I'm super excited to write this as it means that in a few days time I will be heading off on holiday! Yay! 
I've collected a few products that I've either saved or recently acquired and kept especially for my holiday. 
I have already outlined my summer skincare favourites in a previous post last year which you can check out here
But this post is all about hair care!

Anyway here's a round up of some hair care products I'll be taking with me. to help protect and revive my air in the very hot sunshine that I will be exposing it to!

 DGJ Organics Berutti Oil 
You've got to keep your hair smooth, frizz free and nourished while out in the sun, especially the ends and especially if like me, you have very long hair. The humidity and sunshine can sap moisture out of your hair so you need to keep it locked in. A good hair oil helps seal the shaft of the hair and adds a protective layer. This Berutti Oil is amazing at seriously taming flyaway ad frizz, it adds shine and makes my hair lovely and soft. The scent is also so nice, quite strong for a hair oil but I like it. I like to use this both with wet hair to trap in that moisture and a tiny tiny bit after. A good trick is to add some to a clean spoolie and brush along your parting to control the frizz!

 Tints of Nature Dry Shampoo* 
This is a new brand and product for me and I've been testing this out since I got it and it is so good. Before I had another natural dry shampoo that I thought was good, but this has surpassed it and I much prefer this one. Once I've used this a bit more I want to do a full review on it so taking it on holiday is the perfect time to get testing. It's also the most perfect travel size to take with me. I love the clever non-aerosol pump mechanism with the little arm you can use to direct the product exactly where you want it. It's really light and very effective.

 Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner 
I have been holding on to these little beauties for awhile now. I love Rahua products and these Shampoo and Conditioner are some of my all time faves. I've got through a fair few of these sample bottles in the past from beauty boxes etc! I wanted to make sure I had something small and travel friendly for my holiday that really packed a punch and was good for my hair. I recently coloured my hair and we all know the chlorine, salt, sand and sun are all awful for bleaching colour, but these two are really gentle on coloured hair and will protect my colour much better than another shampoo or conditioner would.

 OWAY After-Sun Hair Mask* 
This is another new product, I haven't even tried once yet! Oway is a new brand to me and there is so much about them to read, their ethics, eco practices, ingredients, fair trade, you name it they have it all covered. I will definitely do a post on the brand as well as this hair mask after my holiday.
This mask is designed to restore your hair and revive it after sun exposure as well as help protect it against any future exposure and I'm super excited to give it a whirl. 

And of course it goes without saying I'm taking the biggest, widest brimmed straw hat that i could find! I can barely see anything under it!

Summer Hair Care //Holiday Essentials

6 Mavala Favourites

I'm pretty lazy at doing my nails, yet I adore nail polishes! I just love having them and looking at them and I get super excited to discover new nail polish brands that are 3/4/5 and even 7 free! When I  find a brand that I love ( and isn't eye wateringly expensive) I can be quite loyal. As a result I have a 'healthy' collection of Mavala Nail Polishes!

I now only use nail polishes that are at the very least 3 free (but preferably more) and Mavala ticks the box of 'cleaner nail polish' by being free from parabens, toluene, formaldehydes, camphor, animal ingredients, cellophane, DBP,  and heavy metals. Just a note they do contain dimethicone, or at least some do. Mavala are also known for their formulation that delivers microscopic air pockets that allows your nail to 'breathe' keeping them healthier, not being a scientist I can't really comment on it this is true or works.

As side from the 'toxic-free' (use the term loosely) status of Mavala polishes, I love them because they come in such tiny little pots. I have never got through a whole pot of nail polish and with how difficult it is disposing of nail polish (its illegal to dump it in your main rubbish) I hate having to get rid of gloopy old pots that I've barely used. These little pots are the perfect size, they last a long time, you can actually get through them and they are super handy for taking on hols or travelling as they take up no space at all. Plus they are really affordable at between £3-£4 and easy to find in your local Boots.

And of course it goes without saying that Mavala, in terms of being a 'clean' nail polish brand, are pretty good at keeping up with colour trends and formula trends. Out of my extensive stash I have picked 5 of my colour favourites and a top coat that I think are real stand outs.

(All colours applied with two coats)

Collection// Delicious Colours
For me this colour is the grande supreme of all colours! There's something I'm so drawn to with the lilac shades and this one has me reaching for it all the time. Frozen Berry is a lilac that is the perfect balance of both blue and pink undertones. In the bottle it has a slight pearlescent sheen to it, but IRL it's not that obvious. It's a creamy opaque formula that only needs two coats. I would say this has a satin to slightly glossy finish.

