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8 June 2015

It's true in this day and age there literally is an app for everything, and it's brilliant! 

I've been discovering as many apps (new and old) as I can that are focused on making life easier for 'going green.'
Finally the journey into this lifestyle is becoming easy to navigate all with a little help from a good internet connection and a few little apps on your phone! Check out some that I've discovered so far!


Probably the most well known of all the apps, this one has had a lot of attention, and it really is worth the publicity. This is a funky looking app that helps you check out the toxicity and safety of your products. You use a barcode scanning system to check products against their database of over 300,60 products!

The results give you can overall colour coded score, White = Neutral /0-2, Yellow = Half N' Half / 3-6 and Red = Dirty / 7-10. So the higher the score the worse the ingredients/product is. The score is also broken down into more specific ratings and details based on ratings for Carcinogenicity, Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity and Allergies & Immunotoxicities. It also provides a break down of all ingredients included in each product, each ingredient colour coded by the scale mentioned above.

Products scanned can be added to your Bathroom Shelf or other lists (favourites) and you can even check out similar product recommendations. If the product isn't in the database it will record it for you and add it at a later date, and you can add imagery too!

What is more is that this app is linked to Amazon USA and Canada so you can shop the products easily! Sadly this isn't available for the UK!
On top of all this you can even create your own profile, share favourite products, review items, earn points and connect with friends!

Available on iPhone.    Free.    www.thinkdirtyapp.com    @thinkdirty


Another well known app for beauty products to check out ingredients and toxicity scores. Again you use the scanning a barcode system to check out specific products. Scores are based on a traffic light colour system for hazard Red (High / 7-10), Amber (Moderate / 3-6) and Green (low Hazard / 0-2) or None. Results also break down into scores for categories for Cancer, Developmental/Reprotoxicity and Allergy. You can use these to filter and see which individual ingredients are flagged for each category too.

This app features great History and Favourites sections so you can see previously searched or scanned items and products and save others you want to buy in future! 

This app has a great system where if you scan a product they don't have it will be recorded in the system for them to check out and add! Plus you have the option to search for a product by name incase its in the system under a different barcode or without a barcode!

This app also has a lovely simple Tips section which has concise quick tips on ingredients to avoid in certain products to products that are most problematic.

Available on iPhone & Android.    Free.    www.ewg.org/skindeep/app/     @ewg

(Also special shout out to EWG'S Food Scores App - www.ewg.org/foodscores)


An amazing 'all-rounder' this app covers not just beauty but home products (which include cleaning products and items like toys) and food too! Like the others it follows an easy to use system of scanning a barcode to bring up a guide to thousands of products. You can also search directly for certain products or browse through over 210,000 products!
Results show in three categories, Health, Environment and Society (how it's manufactured etc) so you can judge it's impact on all three areas and find the best products for you! Super green!

GoodGuide ratings range from 0 to 10,  unlike Think Dirty and Skin Deep, the higher the score, the better the product is in that category. You can get a summary score and also delve deeper into the specifics.

You can read reviews and recommendations and even create shopping lists of products - really handy when you're out shopping!

Like all the apps this again is more USA based on products but it's still good for products that are available in both USA and UK. Also you can't add your products to the database like you can with ThinkDirty and EWG Skin Deep.

Available on iPhone.    Free.    www.goodguide.com    @GoodGuide

 A few more I've yet to fully check out yet

Cosmetifique / Cosmetics Ingredients / Ingredient Watch

Have you checked out any of these apps, what do you think?

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  1. Hey Mavs,

    Really odd coincidence - I did a post on apps today as well! I've not heard of EWG's Skin Deep app so I'll be sure to check it out. If you're looking for others like Good Guide, you can find my full list here: http://www.curiouslyconscious.com/2015/06/top-10-healthy-living-apps-for-iphone.html

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)


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