Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips £11*

So as we are all so well aware that lately it’s most certainly winter! Now I have always had chapped lips but since the weather has taken a turn for the extreme chilly, like many people, my lips ain’t happy!

Luckily for me a while back I went to the lovely She Said Beauty launch and was lucky enough to get a great goody bag which blissfully contained the amazing Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips.

I love love love this lip balm. It’s super duper thick and smooth. One of the best things is that it’s 100% natural, made from Lanolin which is raw essential oils obtained from sheep's wool and is medically proven.
As you can tell by the name it was originally a nipple balm but people have long been using them for lips as they are so protective and nourishing and it really is brilliant at doing both for the lips.

I’m not a gloss fan but this balm gives to a slight glossy sheen without being greasy. It also doesn’t have a particular taste which is great if you want an alternative from fruity or minty balms. It’s not meant to have a scent but I genuinely can smell it a bit, its certainly not gross but I would prefer if it really was scent free. But honestly that’s just me being picky.

As I said its majorly thick and when its cold you can have a hard time getting it out the tube. Word from the not-so-wise, never squeeze this too hard when it’s cold as with mine the bottom burst and now when I use it, its oozes from both eneds! Ahaha doesn't stop me using it though!

Mine came in the most super cute packaging! It comes in a sweet little pink box on a bed of soft grey Sheep's wool! Cute huh?! I still have it and will add a photo of it when I can grab some time to snap it.

Pricewise I think it is fairly expensive at £11 but honestly I would definitely buy this for myself as I love it and use it constantly! A must have for winter, I say!

Also if you are into this sort of thing (i am!) you should check out the Dr Lipp website! It is so fun and charming and if i hadn't thought of buying it before, i would definitely buy one after using their site. 


Dr Lipp ~ Original Nipple Balm for Lips

Well hello there! It's been quite some time hasn't it, eh?!

So, I inexplicably found myself with some time on my hands! Actual free time! This hasn't happened to me in over 3 weeks! Naturally I did my nails, whopped on a face mask, smooshed in a hair mask and indulged in an all over, much need pampering! Aaah bliss. And now lovely readers I'm here back to finally blogging! Huzzaaah!

And so to the news, I love doing these newsie bits, it gives me a chance to explore lots of lovely new products and add them to my ever lengthy wish list. Hip hip for christmas coming up!

Right, so. The news. Well, Balance Me have just unveiled their new latests smashing product - Anti-Aging Face Serum! Aaaaand it's 100% Natural! OOohh get in. Here it is:

Image:Balance Me

This serum is 100% natural and uses a unique blend of angelica, neroli (bitter orange ) and extracts of blackberry seeds which have mega anti-oxidant properties. Together these ingredients promise to help fight visible signs of ageing. The serum also contains hyaluronic acid which binds water into the skin cells, plumping it up making wrinkles less noticeable and the skin smoother and more hydrated. Other ingredients include spilanthes acamella flower extract, abyssinium oil, olive wax and shea butter. Now i'm no expert but I know shea butter is really moisturising so i'm betting these other ingredients are also great for adding hydrating smoothing properties to this blend. 

This serum sounds pretty great to me but the price tag - £36 for 30ml does put me off trying it, i know it's a serum and they are always a little steep, but i think for something that promises so much i would definitely have to try a sample for a bit before taking the plunge and splashing the cash. Also, being 23 perhaps now wouldn't be the best time to really test it out, maybe in a few years....haha.

So if you think this little bottle of youth is for you, pop over to the Balance Me site to purchase it for your very self!


Mavs xxx

Time... for NEWS// Balance Me

Afternoon blogettes!

So i got to thinking today that I've never actually shown my old muggins on here and personally I always feel a little weird reading blogs when i don't know what the blogette looks like. It's odd not having a face behind the voice or words of the blog. So, I decided to rectify this (and this may or may not be something that you feel particularly pleased about) I'm going to start smooshing my chops onto these very pages. Excited? Terrified? Feel free to click away at anytime!

