Lately I've been trying to keep my facial skincare quite minimal and it's taken awhile to find products that I'm happy to use repeatedly and both on their own and incorporated in a 'routine' of sorts. Mostly my focus is on skincare at night time as this tends to be the time my skin needs the most attention. These four products are my current selected few that have made the cut and all have their own specific use depending on my skin at the time.

One Love Organics Skin Saviour is an awesome multi-purpose product that I'm gutted to have used up in no time at all (a full size version is on my payday beauty list!). I predominantly use it is a cleanser, I'm a big fan of oil cleansing but when you're tired it can be a long and messy process. This waterless beauty balm is a perfect alternative, it's so packed full of oils and butters that it creates the same cleansing and moisturising effect all in one go. It's a dream to use, all makeup melts away as soon as you apply this and its really effective but so gentle, I love really massaging it in. I rinse the residue with a soft bamboo or muslin cloth and like to make sure there's a little bit left as it helps really nourish my skin throughout the night. If my skin needs an extra boost I pop this on in a very small amount directly to the area in need of some TLC and it fixes it up in no time. However, I keep this strictly to the night time as I do find it doesn't work very well with applying makeup after using this.

For a face serum I've been reaching for this Zephorium Freedom/Creativity face Serum* with Carrot and Sweet Orange Oil. These oils and serums are all designed around crystals and mood boosting properties. I love this one as it certainly does pep me up a bit, but mostly I find it just really suits my skin. It's a very light oil and you only need the smallest amount, it sinks in beautifully and you don't have any residue at all. You're meant to follow it with a moisturiser but I don't find I need to. I like using tis at night when my skin doesn't need the intense nourishment of the One Love Skin Saviour, or at the beginning of the day to give my skin a lovely glowing, plump effect.

Sometimes my skin needs some serious attention at night, beyond that of hydration and this is where my all time favourite night product, REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial comes in. I don't know where I would be without this product now. I'm quite lazy and don't like going through multiple steps in a 'routine' which is why I love this so much, it seems to tackling everything in one go and all I have to do is apply a few drops to my face in the evening a few times a week. Simple. Both my oily patches and dry patches get sorted and my skin texture is always greatly improved too, much smoother, more toned and plump and even looks brighter and the colour more even. I've noticed that this is very effective on my blemish scars, I like to dab  a little extra on my dark patches, pigmentation and scars and I swear they improve much faster than normal.

Last but by no means least is my favourite day skincare product, the Angela Langford Perfect Pores Face Serum*. I have a huge problem with pores and always on the hunt to find a product that really tackles them. With this it certainly reduces the appearance of my pores and I think it tightens them and helps keep them for getting clogged. It gives a great smoothing effect on the skin, almost like a primer, which is perfect under makeup. I'm never going to get rid of my pores (it's simply impossible) but this goes a long to way improving their visibility and keeping them in check.  

Have you incorporated any of these products into your routine?

Four Favourites // Skincare

A new type of post for me. I thought I would do a little bit of a focused post on a brand that I'm really loving using with a wide range of products. Today I'm focussing on Lavera and in particular, their make-up range. Some products are old favourites and some are new discoveries!

The first ever Lavera make-up product I tried was the Natural Liquid Foundation which I have reviewed before. I love this foundation, even with the formula changes it's been through, it's lightweight, blends really well and covers with medium but very build able coverage. The shade ranges are also pretty good as well. I managed to find my shade on the first try, but they have had a shade change up so i'm still yet to discover if I'm the same one I used to be.
The reason it's taken a while to buy another of these is because I got lured into another Lavera foundation, the Natural Mousse Make-up foundation. I have to admit, I was sucked into trying this because it brings back warm fond memories of using that Dream Matt Mousse foundation that everyone and their mother used to use back in the day when I was a wee lass of 15! 

