The Ecoegg Laundry Egg

Last year I enjoyed a trip to the Love Natural, Love Organic show (now named Love Natural, Love You) and I accumulated quite the haul. You can check out the full range of bits I got in this post. My main purchase of the day was this amazing little washing device. This is the Ecoegg Laundry Egg. I had seen similar ones used by some of my fave bloggers/Youtubers and after the lovely Nikole from HealthNutNutrition reviewed a similar one, I knew it was worth the hype. 

I purchased the pink egg which has a 'Spring Blossom' scent created using essential oils in the pellets. I wont lie, I think this aspect is a bit faddy as the scent didn't really come through in the clothes after the first wash and after a few washes it was undetectable, still it's a nice touch initially.

I love this Ecoegg because it really does work! It's stupidly easy, you shove your clothes in the wash, pop the egg in and that is it. Done. Set the washer and leave. No slopping detergent into a cap or spilling it in a draw, no more adding softener into the right slot in the machine. Nope, non of that, it's all taken care of in one handy little egg.

Do my clothes really get clean? Yes they do, even greasy stains and marks come out and it does a really good job on stains as well including the dreaded curry, tomato and blueberry stains. As I said there isn't really much scent produced by these after the first wash, but I sometimes drop in a  few essential oils into the egg or onto a face cloth and pop that in if I really want the scent, but most of the time the clothes are fine without any scent at all. It's also worth mentioning it works for and is safe for all fabrics and works at all temperatures up to 60 degrees. I've found it works just as well at 30 degrees as it does at 40 degrees. 

Does it work as well as chemical heavy traditional products and strip away everything? Probably not if I'm honest, but does it keep things clean and healthy? Yes. I'd rather clothes that are clean and chemical free than clothes blasted into purity with chemical residues that are worse than the dirt that was on there initially.

For softness it depends on if you tumble dry your clothes after washing or not, when I was tumble drying them they were lovely and soft. FYI you DON'T use the Ecoegg in the tumbledryer -it's just for washing machines (they have ones that are for tumble dryers, but this one isn't!) Lately with the warmer weather I am opting for air drying (saving pennies and the planet) and on some items they can feel a little crisp after drying but it's not a major problem and once you've tidied and folded they do loosen up a little.

How does it work? Well I wont go into too much as all the technically business is available on their website but in a nutshell it uses both ceramic tourmaline pellets (the black ones in the first photo) which break the dirt away from the fabric, with mineral pellets (sodium bicarb) that ionise the oxygen in the water to shift the dirt out completely and disinfect the fabric. 

When you first by this a box with the egg and 720 / 3years washes worth of pellets does seem expensive at £20 (I was lucky enough to get extra pellets through the show promotion so mine last about 4 years) but then you work out that it literally costs something like 3pence per wash and it's a no brainer. I've had this almost a year and I've only just added fresh pellets to it and only done it once before and I haven't had to buy any softener or detergent the whole time!

What are your thoughts on the Ecoegg?

Green Clean Cleaning // Laundry with Ecoegg

 Lavera // Maroon Kiss

Back Story// Over the years I've made several attempts to embrace lipstick, while I'm not the most self conscious person, it did take a good few years to get used to the size of my lips. Now first off I LOVE big lips (i also love thin lips and medium lips, no shade throwing here) and my lips aren't huge but before puberty worked it's wily ways on the rest of my face, my lips were as big as they are now, so the rest of my face for a good few years had some catching up to do (i didn't develop a proper bridge to my nose until i was in my early twenties!) This made me 'aware' shall we say, of them more than other parts of my body. I also had a nervous tick of biting and picking them which didn't help.

Currently// However, lately, maybe with the lip size obsession sweeping the beauty world, I've been really enjoying wearing and testing out lipsticks and not chickening out wearing it regularly, in public and funnily enough the biggest test, around my family. I am a full on lipstick convert and I've already chalked up a 100hrs trying to hunt down a natural alternative for matt liquid lipsticks (a girl can dream)!

My Lips But Better// That old blogger chestnut, but so very applicable to one of my fave lipsticks at the moment. Lavera Beautiful Lips Colour Intense in Maroon Kiss*. 
This lipstick is a confusing one, one of those that looks dramatically different in different lighting. It is a dusky dark pink with brown undertones. I wouldn't say it is maroon in colour, nor brown, nor pink, its like a blend of them all. In the shot above its taken in natural light without a flash and looks like a perfect 'my lips but better shade' and I think it is banging! 