So obviously I'm not just going to be springing random photos of myself all about the place, no no. I thought as I love the products I write about and obviously use them why not in the case of makeup etc show you them on! in other words a FOTD post really, I love FOTD posts on blogs its such a good way to see how a product looks when applied and you can get great inspiration on all sorts.

Now lets just establish one little thing here, I am certainly no makeup guru, not an expert of any kind. In fact I was once told off by a newsagent cashier about the way I applied my liquid eyeliner...ho hum. C'est la vie and wotnot! So yes, as I was saying, I'll be popping on my FOTD and writing a little bit about what brushes I use and all that. I think it will be fun and you guys will have more exciting and more realistic impressions of the product other than my ever so slightly incoherent descriptions.

Good plannage? Cool beans.

oh yes- Disclaimer!! You will notice that despite that this is a natural/organic cosmetics blog I will be including regular products (which was always my intention from the start) as obviously not everything i own will be natural and organic and an awful lot of the time I find myself meandering around Boots and Superdrug etc and inevitably end up with something gloriously pretty and tempting. It's just about balance, I'm certainly not against regular products in the least and would never preach about going all natural or all organic. No, I still love all other products, but the main focus will still feature and focus on the natural and organic, just with a little frivolous regular product thrown in for variety and due to my wanton and fickle ways in all areas beauty and make up.

Phew that was a longun wasn't it?! So! Too the face!! (Forgive my first attempt, tricky stuff this FOTD photoing)

Primer: Smash Box Photo Finish Luminating Foundation Primer
Powder: UNE 100% Mineral Foundation Powder (M05)
 Foundation: Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation (108 Golden Ivory)
Powder Foundation: Neal's Yard Remedies Mineral Powder Foundation (04 Medium Warm)
Concealer: Natural Collection (Medium)
Blush: bareMinerals Mineral Blush (Joyous Jennifer) and Bloom Mineral Blush (Rosie)
Mascara: UNE Smart Length (S01)
Eyeshadow: Inika Mineral Eyeshadow (Peach Fetish)
Brows: Collection 2000 Smokey Eye Kit
Liquid Liner: Unknown
Eyeliner: Loreal Paris Infallible 16hr (black)
Lips: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (Honey)
Wow! when you list it all out it's quite a lot eh? i'll keep practicing and try and get a better photo next time, try and get my eyeshadow in and the lighting better as i just couldn't get the lip colour to photo properly, its much more a blue toned pink and less red IRL!

All of our flaws are laid out before us - FOTD

Right so, I compiled a little collage of petite clothes and watnot that I have my eye on, on the interwebz, over on my petite blog and I thought 'well that was jolly fun, i'll do the same for beauty!' And so I have! This ones specifically makeup, a lovely bright natural new face for me to play with. Ah makeup...what dreams are made of! I have chosen all my lusthaves from just one site, Cutecosmetics as it's my fave site and well i'm always on there so I knew exactly what I wanted in this collection! (Of course all products can be found on their own brand sites, I just love having them all in one place, I'm lazy like that!)

 1 ~ Nvey Eco Organic Fluid Foundation // £25  - I use a lot of mineral powder foundations at the moment and realised that although I love them, I'm wanting to use a liquid foundation as well. I've been using another non organic brand and its been fine but i tend to get quite clogged pores which is gack. I actually purchased a Body Shop liquid foundation a while a go and despite the fact that the foundation is really smashing, my online judgment of colour was disastrously wrong! Fail. These Nvey foundations all are warm with yellow undertones and i think would be perfect for my skin. I've chosen shade 515 Golden Honey (Medium Natural beige) it is still warm with slight yellow undertones but has a hint more pink that should blend in nicely with my natural tones.

