Beauty Wish List # 1

25 October 2012

Right so, I compiled a little collage of petite clothes and watnot that I have my eye on, on the interwebz, over on my petite blog and I thought 'well that was jolly fun, i'll do the same for beauty!' And so I have! This ones specifically makeup, a lovely bright natural new face for me to play with. Ah makeup...what dreams are made of! I have chosen all my lusthaves from just one site, Cutecosmetics as it's my fave site and well i'm always on there so I knew exactly what I wanted in this collection! (Of course all products can be found on their own brand sites, I just love having them all in one place, I'm lazy like that!)

 1 ~ Nvey Eco Organic Fluid Foundation // £25  - I use a lot of mineral powder foundations at the moment and realised that although I love them, I'm wanting to use a liquid foundation as well. I've been using another non organic brand and its been fine but i tend to get quite clogged pores which is gack. I actually purchased a Body Shop liquid foundation a while a go and despite the fact that the foundation is really smashing, my online judgment of colour was disastrously wrong! Fail. These Nvey foundations all are warm with yellow undertones and i think would be perfect for my skin. I've chosen shade 515 Golden Honey (Medium Natural beige) it is still warm with slight yellow undertones but has a hint more pink that should blend in nicely with my natural tones.

 2 ~ Korres Zea Mays Powder Blush // £17.50  - This blush shade is 18 Peach. This pretty but simple blush promises a luminous finish. It looks slightly shimmery and is oil free which is perfect for my combination skin. i've never tried Korres makeup before, only skin care so if i ever do end up accidentally-onpurpose buying it, it will be really interesting to see the quality, this looks like it wont be too highly pigmented, which is perfect for winter as I really hate it when the cold makes my cheeks flush and suddenly my blush just looks clownish with all the natural redness underneath lol!

 3 ~ Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick // £7.99  - I'm really getting into lipsticks of late. I wore them lots at uni but for some reason stopped after I left. Anyway so they are slowly shuffling back into my collection and these Lily Lolo lipsticks look divine! I was really taken with Romantic Rose which is shown in the swatch. It looks like the perfect day tonight colour subtle enough for the day with enough pop and glamour for an evening. Plus these lipsticks are formulated with Vitamin E which is super nourishing for the lips! Whoop!

 4 ~ Neve Cosmetics Elegantissimi Eyeshadow Palette // £21.95 - Aaaah, seriously my most lusted after palette to date. I think this will be a christmas gift list item fo sho! There's something about neutrals, taupes and browns that I just adore, maybe it's because makeupwise i'm just not colour adventurous but ooh it looks soo damn fabulous. What a beauty! With a range of pearls, matts, velvets, taupes, satins and opaques this palette is just perfect. The palette even has a magnetic bottom so you can move your colour pans all about to just how you like them and then buy new refills. Tip Top! Right, yep that's it, its on my christmas list at number 1!


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