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13 June 2016

I'm super excited to write this as it means that in a few days time I will be heading off on holiday! Yay! 
I've collected a few products that I've either saved or recently acquired and kept especially for my holiday. 
I have already outlined my summer skincare favourites in a previous post last year which you can check out here
But this post is all about hair care!

Anyway here's a round up of some hair care products I'll be taking with me. to help protect and revive my air in the very hot sunshine that I will be exposing it to!

 DGJ Organics Berutti Oil 
You've got to keep your hair smooth, frizz free and nourished while out in the sun, especially the ends and especially if like me, you have very long hair. The humidity and sunshine can sap moisture out of your hair so you need to keep it locked in. A good hair oil helps seal the shaft of the hair and adds a protective layer. This Berutti Oil is amazing at seriously taming flyaway ad frizz, it adds shine and makes my hair lovely and soft. The scent is also so nice, quite strong for a hair oil but I like it. I like to use this both with wet hair to trap in that moisture and a tiny tiny bit after. A good trick is to add some to a clean spoolie and brush along your parting to control the frizz!

 Tints of Nature Dry Shampoo* 
This is a new brand and product for me and I've been testing this out since I got it and it is so good. Before I had another natural dry shampoo that I thought was good, but this has surpassed it and I much prefer this one. Once I've used this a bit more I want to do a full review on it so taking it on holiday is the perfect time to get testing. It's also the most perfect travel size to take with me. I love the clever non-aerosol pump mechanism with the little arm you can use to direct the product exactly where you want it. It's really light and very effective.

 Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner 
I have been holding on to these little beauties for awhile now. I love Rahua products and these Shampoo and Conditioner are some of my all time faves. I've got through a fair few of these sample bottles in the past from beauty boxes etc! I wanted to make sure I had something small and travel friendly for my holiday that really packed a punch and was good for my hair. I recently coloured my hair and we all know the chlorine, salt, sand and sun are all awful for bleaching colour, but these two are really gentle on coloured hair and will protect my colour much better than another shampoo or conditioner would.

 OWAY After-Sun Hair Mask* 
This is another new product, I haven't even tried once yet! Oway is a new brand to me and there is so much about them to read, their ethics, eco practices, ingredients, fair trade, you name it they have it all covered. I will definitely do a post on the brand as well as this hair mask after my holiday.
This mask is designed to restore your hair and revive it after sun exposure as well as help protect it against any future exposure and I'm super excited to give it a whirl. 

And of course it goes without saying I'm taking the biggest, widest brimmed straw hat that i could find! I can barely see anything under it!

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