Initially this foundation threw me, I thought it would be a very airy mousse in texture but as you can see from the pot it is actually incredibly smooth and creamy, it glides on like silk! Due to that I thought it would give a dewy finish but it gives a matt finish. But once I got the hang of it, I love it. As I said it glides on amazingly and blends like a dream, it's streak free and super light on the skin, the coverage is really good too. Staying power is good, but does require touching up if it's hot and you get a bit sweaty!

Stepping away from foundation are some new discoveries for me. I was offered the chance to try a few colours of the Lavera Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow* these are Matt'n Copper 09 (matt brown) and Shiny Taupe 04 (shimmer grey toned bronze) and I have to say first that they smell so good, which is weird because they are eyeshadows but I love it. The formula of these is very smooth and they are super easy to blend. The colour payoff isn't the strongest but they are really buildable and stay true to the colour they appear in the packaging.

Finally, the biggest surprise for me was trying the Lavera Beautiful Lips Lipstick*, this is Maroon Kiss 09. I've really been getting into lipsticks lately but this for me looked a little too brown but I thought I would give it a go and now it is an everyday staple and it's firmly become my 'handbag lipstick', it goes everywhere with me. Maroon Kiss 09 is for me the perfect 'my lips but better' colour, the berry tones really pop on application. The formula is ridiculously creamy and moisturising and doesn't dry out your lips at all. Due to the creaminess it doesn't have great staying power but for the pigmentation and hydration I don't mind reapplying! 

Left to right: Natural Liquid Foundation (Porcelain 01), Natural Mousse Foundation (Honey 03),  Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow (Matt'n Copper 09), Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow (Shiny Taupe 04) and Beautiful Lips Lipstick (Maroon Kiss 09).

In The Spotlight ~ Lavera // Make-up

Firstly, please excuse the out of focus bad photo since taking the photos i've recycled all the packaging so i'm unable to reshoot!

Anyway to the man point of the post. I've been really minimal with my beauty in the past few months, I'm not sure whether it's because every other part of my life was super busy or because I'm simply lazy. This meant that up until now I haven't been getting through products as much, but with my aim to plough through all my minis and samples, I'm actually starting to get through my stash, so here are the latest products I've got through.

 balanceMe Super Moisturising Body Wash 

On one hand I really liked this body wash as it certainly was very moisturising for a body wash while also being as cleansing as you would hope. However, for me, I hated the scent. Just couldn't stand it, it was quite spicy and earthy and in my opinion, very masculine. Not something that works for me, so I popped this in the shower and gave my BF strict instructions to use this and not any other one. It went down brilliantly with him. He really enjoyed using and thought the scent was great too, it really energised him up in the mornings. So it goes to show really, somethings are very dependant on personal preferences. 

 REN Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash 

Seeing as I wasn't getting on with the scent of the previous body wash, I gave this REN one a go because anything with orange and grapefruit is bound to make me happy. I did love the scent and found this to be a good little wash. Not sure I would buy a full size as it didn't really have a wow-factor for me.

 natracare Cleansing Make-up Wipes 

I've mentioned these wipes before, and I'm not a huge fan of using wipes, but sometimes time/laziness necessitates them. I found these to be brill at wiping away all my makeup quickly and effectively. They were lovely and gentle and I liked how thick the 'cloth' was, they felt strong and substantial. They smelt brill and I didn't feel like they were leaving a bunch of nasty residue on my face. I would buy these again!

 Swell Advanced Volume Shampoo & Conditioner 

I'll just start with saying, I wouldn't buy these again. But that is because they are actually really really good!! Eh?! Well I got these in a sample box, normally I wouldn't choose volumising products because I have A LOT of thick hair, but I think volume products like shampoo are a bit of a gimmick. Not so for these! They really do add volume to your hair, and for me showed very visible results. So that is why, I wouldn't buy them again. Which is very new experience for me, I've never not wanted to use a product again because it DOES work! If you have fine or thin hair then I would definitely give these a whirl!

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