I purchased this Origins GinZing mascara after reading some great reviews about it. I love Origins as a brand and think that their products are amazing, but i was hesitant to splash out on the makeup.

This GinZing mascara is formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, petroleum, paraffin or a number of other noted scary 'chemicals'. It has no synthetic fragrances or animal ingredients. Mascaras with great formulas like this are hard to come by and often very pricey and while this Origins mascara is up there with the most expensive mascaras i've ever bought, i can fully say it's 100% worth it.

For once i'm finding a product is actually living up to it's hype. Thank goodness for that! 
I have naturally quite long, full and thick lashes, they are also fairly curly. Not to blow my own trumpet but i think they are one of my best features and i often get a lot of comments on them (some people even think i have extensions - don't). So for me i like to show them off to their best, and mascaras are so key in doing so and therefore are quite important to me.

I usually wear a thick bold wing on my eyes which makes my eyes look bigger but can detract from my lashes, but as they are so long i usually am able to get the balance to get the big eyed long lash effect i like. For this review i though it would be much better for you to see a clear true result of the mascara without the effect of the wings (in honestly not wear my wings makes me feel weird and pretty naked, the things i do for blogging!) i also kept my eye shadow totally neutral for the same reason. So excuse the crazy eyebrows because i'm lacking the rest of my makeup to balance them out! 

This mascara is fabulous not only for it's healthy clean formula but also because it makes (in my humble opinion) my lashes look mega! Super long, extra black, bold and lovely and thick! It seriously gives my long lashes massive VaVaVOOM! 

The formula doesn't clump or look gloopy and is incredibly buildable. One coat gives a bold but natural effect and two coats - which i'm wearing in the photos- make them look really Pow, without being spiderleggy or clumpy. Three coats (oh yes i love my 3 coats!) creates a fluttering dollylash look, perfect for a bold eye and a great night out look. I would say the colour is a good true black that doesn't fade or look ashy grey.

As for the curl, as i said my lashes naturally curl right up on their own and pretty much touch my eyelid (this sounds great, but its a serious con when trying to wear sunglasses or use microscopes -science class was always a nightmare) and most mascaras have little or no effect on boosting curl, or the really bold ones can sometimes weigh them down a bit. Origins GinZing doesn't weigh my curls down at all and helps enhance the look of the curl very nicely and give them a bit of a lift, just like they claim! I don't and haven't used eyelash curlers here (or ever! - they freak me out!) Application is easy and smooth and as i said before isn't at all clumpy or gloomy.

The brush is pretty big but after first thinking it was a bit scary I found it actually very easy to work with and it coated my lashes evenly with little tugging and i was able to apply the mascara from root to tip as well as still being able to reach the little lashes in the tricky corner of my eye and even my bottom lashes. I was worried with my bottom lashes it would be too big and leave a mess under my eye but it didn't even with my bad application skills. The formula also lasts all day on both my top and bottom lashes and as I discovered the other day is quite resistant to smudging and accidental eye rubbing! And so far it holds up in the rain pretty good too!

They only product on my lashes is two coats of Origins GinZing Mascara. No extensions, fillers,  falseies or curlers have been used. 

Also worth a note too- here i am also wearing the Origins Quick Hide Concealer, which is also great but i shall save that for another post!

Have you tried any Origins Make up - what do you think of it?

Mavs x

Origins GinZing Mascara

Korres Fig Body Scrub £11
(i believe this is now old style packaging)

Korres is a brand that is well loved by many and that certainly includes me! For a good while now I have been alternating my everyday body wash with Korres body scrub in fig and I have just been loving it. In all honesty I just picked it up on a whim, normally i am not a body scrub kinda girl. Those random little particles scratching against my skin never really appealed to me. However, like i said i saw this in store and thought 'oooh Korres, why not?!' So there you go, sold simply by the name of a brand haha

I have mentioned this in my first Youtube video (i will start doing more at some point!) but i thought it was good enough to write about seeing as i'm still using months down the line from the video review.

So what makes this product so great for me? Well a lot of it is down to the fact that the exfoliating particles, made from ground bamboo and jojoba beads, are really fine and not at all harsh on the skin. They don't feel abrasive, just nicely smoothing. The beads are almost poppy seed size and are very rounded which is an odd thing to notice but i think it is especially this that makes the scrub so gentle compared to other chunkier scrubs. Afterwards I do seriously feel smooth and soft and my skin has that nice water-glowing-over-skin look (you know like in leg shaving adverts, the skin looks almost like it's oiled and the skin sort of gleams under the water? - that look) anyhoo I happily use this several times a week and even feel it's gentle enough to use on my more delicate skinned 'chesty' area. 

The scent is not what i would describe traditional Fig as, but you could have a hundred fig scented products and they would all smell different and have varying balances of sweet and fresh raw scents. This is one of the less sweet, more raw and natural fig scents that i find smells quite pleasingly of fresh linen. It's subtle and certainly a real clean scent.

This scrub is 90.6% natural and has a huge formula facts list of chemicals, animal products and allergens (including food allergens) that it is free from. Having this list on the side of the packaging shows clearly that Korres cares about us as consumers understanding exactly what we are or are not buying and i really appreciate that in a company. They also make it clear what chemicals are included that people may want to avoid. This scrub does contain SLS and that is displayed clearly both in the formula facts list and the ingredients list. Again this shows open, clear brand honesty which is such a good sign in knowing if you can trust a brand. Top marks for Korres.

