Nourish Golden Glow Toning Souffle

24 October 2012

Nourish Golden Glow Toning Souffle £24.95 *
A week or so ago Nourish very kindly sent me their new product! It's the Golden Glow Toning Soufflé and i believe it is the first of it's kind within the natural/ organic beauty products world, so its pretty exciting to be able to try it out.

This is a huge pot of wonderful creamy moisturiser packed with fine golden shimmer, frankincense, myrrh, and combined with nutrient rich phyto-active marine extracts! I have just started  using it and will test it for a little longer for my full views on it, but so far its really quite lovely!

Initially I was worried it would be much too sparkly or glittery for me as the cream inside looks really golden and shimmery, but on the skin it gives a very subtle and warming shimmer to the skin and doesn't look too sparkly or streaky at all. Its very lovely, would be perfect for a bit of highlighting glamour for the legs and arms on a night out or all over if you were heading out on holiday!

I find the texture more or a creamy soufflé than of a fluffy soufflé but I don't mind this at all as I think this way you get tonnes of product without thinking half of it's air! This pot with certainly last me ages I reckon. With this shimmer a little goes a long way and its great for building up the effect you want.

So far i found this quite long lasting and resilient. when I first got it I tried it on my legs straight away and its lasted all day even with trousers and was even still noticeable the next day after a long sleep, and no, there really wasn't particularly an residue rubbed onto the sheets or my trousers!

The scent is super strong in the pot and is definitely the typical 'natural' smell you'd expect. I smell strong vibes of Vetiver  and Myrrh in there. Personally i like the smell, a lot of products I use have this scent but I think its worth sniffing before you buy! The scent actually isn't that strong once on the skin, I personally think it smells even better when worn. Weird, but i think it warms up and blends with my natural skin scent really well, I like it. It's a clean, healthy fresh smell and it pleases me.

As for the toning benefits, I really can't comment on that until i've properly tested it out for a decent amount of time, it's made with super-hydrating hyaluronic acid and tripeptides to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, so that sounds pretty impressive! Look out for a full review in the coming few weeks!

The price point does seem quite expensive but it is a ginormous pot! 150ml to be exact, and I think for a one of a kind product it isn't that bad. Plus the packaging is amazing, an incredible glass pot that is just beautiful, the box has a delightful subtle shimmery quality and again has a beautiful design that I really like. i love packaging, I'm pretty fickle like that and when I received this product it was so beautifully wrapped and packaged, that always wins brownie points from me!


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