 2 ~ Korres Zea Mays Powder Blush // £17.50  - This blush shade is 18 Peach. This pretty but simple blush promises a luminous finish. It looks slightly shimmery and is oil free which is perfect for my combination skin. i've never tried Korres makeup before, only skin care so if i ever do end up accidentally-onpurpose buying it, it will be really interesting to see the quality, this looks like it wont be too highly pigmented, which is perfect for winter as I really hate it when the cold makes my cheeks flush and suddenly my blush just looks clownish with all the natural redness underneath lol!

 3 ~ Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick // £7.99  - I'm really getting into lipsticks of late. I wore them lots at uni but for some reason stopped after I left. Anyway so they are slowly shuffling back into my collection and these Lily Lolo lipsticks look divine! I was really taken with Romantic Rose which is shown in the swatch. It looks like the perfect day tonight colour subtle enough for the day with enough pop and glamour for an evening. Plus these lipsticks are formulated with Vitamin E which is super nourishing for the lips! Whoop!

 4 ~ Neve Cosmetics Elegantissimi Eyeshadow Palette // £21.95 - Aaaah, seriously my most lusted after palette to date. I think this will be a christmas gift list item fo sho! There's something about neutrals, taupes and browns that I just adore, maybe it's because makeupwise i'm just not colour adventurous but ooh it looks soo damn fabulous. What a beauty! With a range of pearls, matts, velvets, taupes, satins and opaques this palette is just perfect. The palette even has a magnetic bottom so you can move your colour pans all about to just how you like them and then buy new refills. Tip Top! Right, yep that's it, its on my christmas list at number 1!


Beauty Wish List # 1

Nourish Golden Glow Toning Souffle £24.95 *
A week or so ago Nourish very kindly sent me their new product! It's the Golden Glow Toning Soufflé and i believe it is the first of it's kind within the natural/ organic beauty products world, so its pretty exciting to be able to try it out.

This is a huge pot of wonderful creamy moisturiser packed with fine golden shimmer, frankincense, myrrh, and combined with nutrient rich phyto-active marine extracts! I have just started  using it and will test it for a little longer for my full views on it, but so far its really quite lovely!

Initially I was worried it would be much too sparkly or glittery for me as the cream inside looks really golden and shimmery, but on the skin it gives a very subtle and warming shimmer to the skin and doesn't look too sparkly or streaky at all. Its very lovely, would be perfect for a bit of highlighting glamour for the legs and arms on a night out or all over if you were heading out on holiday!

I find the texture more or a creamy soufflé than of a fluffy soufflé but I don't mind this at all as I think this way you get tonnes of product without thinking half of it's air! This pot with certainly last me ages I reckon. With this shimmer a little goes a long way and its great for building up the effect you want.

So far i found this quite long lasting and resilient. when I first got it I tried it on my legs straight away and its lasted all day even with trousers and was even still noticeable the next day after a long sleep, and no, there really wasn't particularly an residue rubbed onto the sheets or my trousers!

The scent is super strong in the pot and is definitely the typical 'natural' smell you'd expect. I smell strong vibes of Vetiver  and Myrrh in there. Personally i like the smell, a lot of products I use have this scent but I think its worth sniffing before you buy! The scent actually isn't that strong once on the skin, I personally think it smells even better when worn. Weird, but i think it warms up and blends with my natural skin scent really well, I like it. It's a clean, healthy fresh smell and it pleases me.

As for the toning benefits, I really can't comment on that until i've properly tested it out for a decent amount of time, it's made with super-hydrating hyaluronic acid and tripeptides to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, so that sounds pretty impressive! Look out for a full review in the coming few weeks!

The price point does seem quite expensive but it is a ginormous pot! 150ml to be exact, and I think for a one of a kind product it isn't that bad. Plus the packaging is amazing, an incredible glass pot that is just beautiful, the box has a delightful subtle shimmery quality and again has a beautiful design that I really like. i love packaging, I'm pretty fickle like that and when I received this product it was so beautifully wrapped and packaged, that always wins brownie points from me!


Nourish Golden Glow Toning Souffle

Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear Silk Powder and Bronzer, with Bamboo brush, holder and mirror

A while back I was trundling around TK Maxx and came across this gorgeous bamboo set from Physicians Formula. I had never heard of Physicians Formula so I was really intrigued to try it out and learn more about the brand.

