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30 May 2016

The Ecoegg Laundry Egg

Last year I enjoyed a trip to the Love Natural, Love Organic show (now named Love Natural, Love You) and I accumulated quite the haul. You can check out the full range of bits I got in this post. My main purchase of the day was this amazing little washing device. This is the Ecoegg Laundry Egg. I had seen similar ones used by some of my fave bloggers/Youtubers and after the lovely Nikole from HealthNutNutrition reviewed a similar one, I knew it was worth the hype. 

I purchased the pink egg which has a 'Spring Blossom' scent created using essential oils in the pellets. I wont lie, I think this aspect is a bit faddy as the scent didn't really come through in the clothes after the first wash and after a few washes it was undetectable, still it's a nice touch initially.

I love this Ecoegg because it really does work! It's stupidly easy, you shove your clothes in the wash, pop the egg in and that is it. Done. Set the washer and leave. No slopping detergent into a cap or spilling it in a draw, no more adding softener into the right slot in the machine. Nope, non of that, it's all taken care of in one handy little egg.

Do my clothes really get clean? Yes they do, even greasy stains and marks come out and it does a really good job on stains as well including the dreaded curry, tomato and blueberry stains. As I said there isn't really much scent produced by these after the first wash, but I sometimes drop in a  few essential oils into the egg or onto a face cloth and pop that in if I really want the scent, but most of the time the clothes are fine without any scent at all. It's also worth mentioning it works for and is safe for all fabrics and works at all temperatures up to 60 degrees. I've found it works just as well at 30 degrees as it does at 40 degrees. 

Does it work as well as chemical heavy traditional products and strip away everything? Probably not if I'm honest, but does it keep things clean and healthy? Yes. I'd rather clothes that are clean and chemical free than clothes blasted into purity with chemical residues that are worse than the dirt that was on there initially.

For softness it depends on if you tumble dry your clothes after washing or not, when I was tumble drying them they were lovely and soft. FYI you DON'T use the Ecoegg in the tumbledryer -it's just for washing machines (they have ones that are for tumble dryers, but this one isn't!) Lately with the warmer weather I am opting for air drying (saving pennies and the planet) and on some items they can feel a little crisp after drying but it's not a major problem and once you've tidied and folded they do loosen up a little.

How does it work? Well I wont go into too much as all the technically business is available on their website but in a nutshell it uses both ceramic tourmaline pellets (the black ones in the first photo) which break the dirt away from the fabric, with mineral pellets (sodium bicarb) that ionise the oxygen in the water to shift the dirt out completely and disinfect the fabric. 

When you first by this a box with the egg and 720 / 3years washes worth of pellets does seem expensive at £20 (I was lucky enough to get extra pellets through the show promotion so mine last about 4 years) but then you work out that it literally costs something like 3pence per wash and it's a no brainer. I've had this almost a year and I've only just added fresh pellets to it and only done it once before and I haven't had to buy any softener or detergent the whole time!

What are your thoughts on the Ecoegg?


  1. This seems so interesting. I've been using soap nuts this whole time.

  2. I love the egg, works for me.


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