Bloom Pure Mineral - Radiant Touch Blush

8 May 2012

Blush comparison -
L: bM Joyous Jennifer - thinner powder with high shimmer
R: Bloom Rosie - Thicker matt powder, lot less mess

G'day Ladies, or should I say Sheilas! teehee!
This review is on the gorgeous Aussie brand Bloom. I have always hovered by the gorgeous Bloom stand in Superdrug and one day decided that they were far too pretty not to try out. What encouraged me more was the scrummy Pure Mineral range that they had as part of their collection. You know I love anything natural and mineral so it was destiny really.
So I happily purchased one of their blushes to try out. I chose their blush in Rosie, a very soft gentle dusky pink. From other experience of mineral make up blushes, notably my fave bareMinerals blush in Joyous Jennifer, I was expected a slightly sparkly blush. This blush however is beautifully matt. There is no fancy sparkles or glitter, not light reflecting particles or added shimmer. It is simply matt, smooth, soft and silky. By silky I don't mean it has a sheen or pearlescent quality to it, instead I'm referring to the texture which is such a soft smooth powder, I'm not sure how to describe it, its almost creamy but still in powder form. The description describes it as feeling like silk which is spot on and leaving a soft dewy look. I personally wouldn't say that it gives a particularly dewy look that much as it is too matt for that but the overall effect is a soft colour on the skin rather than a glow. It gives a very natural bared faced look which is a nice change from using highly shimmery blushes.

The pigmentation is good, its not highly pigmented or bright or bold, which is perfect for being able to build up the colour, shade or tone that you want, rather than having a bold application from one brush swipe. As I said before it gives a very natural subtle colour to the cheeks but which can easily be built up to be bolder if you want to.

Th packaging is pretty and sweet but I do find the powder dispenser of the blush (and the foundation) a little hard to get out, you really have to give it a good tapping. On the plus side this does mean that while bouncing in your bag you don't end up with a big mess in the lid. See the comparison pic above for this.

Overall I think this is a lovely product and will be definitely buying the other shades of blush available! 

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