I checked out their site and they have the most beautifully designed products that literally make me want to buy everything! Unfortunately for me, but luckily for my bank balance, they don't seem to ship to the UK so, i guess this is a one off until i find somewhere other than TK Maxx that does their products. 

As you can obviously see from the photos the set is a beautiful bamboo holder with bamboo brush and mirror that with clever little swizzles and magnets holds either the bronzer palette or the face powder palette. The powders are Hypoallergenic, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Dermatologist Approved, Non-Comedogenic and Oil-Free! Pretty good stuff!

These powders are designed to be nutrient rich and have illuminating properties for the skin. With the silk technology they have skin-renewing and skin-conditioning benefits along with balancing, toning and re-mineralising properties for the skin. They also claim to lift, restore and re-condition the skin. Lets hope they are as good as they sound!

I'm pretty chuffed with this purchase as its clearly a one off and also a mega bargain, judging by the site the whole set to buy in the separate components would cost about $27 (roughly £17ish) and i got it for £7.99! Massive bargain!

So i'm definitely going to be trailing TK Maxx from now on to find some more amazing bargains and see if they have any other great brands out there!

Keep those eyes peeled in TK Maxx!


Latest Purchase // Physicians Formula Bamboo Wear

News for Primavera today!

Image from www.primaveralife.co.uk

Primavera have recently brought out their new Calming range of products for Sensitive and delicate, easily irritated skin.
Products in the range are: 

Organic Facial Cleanser Cream, £24.00 (100ml)

Organic Facial Toner, £24.00 (100ml)

Organic Moisture Cream, £37.00 (30ml) 

Organic Eye Contour Cream, £35.00 (15ml)

Organic Face Care Starter Kit, £15.00 - This kit includes mini sizes of all the products from the range in 15ml for the Cleanser and Toner and a 5ml Moisture Cream with a 1.5ml Eye Cream.

These products are formulated with Organic Chamomile and Borage essential oils, both ingredients are excellent for healing and provide soothing and calming properties. Chamomile is certainly used for this often so you know these should be a sure thing even for sensitive skin.

Being a packaging geek, like the rest of their products the bottles of the Cleanser and especially the toner look absolutely exquisite! The green is just insanely beautiful and deep. If I saw this or any of their bottles, on the shelves I think I would be tempted to buy it even if i had no clue what it was! Haha. I just think its simple and stunning!

You can check out this pretty new range here at www.primaveralife.co.uk

NEWS // Primavera New Calming Range

Image from www.nudeskincare.com)

So, lovely news to share! NUDE has had a lovely relaunch and reformulation and to show off this bold (and in my opinion, excellent  and improved) step they are opening up their first pop up in Selfridges Beauty Hall, Oxford Street!

From October 4 to the 10th the Skin Nutrition Bar will be open for you to learn all about their fantastic products. On the launch on Thursday and until the next Wednesday NUDE are offering  unique skin health checks from the NUDE ProTeam.  This includes an individual skin diet consultation and a NUDE Nutrition Mini-Facial! And I just found out that you'll get an amazing photo afterwards! Eeek so brilliant!!

Sounds wonderful! 

NUDE use an incredible blended formula of n-probiotics and omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 to combat signs of ageing and create simple healthy skincare without any chemicals or harsh ingredients. All products are free from parabens, silicones, glutens, SLS, sulphates or mineral oils and more! It's nutrition for the skin outside-in.

Check out NUDE skin care at www.nudeskincare.com 

NEWS// NUDE Pop Up At Selfridges!

Normally I wouldn’t do a post like this, usually if I don’t like a product or a product doesn’t suit me I just leave it out of my reviews or simply say that it doesn’t work for me, as I’m not one to go out and slate a product purely based on my experience. I think makeup and skin care are so subjective and it completely depends on so many factors about your skin and personal preferences, so if a product doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t necessarily mean it wont be good for you or anyone else. 

