Pomegranate Active Night Plus

2 May 2013

Pomegranate Night Plus Rollerball £12/13 (dependant on supplier)

While at the age of 23 you might think i'm not in need of anti ageing or age repair products but I'm one of those prevent it before it happens kind of girls. Plus i am all too well aware of how much i've harmed my face in the sun in my past reckless younger days!

I received this sample in a past Amarya beauty box and being a massive massive fan of anything involving pomegranate (i can eat a whole one in literally a 15min sitting! Delicious!) and knowing about it's great antioxidant and nutrient rich properties I was pleasantly thrilled. To be honest I didn't really consider the age aspect of the treatment, i just wanted to slap it on my face - something that i did a little too recklessly and hastily!

Once I'd got my act together and gathered some self restraint i started using this treatment nightly. The formula is a very light oil that is surprising non greasy and smells quite herby. I wouldn't say it smells  of pomegranate fruit or of the perfumy pomegranate juice you get in a carton. However, it is a fresh clean scent that i enjoy. It also contains Rosehip oil and Hawaiian Kukui seed oil which might be what lend the formula it's natural herby green scent. As you can see this treatment is 100% natural and 90% organic.

A little goes a long way with this little treatment and it has a great rollerball application design so you can really easily target the areas of your face that need the most direct pomegranate TLC. You roll this on in a figure of three each side of your face, a strip down the centre of your face to your neck and once across your top lip and then massage it in to apply it evenly.

Being a night treatment you pop it on at night and it sinks in very quickly so you don't have to worry about oilyness on your pillow. For me i find i wake with fresh plump skin in the morning. Naturally I can't quite attest to its age repair properties, but I like it as a lightweight oil to pep up my skin overnight. After days were my skin has been oilier than normal i tend to avoid using this on my T-Zone.

Pomegranate was not a brand that I knew of but they also have cleaners and moisture serums and even supplements and natural cosmetics tools on offer. You can check out the Pomegranate site here and this treatment is also available through amarya

Happily this trreatment is lasting me a long time and i use it most nights. I do think the price is a little hefty for only 10ml though!

Free From: Parabens, petrochemicals, PEGs, sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, DEA, PABA-sunscreens and synthetic fragrances.  And - Not tested on animals!

Mavs x

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