Collection// Art Collection
Probably the hardest colour to capture on camera. Here it looks almost red. Sorry it's not., that's juts more poor photography. It really is a delicious juicy orange with almost, almost a hint of neon to it, and again I'm obsessed. It is the most perfect jazzy summer shade. Bright and beautiful! The formula is much the same as Frozen Berry. Creamy, opaque and only requires two coats and leaves a satin to slight gloss finish. Again in the bottle it has a hint of pearl that doesn't show on the nails.

Collection// Arabesque Collection
This is a deep and luscious forest/bottle green shade with a metallic effect. The metallic effect is quite good and has the teeny tiniest sparkle in it which I love as it really catches the light. This formula is much thinner than the above two, so three coats work best for a real wow factor. If you use an under colour like a white two coats is enough. This is more glossy than the above as well.

Collection// Paradise Collection (uber old- sadly not available anymore)
This is a very shimmery pearlescent hot pink. It's what I call a 'true pink' it doesn't have blue or orange of silver or gold undertones. It's just really pink, a deep candy cane pink. The formula is the tiniest of them all and requires three coats if not four for a really deep colour. Although I have found that one coat layered with another colour creates a gorgeous new colour so that's great. The finish is very glossy and a bit like the finish of Peacock Green.

Collection// Fantasy Colours
The darkest, deepest and richest of all the colours. Not a summer shade at all, but I adore it year round anyway. The formula is very thick, not gloopy but substantial, despite this it is actually very easy to apply and doesn't clump or streak at all. They call it prune but I think this is a decadent cherry shade. The finish is super glossy and the colour is opaque with one coat, but lighter in colour and the deep cherry shade is better achieved with two coats.

This is a great top coat that dries very fast and gives the polish a real high gloss shine. Without this top coats I find the colours above last 2-3 days with tip wear but with this top coat you can last a good 5 days without any major chips or cracks.

I find all of these polishes to be fast drying, easy to apply and streak and gloop free.

Anyone else a fan of Mavala nail polishes? What are your fave colours?

Brand Focus // Mavala ~ Favourites

The Shower Edit

I thought I'd share a quick overview of what is currently in my shower of late. I've been having a little update of my bathroom, just small things and realised how much I hated everything on the rim of the bath. With that in the back of my mind I set out and got my DIY on and added the addition of the wall basket for all my bits and bobs. Now everything is much easier to grab and theirs less mess which I love.

 Dr. Organic Moroccan Body Oil 

I'm always swapping around my body washes as I like to keep things different through the weeks, otherwise my early morning shower routine becomes a bit of a chore. I've been testing out a whole bundle of Dr. Organic body washes that I scooped up whenever I can take advantage of a good ol' Holland and Barrett sale. I wont sugar coat it, this body wash is ok. I don't think I would purchase it again because I don't find it to be any better than any other body wash, it's not particularly moisturising but it does the job of getting me fresh and clean just fine.  I also think the scent smells like wet soil or earth which I can't say particularly pleases me. But the BF doesn't complain about this so we've got through it quite fast. I'll be on to my next one soon. Nothing to write home about.

 Yes to Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner 

I'm really enjoying this little duo lately. My hair can tend to get quite dry and I find both of these very hydrating. In fact, I find the shampoo so hydrating that I barely need to use conditioner and I use probably half the amount I usually would and don't leave it on as long as I would usually either. These are both very lightweight on my hair as well and as long as I rinse properly and don't rush I don't get a residue at the back of my head that I've found a lot of natural shampoos and conditioners often leave me with. I can easily tell if I've used too much product or not rinsed thoroughly enough so I've learnt that a little goes a long way with these. It's great to find that these work so well for me as I have in the past not got on with other Yes to shampoo and conditioners.

 Coconut Merchant Coconut Oil* 

I like many others adore coconut oil. I became obsessed with it long before the hype and then even more so when the coco loconess set in! Coconut oil is my answer to most things and makes a lot of things I hate doing in life, much more enjoyable, namely shaving. I hate shaving so much, I just dread doing it. However, coconut oil used as a shaving oil makes things easier faster and pain free. My legs shave easier, I have less abrasion and my legs are hydrated and nourished afterwards. Brilliant. Just watch you wash out the shower/bath afterwards - danger slipping hazard! I got this pot from the LNLO show last year and waited to use it until I'd finished my other tub of coconut oil but then I opened this one and since then I've used it solely for my non-cooking needs. Now my other one has been relegated to the kitchen and this one has become my beauty pot. This Coconut Merchant oil is organic, raw cold pressed virgin oil and the quality is amazing.

Now all I need is to find a natural alternative for a razor, it's near impossible to get razors that don't have the strip on (packed full of chemicals I would avoid in other products) and so far I haven't come across a natural, eco, green clean- whatever you will call it, razor brand. unless I splurge on a proper barbershop type metal razor. Any suggestions anyone?

What's In My...// The Shower Edit

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