However, with these brushes I have a major love hate relationship with them. And I want to share both sides of that experience, otherwise any other review would just be false.

So, I got these two brushes in the bareMinerals starter kit, I’d never used any bM brushes before so I didn’t know what to expect. I even did a little review of them in this post when I first got the set and initially I did have concerns which I mentioned but hoped would resolve over time, but no. Dispite this I still used them daily so obviously they can’t be said to be all that bad.

I thought I’d break it down to the pros and cons of these brushes to make it clearer.

Why I love these brushes:

They are pretty stiff, the bristle are quite short and very course and thick, certainly not a soft brush at all, but this makes the application and ease of buffing, really really great. The stiffness of these brushes just made buffing so easy as you could pick up plenty of product on the bristles and really swirl it in and then give a good buff on the skin without loads of product being deposited in one area. I got really great even and full coverage with these brushes.

The smaller brush I used mostly for warmth and blush and the shape was perfect for lining along my cheekbones and sweeping across my jawline and temples. The handles are nice, thick and easy to grip without being too clunky or heavy and they are a good length.

Sounds all good right? On to the cons…

Why I hate these brushes:

They molt, I have never, never had a brush that sheds as badly as these do! In my first post about them I pointed this out and thought that after a gentle wash they would be ok, I thought maybe it was just because they were new….wrong!

Seriously after each and every use I would end up looking like a short briskly ginger haired cat had been climbing and shedding its fur all over my chest shoulders and face (yes my face! They would be left clinging on to every inch, it’s so unattractive!). The bristles were awful, they ended up everywhere, in my hair line, in my eyes and stuck to my eyelashes (seriously not cool!) down my top, on my shoulders, my legs and basically on anything that was within a meter of my face.

Now I know what your thinking, your thinking, well with all that buffing action she was evidently doing from the pros section no wonder they molted. No no, I assure you these damn brushes would start shedding as soon as you started swirling them in the lids of the foundations, something that should not be happening. Heck I could simply sweep one across my hand and it would leave behind a flurry of bristles.

When I washed them, I did it super carefully, using lukewarm water (to avoid warming and loosening the glue), washing the bristles pointing downwards (to stop the water going in the base and swelling it up and again loosening the glue and bristles.) Drying them bristles pointing down (ditto, see previous)…you name it, to preserve the brushes I did it all, to no avail.

So as great as the coverage these brushes gave (which obviously lessened over time due to the patches that appeared due to the missing bristles), these brushes have had to go.
I now have some Neal’s Yard Remedies brushes that are so different that it wouldn’t be fair to compare them to the bM brushes, but so far so good. They are the softest, smoothest silkiest bristled brushes ever and in over a month I have honestly only seen 3 bristles fall out!

Of course, I’m picky and think these brushes aren’t without their minor faults, and so the hunt for the perfect brushes continues….but for now I think I’m pretty happy.

Ps. If anyone else has experienced this with the brushes I would love to know, or if you think they are amazing please do share that too, because who knows, maybe I just had those 1/100 rogue brushes?!

A mixed review ~ bareMineral brushes.

Well it’s that time of month again and the exciting Amarya Beauty box day has finally rolled around!

This beauty box was a bit hit and miss with me. On the plus side I got some brands that I’ve wanted to try and a TOTALLY NEW (!) brand that I had never heard of and was really excited to see!

So excited in fact that I slapped it on my face almost straight away, which A) as my Boy pointed out, was silly because it was a night balm and it wasn’t night time (actually mid afternoon) and so how could I really see night time results if not at night?…How indeed. Then B) in my typical over-exuberant style (bad habits, hard to break, yadda yadda) I liberally applied far too much and in the wrong way. What can I say, the excitement took over and I got carried away with it all. This is how you learn kids!

