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26 October 2012

Afternoon blogettes!

So i got to thinking today that I've never actually shown my old muggins on here and personally I always feel a little weird reading blogs when i don't know what the blogette looks like. It's odd not having a face behind the voice or words of the blog. So, I decided to rectify this (and this may or may not be something that you feel particularly pleased about) I'm going to start smooshing my chops onto these very pages. Excited? Terrified? Feel free to click away at anytime!

So obviously I'm not just going to be springing random photos of myself all about the place, no no. I thought as I love the products I write about and obviously use them why not in the case of makeup etc show you them on! in other words a FOTD post really, I love FOTD posts on blogs its such a good way to see how a product looks when applied and you can get great inspiration on all sorts.

Now lets just establish one little thing here, I am certainly no makeup guru, not an expert of any kind. In fact I was once told off by a newsagent cashier about the way I applied my liquid eyeliner...ho hum. C'est la vie and wotnot! So yes, as I was saying, I'll be popping on my FOTD and writing a little bit about what brushes I use and all that. I think it will be fun and you guys will have more exciting and more realistic impressions of the product other than my ever so slightly incoherent descriptions.

Good plannage? Cool beans.

oh yes- Disclaimer!! You will notice that despite that this is a natural/organic cosmetics blog I will be including regular products (which was always my intention from the start) as obviously not everything i own will be natural and organic and an awful lot of the time I find myself meandering around Boots and Superdrug etc and inevitably end up with something gloriously pretty and tempting. It's just about balance, I'm certainly not against regular products in the least and would never preach about going all natural or all organic. No, I still love all other products, but the main focus will still feature and focus on the natural and organic, just with a little frivolous regular product thrown in for variety and due to my wanton and fickle ways in all areas beauty and make up.

Phew that was a longun wasn't it?! So! Too the face!! (Forgive my first attempt, tricky stuff this FOTD photoing)

Primer: Smash Box Photo Finish Luminating Foundation Primer
Powder: UNE 100% Mineral Foundation Powder (M05)
 Foundation: Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation (108 Golden Ivory)
Powder Foundation: Neal's Yard Remedies Mineral Powder Foundation (04 Medium Warm)
Concealer: Natural Collection (Medium)
Blush: bareMinerals Mineral Blush (Joyous Jennifer) and Bloom Mineral Blush (Rosie)
Mascara: UNE Smart Length (S01)
Eyeshadow: Inika Mineral Eyeshadow (Peach Fetish)
Brows: Collection 2000 Smokey Eye Kit
Liquid Liner: Unknown
Eyeliner: Loreal Paris Infallible 16hr (black)
Lips: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (Honey)
Wow! when you list it all out it's quite a lot eh? i'll keep practicing and try and get a better photo next time, try and get my eyeshadow in and the lighting better as i just couldn't get the lip colour to photo properly, its much more a blue toned pink and less red IRL!


  1. your outfit looks so nice *_* i like your products what you use. your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3


  2. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! following you now :) I'm always tempted to get some smashbox makeup the primer looks good and it makes your foundation look good!



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