As for the SLS content, I do try and avoid it at all costs, it's one of the first chemicals that I consciously started researching and checking in ingredients list when i first started swapping to natural and organic products. However, i honestly don't mind it in this product because through use i can see for myself that the product hardly foams up at all and (whether or not this judgment is misguided or not) i am satisfied that the SLS content must be minimal.

So a huge thumbs up for this scrub, it isn't perfect (due to the SLS) but it's as close as you're going to get for a product that works so well for my skin! I enjoyed this one so much that i went and purchased the same scrub but in the Basil Lemon scent to use once this fig runs out.

Mavs x

Korres Fig Body Scrub

What have we got in Amarya's May Beauty Box?

Well this month it's an interesting one. There's only three main products in this box but as you can see one of them is a pretty great size! So included this month is:

Madara Body Soap ~ A refreshing aromatherapy formulated body soap (wash) in the deliciously minty  scent of fresh mint / peppermint. One of my all time favourite scents/flavours!  As you can image the formula is comprised of wonderful soothing fresh peppermint oil and even has Algae extract to give a deep but gentle cleanse!

I've just given this a little tester on my hands and it is beautifully subtle and like they say feels very gentle and not at all stripping. Could be a winner! The formula was quite foamy so i checked the ingredients incase it had SLS in but it actually has Sodium-Coco-sulphate, which is the natural form of SLS and is AOkay with me!

Madara Tinting Fluid ~ As it says on the tin, this is a lightweight tinting moisturiser that is designed to hydrate and tint the complexion to give you a even and illuminated complexion. Included are a sample sachet of each shade available, Moon Flower a Rose Beige that looks suitable for fairer pinker toned skins and Sun Flower a Golden Beige that might suit a more tan yellow based skin tone. Formulated with Rosehip extracts and 100% natural.

Very interested in these, I love finding great natural formula foundations and tinted moisturisers so super glad they were included. Reckon i might have to do a mixology job with the shades though to work with my tricky skin tone.

Madara Time Miracle Day Cream ~ An advanced Anti-Aging day cream for al skin types. Formulated with the anti-aging G7 complex and water free. This is said to repair skin's DNA and stimulate youth protein growth. Helps tackle wrinkles and lines and make skin feel smoother and more supple. 

Cowshed Slender Cow Extra Firming Body Butter ~ This firming lotion harnesses the power of seaweed and dermochlorella to target cellulite and tone up bums, tums, hips and thighs! It also contains an amazing cocktail of essential oils including orange, grapefruit, ylang ylang, red mandarin and carrot seed oil for toning. The dermochlorella is identified to tone and firm the body up to 46% and reduce the appearance of stretch marks by 32% over a 12 week period.

Hmm well i'm always sceptical over big claims but despite a lot of research into why lotions like this don't really work I am still a self confessed junkie for stretch mark and cellulite creams. So as much as i pretend to scoff and act like i'm not expecting miracles, well i secretly am! Teehe.

Overall, I think this is a lovely little box this month. It's got some great products for the body and some even better ones for the face, I always love it best when there is a good balance between skincare and makeup and luckily this box has provided that. Plus I can enjoy Cowshed a brand that i know well and I get to explore a rnage of different products from a brand that I don't. The Madara items came with a whole bunch of really interesting leaflets and info on their products which is always nice to have a read of!

Mavs x

Amarya Beauty Box -May

Pomegranate Night Plus Rollerball £12/13 (dependant on supplier)

While at the age of 23 you might think i'm not in need of anti ageing or age repair products but I'm one of those prevent it before it happens kind of girls. Plus i am all too well aware of how much i've harmed my face in the sun in my past reckless younger days!

I received this sample in a past Amarya beauty box and being a massive massive fan of anything involving pomegranate (i can eat a whole one in literally a 15min sitting! Delicious!) and knowing about it's great antioxidant and nutrient rich properties I was pleasantly thrilled. To be honest I didn't really consider the age aspect of the treatment, i just wanted to slap it on my face - something that i did a little too recklessly and hastily!

Once I'd got my act together and gathered some self restraint i started using this treatment nightly. The formula is a very light oil that is surprising non greasy and smells quite herby. I wouldn't say it smells  of pomegranate fruit or of the perfumy pomegranate juice you get in a carton. However, it is a fresh clean scent that i enjoy. It also contains Rosehip oil and Hawaiian Kukui seed oil which might be what lend the formula it's natural herby green scent. As you can see this treatment is 100% natural and 90% organic.

A little goes a long way with this little treatment and it has a great rollerball application design so you can really easily target the areas of your face that need the most direct pomegranate TLC. You roll this on in a figure of three each side of your face, a strip down the centre of your face to your neck and once across your top lip and then massage it in to apply it evenly.

Being a night treatment you pop it on at night and it sinks in very quickly so you don't have to worry about oilyness on your pillow. For me i find i wake with fresh plump skin in the morning. Naturally I can't quite attest to its age repair properties, but I like it as a lightweight oil to pep up my skin overnight. After days were my skin has been oilier than normal i tend to avoid using this on my T-Zone.

Pomegranate was not a brand that I knew of but they also have cleaners and moisture serums and even supplements and natural cosmetics tools on offer. You can check out the Pomegranate site here and this treatment is also available through amarya

Happily this trreatment is lasting me a long time and i use it most nights. I do think the price is a little hefty for only 10ml though!

Free From: Parabens, petrochemicals, PEGs, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, DEA, PABA-sunscreens and synthetic fragrances.  And - Not tested on animals!

Mavs x

Pomegranate Active Night Plus

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