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6 July 2016

When it comes to my hair, I'm mega lazy! Up until the past few weeks I've had very long, very thick hair for quite a few years and anyone with long thick hair knows, you can get away with not washing it for quite a while. In fact I only ever washed my hair once a week! Now I've cut all my hair off above my shoulders and this changed things pretty quickly!

During the adjustments period this little bottle of Dry Shampoo from Tints of Nature* has been a very good friend to me. I first tried this out just before I headed out on holiday (the main reason I cut off all my hair) and I knew straight away that it was amazing. I've mentioned before that I've tried other natural dry shampoos and been super impressed, but compared to this one they pale in comparison. During my holiday it was great to have this on hand, a dinky travel sized bottle that packed a punch in a matter of minutes. I wanted time for sunbathing not washing my sweaty barnet.

On my way back from holiday I'll be very open and admit that I started having one of the longest, most stressful anxiety attacks of my life. I don't know why it happened or what it was about but it lasted almost 5 days nonstop and dealing with that, going back to work and everything else that makes up day to day normal life got the better of me. Most mornings I was forcing myself out of bed, making myself have the briefest of showers and in the evenings I was curled up in bed endlessly reading humorous comics to distract myself in anyway possible. Washing my hair was not on my agenda. Long story short this Dry Shampoo turned up at just the right time and saved me from an extra chore.

The ingredients are ridiculously simple and clean, like many dry shampoos it is based on using natural starches to absorb oils and it works wonders. What I like best about the formula is that it doesn't have the big beads of product that often natural shampoos have to add more volume. Somehow it manages to give volume and texture without the chunky bits, making applications and wear much easier and cleaner. Also I was impressed to find that once settled and blended into the hair it doesn't look chalky or white in your hair (mine is quite dark) which again is greta if your'e being speedy, no need to panic it's showing!
Now I don't know what ingredients they use for scent as they are guarded under the privacy term of 'parfum' but it smells dang good!and it's stated as 100% fragrance. Definitely picking up some citrus and gingery scents, maybe the scent from the eugenol perhaps. Very fresh and clean.

The bottle is also genius, again like other natural dry shampoos it is non-aerosol pump bottle, but what makes this so unique and so 'user-friendly' is the brilliant design of the application nozzle which can be moved and twisted for easy application. It's pretty genius and we all know I'm a sucker for great packaging design. After use the nozzle also slots down onto the main bottle and catches on a lip that stops it from puffing out in your bag. See, I told you it was super clever design!

This tiny bottle packs up to 100 'washes' (15g) and costs £11.99

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  1. Love this! very in depth review. Love your blog :)



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