Other than this, I was disappointed because it was all skin/body care other than a room spray. That I kind of felt – ‘meh!’ with, room sprays aren’t really my thing  (allergies and all that jazz) and I prefer a product that I can really test out and play with. But hey, that’s just me being picky and I’m sure once I have a little spritz I’ll rather enjoy it (even if the Boy doesn’t ahha)

So, to sum up what I received in this August Amarya Beauty Box ,and my initial impressions:
(in photo order)

Neom - Tranquility English Lavender, Sweet Basil &Jasmine Room Mist: Meh, we will see, gotta give these things the benefit of the doubt…you never know I could be raving about it in a week!

Santaverde - Aloe Vera Hydro Repair Gel: A little confused over this one…it’s a regenerative serum/cream. I will have to do some research before delving into this one!

Cowshed -  Lazy Cow Soothing Bath & Shower Gel: Always wanted to try Cowshed and they always have good reviews so I’m interested to test this one out! It has a blend of Jasmine, Chamomile and Sandalwood and smells pretty yummy- reminds me of the smell of health food stores! Yum.

Pomegranate - Active Night Plus: A rejuvenating anti-aging roll on balm.
I.e. the balm that I rolled energetically over my face like a loon. With the benefit of hindsight, I’d avoid this method, you just end up trundling around with one very shiny, greasy face that makes your eyes water with the intensity of the scent from the copious amounts you’ve put on. Also to note if you have your other half with you, they might (will/did) stoically refuse to interact with you until you’ve gone and sorted your face out, and then sporadically wrinkle their nose at you until the scent has faded many hours later…. Like I say though this only might happen, it’s not meant to be part of the night balm experience…

Amarya Beauty Box - August


More exciting news to share!

I just heard through the grapevine (pun intended...you'll get it in a min) that Antipodes are set to release a new serum that is designed to plump, smoothen and quench the skin!

It's called Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin Plumping Serum and it's a high performance serum for boosting skin hydration and tone.

Made with Vinanza grape, natural grapeseed extract and extract of mamaku black fern this serum is organically certified, uses bioactive technology and is oil free! Obviously named H2O it's a water-charged formula that rapidly hydrates and quenches thirsty skin, this plumps the skin and makes it smoother, more toned and look brighter and fresher. Thanks to the grape extracts it is also a powerful antioxidant for the skin, leaving it clear and purified!

Designed for daily use this serum will cost £28 and will be available in the UK (already available in Aus and NZ) sometime around mid-september, in Selfridges and other stores as well as Antipodes online site

Exciting, no?!

NEWS// Antipodes - Hosanna H2O Intensive 'Skin-Plumping' Serum

As you probably know a while back I posted about Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream etc.  Well now I have been using this beautiful cream for a while and it is absolutely delicious!

Normally I’m not the biggest fan of honey, I find the scent a little to raw for me, but this hand cream has a wonderful blend of organic essential orange oil that is sweet but subtle and blends in beautifully with the honey.

At first I was way too overzealous with the amount I used and squeezed out a huge dollop that took forever to rub in and left my hands feeling quite greasy. So a word from experience, you really don’t need much at all to get a good result from this cream. When you use the right amount (for my little hands, about a large pea sized dot) you aren’t left with any residue or greasiness, which is a fair rarity when essential oils are used.

It’s quite a thick cream formula but is ultra smooth and soft and is easily absorbed by the skin. Like I said the smell is divine. As you first apply it, the citrusy zingy orange is quite strong but that quickly blends down as you massage it in and you are left with a very subtle hint of orange oil. I wouldn’t say the scent lasts particularly long on the skin but it’s very enjoyable while it lasts, careful though you don’t get too carried away enjoying it, I have recently received some very quizzical looks on the tube, no doubt people are wondering what’s going on with the ‘hand sniffer’! haha it just smells amazing and really perks me up when I’m tired in the mornings. It’s actually designed to energise and lift the spirits and I genuinely think it does a little!

For a 50ml tube you pay £10 online (I got it for £9.50 in store) and you can also buy it in a little set with some wildflower seeds. Not bad seeing as some of the proceeds (5% I believe) go to helping raise awareness to save the bees! (I chose the latter as I rather like a spot of planting.)

