Korres Fig Body Scrub

15 May 2013

Korres Fig Body Scrub £11
(i believe this is now old style packaging)

Korres is a brand that is well loved by many and that certainly includes me! For a good while now I have been alternating my everyday body wash with Korres body scrub in fig and I have just been loving it. In all honesty I just picked it up on a whim, normally i am not a body scrub kinda girl. Those random little particles scratching against my skin never really appealed to me. However, like i said i saw this in store and thought 'oooh Korres, why not?!' So there you go, sold simply by the name of a brand haha

I have mentioned this in my first Youtube video (i will start doing more at some point!) but i thought it was good enough to write about seeing as i'm still using months down the line from the video review.

So what makes this product so great for me? Well a lot of it is down to the fact that the exfoliating particles, made from ground bamboo and jojoba beads, are really fine and not at all harsh on the skin. They don't feel abrasive, just nicely smoothing. The beads are almost poppy seed size and are very rounded which is an odd thing to notice but i think it is especially this that makes the scrub so gentle compared to other chunkier scrubs. Afterwards I do seriously feel smooth and soft and my skin has that nice water-glowing-over-skin look (you know like in leg shaving adverts, the skin looks almost like it's oiled and the skin sort of gleams under the water? - that look) anyhoo I happily use this several times a week and even feel it's gentle enough to use on my more delicate skinned 'chesty' area. 

The scent is not what i would describe traditional Fig as, but you could have a hundred fig scented products and they would all smell different and have varying balances of sweet and fresh raw scents. This is one of the less sweet, more raw and natural fig scents that i find smells quite pleasingly of fresh linen. It's subtle and certainly a real clean scent.

This scrub is 90.6% natural and has a huge formula facts list of chemicals, animal products and allergens (including food allergens) that it is free from. Having this list on the side of the packaging shows clearly that Korres cares about us as consumers understanding exactly what we are or are not buying and i really appreciate that in a company. They also make it clear what chemicals are included that people may want to avoid. This scrub does contain SLS and that is displayed clearly both in the formula facts list and the ingredients list. Again this shows open, clear brand honesty which is such a good sign in knowing if you can trust a brand. Top marks for Korres.

As for the SLS content, I do try and avoid it at all costs, it's one of the first chemicals that I consciously started researching and checking in ingredients list when i first started swapping to natural and organic products. However, i honestly don't mind it in this product because through use i can see for myself that the product hardly foams up at all and (whether or not this judgment is misguided or not) i am satisfied that the SLS content must be minimal.

So a huge thumbs up for this scrub, it isn't perfect (due to the SLS) but it's as close as you're going to get for a product that works so well for my skin! I enjoyed this one so much that i went and purchased the same scrub but in the Basil Lemon scent to use once this fig runs out.

Mavs x


  1. sounds very interesting. thx for sharing.
    maren anita

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  2. You're welcome, and thank you for commenting, it's always great to know when someone appreciates a post or a post is useful to a reader, that's what i started this blog for.


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