewy look that much as it is too matt for that but the overall effect is a soft colour on the skin rather than a glow. It gives a very natural bared faced look which is a nice change from using highly shimmery blushes.

The pigmentation is good, its not highly pigmented or bright or bold, which is perfect for being able to build up the colour, shade or tone that you want, rather than having a bold application from one brush swipe. As I said before it gives a very natural subtle colour to the cheeks but which can easily be built up to be bolder if you want to.

Th packaging is pretty and sweet but I do find the powder dispenser of the blush (and the foundation) a little hard to get out, you really have to give it a good tapping. On the plus side this does mean that while bouncing in your bag you don't end up with a big mess in the lid. See the comparison pic above for this.

Overall I think this is a lovely product and will be definitely buying the other shades of blush available! 

Bloom Pure Mineral - Radiant Touch Blush

UNE All In One Mascara (A01-Black) Available in Boots/ Superdrug and many online retailers.

You know by now that I'm obsessed with Mineral Makeup right? Anything mineral based, chemical free, natural, organic etc etc etc and I'm loving it!
Well I just started using another brand of mineral makeup and my makeup collection is over flowing and my complexion has never been better!

This makeup brand is UNE. A 98 -100% all natural makeup range that offers gorgeous colours and a wide range of products and tools. This range is a product of Bourjois but is a stand alone sister company that doesn't reflect the Bourjois brand. Its simply it's own beautiful thing. And as always I love it!

Normally I'm an absolute foundation junkie but lately my mascaras have been running out and I have always had issues with my eyes getting sensitive if I've been wearing eye make up too long in the day, by the eve I will suddenly have one eye that goes 'No, no. No. I've had enough' and I will have developed a red, blood shot, burning, stinging, tear streaming eye. All, in literally a blink of an eye. One (angry) panda eye and one normal is not a cute or comfortable look.

So with that in mind I decided to test out the UNE mascaras that were on offer. You can get one for length, one for thickness and the one I chose which is the UNE All In One Mascara in Black (A01). The colour of the mascara is a good true black and doesn't come out looking grey or have any blue/browny red tones which I find some mascaras have. The formula is quite light and subtle and not gloopy at all. In fact you barely notice  it on the brush (something that initially concerned me) until you start applying it and it really does cover the lashes well. My lashes do appear longer with the mascara applied, perhaps not that much thicker or curvier but still a vast improvement on my natural eyelashes. So far I haven't experienced any excessive clumping or fibrous qualities to the mascara even after you built it up a bit. The brush I genuinely really like, its a good shape, it's not curved or has super long bristles. the bristles are short and compact and I think it does the job nicely. There does tend to be a bit of build up at the top point of the brush head but as with most mascaras that's nothing new. I wouldn't say that this is a 'run-out-and-buy-it-now' mascara, you wouldn't use it for a night out with dramatic eyes, or a doll/spider eyes look but for an everyday natural looking lash this is definitely a good choice. It's a reliable, fuss free, no-fancy claims mascara that does what it says on the tin (tube.) I like it, it certainly doesn't irritate my eyes as much as other brands.

I would say though that the price is a little steep. It is by no means the most expensive but at £10.49 (Boots/Superdrug) I would definitely expect more from a mascara. Having said that this is the only drugstore mascara that I have found from a natural ingredients range and this might be what the price reflects.

The packaging of UNE might be described by some people as plain and boring but I think that it is simplistic and clean and that reflects perfectly the type of makeup you'll get. Pure. Clean. Simple. Love it. Though for arguments sake the white packaging does tend to get grubby in your bag after a while but that's pretty standard and normal. I do get the feeling that the effort has been put into the quality of the actual product and the design of the packaging  equally so that the products doesn't need to rely only on fancy packaging and design. I actually think the packaging for the cream foundations/concealers and blushes/bronzers is pure genius. They are a slide open box and you peel the front label off and the top becomes a mirror! See absolute genius!

Read more about UNE's ethics and goodness here!

UNE- All In One Mascara

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