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25 November 2012

Well hello there! It's been quite some time hasn't it, eh?!

So, I inexplicably found myself with some time on my hands! Actual free time! This hasn't happened to me in over 3 weeks! Naturally I did my nails, whopped on a face mask, smooshed in a hair mask and indulged in an all over, much need pampering! Aaah bliss. And now lovely readers I'm here back to finally blogging! Huzzaaah!

And so to the news, I love doing these newsie bits, it gives me a chance to explore lots of lovely new products and add them to my ever lengthy wish list. Hip hip for christmas coming up!

Right, so. The news. Well, Balance Me have just unveiled their new latests smashing product - Anti-Aging Face Serum! Aaaaand it's 100% Natural! OOohh get in. Here it is:

Image:Balance Me

This serum is 100% natural and uses a unique blend of angelica, neroli (bitter orange ) and extracts of blackberry seeds which have mega anti-oxidant properties. Together these ingredients promise to help fight visible signs of ageing. The serum also contains hyaluronic acid which binds water into the skin cells, plumping it up making wrinkles less noticeable and the skin smoother and more hydrated. Other ingredients include spilanthes acamella flower extract, abyssinium oil, olive wax and shea butter. Now i'm no expert but I know shea butter is really moisturising so i'm betting these other ingredients are also great for adding hydrating smoothing properties to this blend. 

This serum sounds pretty great to me but the price tag - £36 for 30ml does put me off trying it, i know it's a serum and they are always a little steep, but i think for something that promises so much i would definitely have to try a sample for a bit before taking the plunge and splashing the cash. Also, being 23 perhaps now wouldn't be the best time to really test it out, maybe in a few years....haha.

So if you think this little bottle of youth is for you, pop over to the Balance Me site to purchase it for your very self!


Mavs xxx

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