Dr Lipp ~ Original Nipple Balm for Lips

10 December 2012

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips £11*

So as we are all so well aware that lately it’s most certainly winter! Now I have always had chapped lips but since the weather has taken a turn for the extreme chilly, like many people, my lips ain’t happy!

Luckily for me a while back I went to the lovely She Said Beauty launch and was lucky enough to get a great goody bag which blissfully contained the amazing Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips.

I love love love this lip balm. It’s super duper thick and smooth. One of the best things is that it’s 100% natural, made from Lanolin which is raw essential oils obtained from sheep's wool and is medically proven.
As you can tell by the name it was originally a nipple balm but people have long been using them for lips as they are so protective and nourishing and it really is brilliant at doing both for the lips.

I’m not a gloss fan but this balm gives to a slight glossy sheen without being greasy. It also doesn’t have a particular taste which is great if you want an alternative from fruity or minty balms. It’s not meant to have a scent but I genuinely can smell it a bit, its certainly not gross but I would prefer if it really was scent free. But honestly that’s just me being picky.

As I said its majorly thick and when its cold you can have a hard time getting it out the tube. Word from the not-so-wise, never squeeze this too hard when it’s cold as with mine the bottom burst and now when I use it, its oozes from both eneds! Ahaha doesn't stop me using it though!

Mine came in the most super cute packaging! It comes in a sweet little pink box on a bed of soft grey Sheep's wool! Cute huh?! I still have it and will add a photo of it when I can grab some time to snap it.

Pricewise I think it is fairly expensive at £11 but honestly I would definitely buy this for myself as I love it and use it constantly! A must have for winter, I say!

Also if you are into this sort of thing (i am!) you should check out the Dr Lipp website! It is so fun and charming and if i hadn't thought of buying it before, i would definitely buy one after using their site. 


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