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11 May 2012

A while back I reviewed another Yes To product, the Tomatoes cleanser and I was suitably impressed but as I mentioned my skin is highly temperamental and lately I have been experiencing better skin and it's much less oily so the Tomatoes cleanser wasn't the most suitable any more for my skin.So I thought I would give the Cucumber range of Yes To as this line is more aimed at sensitive skin with it's calming and soothing ingredients of cucumbers and aloe vera (plus dead sea minerals).

Firstly the smell is delicious! It's even nicer than the Tomatoes cleanser which I thought smelt pretty good anyway! I would like the scent to linger a little longer than it does, purely because I enjoy the scent so much. This cleanser is definitely a gentle cleanser, it doesn't strip your skin of oils so your face doesn't feel tight or dry after using it. I do still feel very clean and fresh after using it and my skin is left sooo soft, especially my cheeks.
I rarely have issues with oily or dry patches or break out these days even when my diet is bad (atm it's terrible, naughty naughty) so I do put it down to using this great cleanser!

The substance again is a fluid gel with a slight green tint, the colour doesn't transfer at all. The cleanser doesn't actually foam up that much, just a slight lather.When you use it you don't need to vigorously scrub or rub it in, just a really quick circular massage into the face really and then rinse off with warm water is all that is needed. You don't have to work hard for it to do it's job which is great. Its quick and efficient. I  use no more than a 5p piece sized amount of the cleanser to wash my whole face as well as down my neck and around my ears so a little goes a really long way. This cleanser comes in a great amount of product at 95g so it will definitely be lasting a long time which makes it even more of a bargain as it is pretty inexpensive at only £8.99 which I think is cheap for how good it is. Normally natural based products tend to be higher priced but Yes To seem to have the prices spot on.

This is a Daily cleanser  and I use it twice daily and have nothing but good things to say about it. I like waking up in the morning and knowing that when I wash my face it will be super clean and at night I can sleep easy knowing that all my make up that I didn't get off with wipes is now gently cleansed away!

Yes To products can be purchased through many online sites such as (always have great deals) and as well as Amazon and a huge range of other sites and internationally through their own site:

Top notch Cucumbers....mmmh cucumber sarnies! Anyone now hungry? I am haha!

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