The formula is very very creamy and smooth. It goes on really easily and doesn't dry the lips at all. The finish is a satin to glossy finish. As the formula is so smooth and creamy I don't find it has that much lasting power, however because its quite hydrating I actually don't mind re-applying it, I almost treat it like a highly pigmented lip balm that I pay a little more attention to than a regular tinted lip balm.

The packaging is lovely, and I really appreciate the design of the lip having a clear top so you can see the colour when its stashed away even if you cant see the colour sticker on the bottom. Unfortunately my packing broke a bit as the metal case that you use to swizzle the lipstick up has become detached from the swizzle mechanism underneath so I have to remove that and then swizzle it up by the actual mechanism. I havn't seen anyone else have this problem though so I suspect it's just a rogue one.

Depending on the retailer it sells for between £9 and £11 which I think is a good price and I've already got my eye on the Matt'n Peach shade to get my matt peachy fix!

NOTE// This lipstick does contain carmine.

What's your go to lipstick at the moment?

Lipstick Love //Lavera

Bath Time with MOA

Over the past few months I've been really into taking baths and relaxing a little bit more. I've also been pushing myself quite hard with pilates and stretching so taking baths to soothe my muscles has also become quite a regular thing.

I've been finding myself reaching for all sorts of different potions, bath bombs and salts depending on my mood and needs. For muscles I've been chucking in heaps of Epsom salts. For relaxation I just finished up using the Neal's Yard Remedies Aromatic Foaming Bath. But for days when I feel exhausted, sluggish or a bit ill I am loving this MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion.

This potion has a really unique mix of essential oils and scent. Fusing Peppermint (a fave) with Fennel, it's quite an acquired scent. By BF is not such a fan but I love the clean, medicinal scent. It is really invigorating and peppy. Perfect for helping me unwind and cleanse my senses and body while I soak.

The liquid is a very pale green and when added to the bath it makes the water go slightly milky/cloudy. There's no foaming, just beautiful droplets of the essential oils that you can swoosh into the water to mix and release the scents. The Peppermint is the first scent to release followed by the Fennel. Bliss.
Other essential oils included in the formula are Jojoba and Sunflower Oil for super moisturising properties and also Yarrow extract and Fir Needle oil for doubly invigorating power!

I seriously love this bath potion, the only downside is that because it is so packed full of essential oils and quality ingredients, it makes it pricey. It's £27.50 for 100ml which is expensive but even so I think I would purchase this as a bath treat and save it for special occasions.

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion

The Winning Combo

When it comes to make up I'm always changing what I wear and how I wear it. Sometimes I'm all about the minimal, other times I wouldn't leave the house without lashings of mascara and a bold cat eye. And this is no different from how I am with foundation. I've been through phases of only using BB cream to others where I've packed it on, I've played around with application with fingers, sponges, brushes, flat brushes, using powder, using mousses and creams. I've done it all and the latest phase is mixing. I simply can't seem to settle for one foundation, I have to have two!

There's a few combos that I've mixed up lately but a great everyday go to is mixing equal parts of Juice Beauty Perfecting Foundation (shade: Sand) and Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation (shade: amber). While I love both on their own, these two when mixed, make the ultimate foundation for me. The reason these two mix so well is two fold:

You can probably see that these foundations are vastly different shades. This happened by both having to buy online and also the season I bought/gifted them in. The Juice Beauty foundation was a birthday pressie (I'm a July baby) and I knew that in the following months I would be developing a lovely tan on my hollibobs! The Jane Iredale is actually a perfect real life skin tone match, however as my face has always for some unknown reason been paler than the rest of my body I like to go a little darker. Combined, the colour is awesome, when I get the balance just right it's neither too dark nor too light and I like that I have so much control over it. And I feel like I can switch up my look each day without any hassle.

Again it's quite easy to see that these two foundations are very different in thickness and texture. The Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral foundation is super light and thin, giving it light but buildable coverage, while the Juicy Beauty Perfecting foundation is thick and full coverage. The Juice Beauty Perfecting foundation also dries mega fast so you have to work quickly, the Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals foundation takes a few seconds to settle and sink in. By combining I can create a consistency that is somewhere between the two, medium to heavy coverage depending on the amounts I mix and the dry time is a little more stable.

Together they create my dream foundation and I haven't found any problem with spots or acne or oiliness or even dryness since I've been mixing these. 
Have you guys got favourite foundations you like to mix?

Mixing It Up // Foundation

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