Ps. Of course it is also paraben and SLS etc free! 

Review ~ Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Cream

Excuse the photo overload, just got my new DSLR and loving getting to grips with it! Best buy ever! Still learning so bare with me haha!

Inika is a brand I have lusted after for a long while but never taken the plunge to buy. Not sure why, but there you go. So, when in my July Amarya beauty box, I received an Inika Mineral Eyeshadow, I was beyond excited!

If you don't know about Inika, they are an amazing luxury natural skincare and cosmetics brand. One half of the Inika product range is certified Organic, the other half is a line of 100% pure mineral makeup. All of the Inika products are vegan, and certified halal and cruelty free.

My sample was in the shade Peach Fetish.
Originally I thought it looked a lot more bronze than it actually is, it actually looks very pink to start. It's a beautiful blend of peach and pink initially but has a absolutely divine base of bronze and gold. It's a colour that literally has layers of shades and colours to it, which I just love!

Peach Fetish has a highly shimmery iridescent finish that blends in easily and smoothly. I love that I can manipulate the colour tone by how much I use, if I'm aiming for a bronzer colour I use a very light coating but if I want a pinker/peachier tone I layer it up a little more. It's a really versatile shade and I can't say how much I love it enough, I literally wear it everyday now, its also beautiful for lining under the lower lash and as a highlighter on the upper outer brow and inner corner of the eye.

Its a great long lasting eyeshadow as well and I never have to touch up or build back up the colour apart from under my eyes where my khol smudges, so for me this eyeshadow is definately a winner 100%.

I think they are a little pricey at £11.75 for a 1.2g pot but so far I actually used very little product even from my sample sized pot, as the shadow is highly pigmented and you use the littlest amount even when layering it up. If you mix it with a little drop of water it can be used as an eyeliner which is lovely!

I would definitely go and buy this eyeshadow myself now that I have tried it and already have my eye on some other shades in the range.

Of course Inika is also an amazing ethical brand. They are a Truth in Beauty brand which means they are guaranteed and certified to be safe, ethical, environmentally friendly and vegan, halal and cruelty free. Snaps!

You can check out the amazing Inika collection here

Inika ~ Mineral Eyeshadow / Peach Fetish

dr.organuc Skin lotions x2 varieties, Grown Facial Masque*, balance Me pure skin face wash*,
Ren: Day Cream, Hand and Body Cream, Eye Gel*, Patyka Foaming Cleanser*,
Neom Hand Cream*, Mitchell and Peach Hand Cream and moisturiser sample sachet*

Grown Facial Masque*, balance Me pure skin face wash*,
Ren: Day Cream, Hand and Body Cream, Eye Gel*, Patyka Foaming Cleanser*,
Neom Hand Cream*, Mitchell and Peach Hand Cream*

dr.organic Skin lotions: Rose Otto Anti Aging, Pomegranate Daily Moisturiser, Manuka Honey Repairing Moisturiser, Royal Jelly Firming, Vitamin E Daily, Aloe Vera Soothing Daily.
Have had a rather large beauty haul this month. First I got a whole bunch from magazines, including the Ren, Neom and balanceMe products. Then it was my birthday and my work really kindly gave me a bunch of products in a lovely gift box. They gave me a Grown face mask, Mitchell and Peach Hand Cream, Patyka Foaming Cleanser, and a sample of Mitchell and Peach body cream and a little perfume sample. I'll be doing a post on it in the future. All these products are marked with an asterisk (*) to show that they were gifted.

While browsing around Holland & Barratt I came across these sets of dr.organic Bioactive Skincare. I initially was going to just by one set with Pomegranate, Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera but then saw it was buy 1 get one for a penny! How could I say no?! So the other set I got included Rose Otto, Vitamin E and Manuka Honey Lotions.

So far I have been having a lovely time testing all the products here and there and will write up reviews soon.

Beauty Haul

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