This is a handy (I hope) quick glance guide that I've added to my blog posts, reviews etc so that you can check out in one glance if the product fits your requirements before you go through reading the whole post. I know I can be super wordy and no review is without a lengthy story attached. So if you have found in the past you've been scanning through entire posts trying to find where the heck I've written if it's vegan or not, well have no fear because now there will always be a 'Specs & Cost' guide right at the top so that you can see all the specific info before you read on. Really do hope you find this idea helpful.
Below the guide you'll find further explanation on each of the key points I think are important to highlight about products. 

 Gluten Free  
A newish one to the industry, but more and more brands and products are talking about it so i think it's important to add to this list.

 Certified Organic 
As we know the term organic is a tricky so-and-so and can be slapped on anything. Products will have this spec only if they are certified by COSMOS, Soil Association, ECOCERT, USDA or another official certifier.

Products I will mark with this spec will be completely free from any animal derivatives (part or an animal/insect or created by an animal/insect) which includes beeswax etc.

 Certified Cruelty Free 
Cruelty Free can again be a tricky one to define, I only use this spec if the product has the Leaping Bunny or other official cruelty free specification. This means that the product itself has not be tested on animals, nor have the separate ingredients used to create that product.

 Organic Ingredients 
While these products may not be certified organic as a whole, this indicates that it does contain certified organic ingredients, perhaps just not enough for certification or simply the brand has not sought out certification by the above mentioned certification bodies.

 Certified Natural 
Again natural is a confusing term so if something is certified natural it will get this spec, a lot of natural labelled products are 'natural' but this just helps identify those that are more officially identified as such.

I think 'raw' has seen a decrease in attention lately, but nonetheless it's still a spec I think people look for so here it is. If a product is raw, it and the ingredients have not been heated above 50 degrees C. Ingredients are all extracted by the cold pressed method. Ingredients are also often unrefined.

 Certified Fair Trade 
So many brands are about more than just being good for the customer or good for the environment if a product has this spec it will only have so it it is certified Fair Trade.

 Not Tested on Animals 
This is NOT the same as cruelty free. This is for products that have not been tested on animals, they may not have a certification. In this instance separate ingredients could have at some point be tested on animals but the final product has not.

This is one I keep coming across lately so I thought I should add it. Halal in terms of beauty means that it doesn't contain alcohol.

Similarly, something that pops up more and more is certified Kosher products, which have been certified by the Orthodox Union.

 Palm Oil Free 
This is a very important and hotly debated topic. It's great to see more and more brands get on board with excluding palm oil from their products, however some natural brands still use it or use it from sustainable sources. This logo will only be sed if it is 100% free from Palm Oil. 

I was keen to differentiate this from Vegan. Many products are vegetarian friendly but not Vegan. Vegetarian products might contain beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, bee venom and milk. 

Self explanatory:
£ = highstreet/ typical natural product pricing
££ = pricing is a little higher end than the average product
£££ = very high end pricing, this is luxury/ splash out kind of pricing!

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