Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner

29 June 2015

I have an obsession right now, and it's over something I never thought I would be gushing over- Face Sprays!
There's a few that I have been adoring and the first one to start it all is this Hydrating Mist Toner * from Trilogy

When I first got my hands on this, I was pretty nonchalant about it. Then I tried it and the scent alone had me hooked! The scent/ active ingredients are rose, geranium and lavender (you all probably know by now I hate lavender but in this it's not a single note but blended beautiful with the others) and the only way I can describe the smell is like floral sherbet! Oh my it smells sensational!  The scents just blend and almost fizz as they hit the air and literally nothing can pick me up and relax me more than a couple of sprays of this!

I use this throughout the day, and always give my face a healthy spritz or two (sometimes three!) when I wake up in the morning, after and during my work outs (it's very cooling thanks to the aloe vera in it) and right before bed! This is perfect on clean skin and makes it feel fresh and pepped. I can't say it overly makes it feel super hydrated as you're not actually spraying that much onto your face. It's also described as a toner which is why I like to use it before bed after I've cleansed my face and first thing in the morning but again I can't overly say I've seen any drastic benefits but I like to think it's helping with my pores and protecting my a face a little. 
I'd say the best results are actually to help refresh makeup a bit after a long day as it helps stop make makeup running too much and clumping. Sometimes my foundation can start looking a bit dull but a spritz of this really helps to bring back the dewy glow I like!

The packing is beautiful I'm very appreciate of a lovely glass bottle and like that it's a brown glass to help protects the essential oils. The spray also is excellent, its not too focused and forceful or too wide and weak, you get a good, well distributed spritz. Only down side is that I think mine bottle is a little duff as after a couple of spritz the solution tends to forth up the sides of the button/trigger/pump bit and it makes a mess. I also quickly learnt not to shake it!

This is what I would call more of a high end product as it is bit pricey - £17.50 for 100ml but it seems to be lasting me quite a while and I really do get such a mental, mood pick up from using it, it's like having a treat when you use it, that I think it's actually worth it!


  1. Aww, I love face mists - this sounds gorgeous. Have you tried Balm Balm's Hydrosols? xx

  2. I'm starting to fall deeply in love with face mists, too. I just close my eyes and breath it in and it I can feel it both hydrating my skin and calming my mood.

    This is definitely going on the must-try list!

  3. Ah this sounds amazing, I have to try it face mist seam to be a must have this summer!
    Eloise x|


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