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2 June 2016

The Shower Edit

I thought I'd share a quick overview of what is currently in my shower of late. I've been having a little update of my bathroom, just small things and realised how much I hated everything on the rim of the bath. With that in the back of my mind I set out and got my DIY on and added the addition of the wall basket for all my bits and bobs. Now everything is much easier to grab and theirs less mess which I love.

 Dr. Organic Moroccan Body Oil 

I'm always swapping around my body washes as I like to keep things different through the weeks, otherwise my early morning shower routine becomes a bit of a chore. I've been testing out a whole bundle of Dr. Organic body washes that I scooped up whenever I can take advantage of a good ol' Holland and Barrett sale. I wont sugar coat it, this body wash is ok. I don't think I would purchase it again because I don't find it to be any better than any other body wash, it's not particularly moisturising but it does the job of getting me fresh and clean just fine.  I also think the scent smells like wet soil or earth which I can't say particularly pleases me. But the BF doesn't complain about this so we've got through it quite fast. I'll be on to my next one soon. Nothing to write home about.

 Yes to Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner 

I'm really enjoying this little duo lately. My hair can tend to get quite dry and I find both of these very hydrating. In fact, I find the shampoo so hydrating that I barely need to use conditioner and I use probably half the amount I usually would and don't leave it on as long as I would usually either. These are both very lightweight on my hair as well and as long as I rinse properly and don't rush I don't get a residue at the back of my head that I've found a lot of natural shampoos and conditioners often leave me with. I can easily tell if I've used too much product or not rinsed thoroughly enough so I've learnt that a little goes a long way with these. It's great to find that these work so well for me as I have in the past not got on with other Yes to shampoo and conditioners.

 Coconut Merchant Coconut Oil* 

I like many others adore coconut oil. I became obsessed with it long before the hype and then even more so when the coco loconess set in! Coconut oil is my answer to most things and makes a lot of things I hate doing in life, much more enjoyable, namely shaving. I hate shaving so much, I just dread doing it. However, coconut oil used as a shaving oil makes things easier faster and pain free. My legs shave easier, I have less abrasion and my legs are hydrated and nourished afterwards. Brilliant. Just watch you wash out the shower/bath afterwards - danger slipping hazard! I got this pot from the LNLO show last year and waited to use it until I'd finished my other tub of coconut oil but then I opened this one and since then I've used it solely for my non-cooking needs. Now my other one has been relegated to the kitchen and this one has become my beauty pot. This Coconut Merchant oil is organic, raw cold pressed virgin oil and the quality is amazing.

Now all I need is to find a natural alternative for a razor, it's near impossible to get razors that don't have the strip on (packed full of chemicals I would avoid in other products) and so far I haven't come across a natural, eco, green clean- whatever you will call it, razor brand. unless I splurge on a proper barbershop type metal razor. Any suggestions anyone?


  1. Hey Mavs,

    Great post and photo. I've found the same thing with Dr. Organic products, and since a bad reaction to a Yes to Carrots product that's been out too! However, I'm with you all the way with that coconut oil!

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

    1. Thank you! Yes I adore coconut oil, couldn't imagine my life without it! xx

  2. Nice post! Really like the Yes to shampoo as well! x

    1. Thank you! Im so pleased how well this shampoo is working for me, as i said they have a different version that was a disaster for me so its good to find this one!


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