Like most beauty bloggers I love a good trend, but when you're part of the natural/ green beauty world it can be hard to keep up or even have the option of new products that will work with the latest look or technique. The green beauty world moves that much slower and is a lot less fashion focused. There's always a new must-have ingredient that pops up every now and then like Argan oil etc, but things like innovative makeup, application techniques and new formulas don't pop up all too frequently.
One trend that has really caught my eye lately is metallic lipstick. It's so out-there and I just love it. I've spent a good few months tracking down products and techniques that can help me achieve this look without having to resort to using conventional products. 

After many trials (blog posts on those to come soon) in came Bellapierre Mineral Lipstick in Fierce!

While this isn't the perfect metallic lip effect this beautiful copper lipstick definitely has that special oomph that  I so admire in metallic lipsticks. In these photos some of the effect is a little bit lost, in real life the metallic sheen is much stronger and it really does look incredible. Plus the copper colour is stunning on it's own. It's quite a dreamy combo. 

The formula of this lipstick is very soft and creamy, while this makes it amazingly easy to apply, it also means that it wears off and smudges very very easily. The colour also applies quite sheer and is very hard to build up to give the effect that it has in it's lipstick stick form. The photos above shows the lipstick with two coats without a liner underneath. Below you can see the swatch of the lipstick as it is on my skin tone. A very coppery colour, which is sensational and quite pigmented. On my lips, which are quite pigmented themselves, the colour is a lot less copper and has much more of a red undertone from my lips showing through. Despite it being more sheer than I would like, I still think the effect is pretty stunning! 
Another thing I love about this lipstick is that it smells like chocolate! It doesn't have much of a taste which is good as I hate lipsticks that I can really taste on my lips, but the scent is heavenly! It also feels quite moisturising as it contains ingredients like Jojoba oil. Due to it including beeswax it is not vegan.

On their website Bellapierre describe Fierce as a 'frosted' lipstick. I've noticed a few in their range that are also classed as frosted including a gorgeous plum purple shade call Couture which I'm hoping will give the same gorgeous metallic effect. Roll on payday! 
This lipstick cost £20 as a single but you can also get it in a set of 4 lipsticks for £35.

Trend Testing // Metallic Lipstick

I blinked and it became February, I blinked again and it was time for the LoveLula beauty box*! This month's beauty box features 5 products worth £37. Like most of the beauty boxes it heavily focuses on skincare but this month has a little nail polish in there too. Here's a quick round-up of the products that are included in this latest box from LoveLula.

 Brand:  Madara
 Product:  Micellar Water
 My Thoughts:  You probably know by now that I love Madara and I have used their products for a long time now. My go-to toner has always been the Madara Comforting Toner but it's time to try something new. This Micellar water is designed to be a bit of an all-in-one product, both cleansing and toning as you go. As a skincare minimalist, the less products the better for me.

Brand:  Maggie Anne
Product:  Nail Polish in Jasper
My Thoughts:  My heart always does a little skip of joy when I see a non-skincare product included. After all there is only so much skincare you can try out before your skin hates you. Nails on the other hand (no pun intended) can be polished and varnished and lacquered up as much as you like as long as you use a good base. Ive never tried Maggie Anne as a brand before so that's one good thing. Another is that it's a 6-free formula with gel like effect. I'm not immune to the trends and wanting to get a gel polish nail polish is high on my list. I hope this one holds up to my hopes. Colour is Jasper a very pretty dusky pink-mauve taupe.

Brand:  Weleda
Product:  Skin Food
My Thoughts:  I love this product, but I've had it a million times before. While it's not a super exciting product, it's great to always have a stash that I can keep in different places wherever I go. One at home, work, handbag etc.

Brand:  Greenfrog 
Product:  Botanical Bodywash
My Thoughts:  I'm not sure. I have this in the hand wash version and the jury is still out on that one. It's the same scent and I'm starting to realise that Neroli isn't my most fave scent out there. I also hope this a slightly different texture from the hand wash which again, I'm finding hard to get to grips with (again no pun intended.)

Brand:  Ooh! Oils of Heaven
Product:  Marula Replenishing Face oil
My Thoughts:  There's always a new ingredient or oil of the moment and the new kid on the block is Marula Oil. Despite it popping up in everything but your mother's cooking, I have yet to try it. I sued to be a bit ambivalent about Ooh products, but actually since I've been testing out a few of these tiny samples, I'm finding that I'm rather enjoying them. The Argan oil that came in a previous month's LL beauty box has turned out to be a sweet little addition to my skincare on occasion. 

To grab your own beauty box head on over to the LoveLula website here.

LoveLula Beauty Box // February

Unless you have been living under a rock, you'll know that Valentine's day is coming up. Love it or loath it there's no denying that whether you're rocking it solo or spending it with a special someone, it's the perfect excuse to go for a bit of a special make up look.

With this in mind I've been playing with a red infused cranberry eye makeup look that I have fallen in love with (yes all these puns are intended!)
I've been seeing cranberry eye looks everywhere over the past few years, and while mine isn't as dramatic as most, it still has hints of the look that keeps me hooked on YouTube tutorials.

With the help of a bundle of beautiful eyeshadows and eyeliner this is my more subtle take on the cranberry eye, which is perfect for a sultry look on Valentine's day. In real life this look was a little bit more dramatic but it doesn't pick up quite as well on camera, but it still looks pretty here and you get the idea.

To create this look I started with my usual BellaPierre Makeup Base, topped with a neutral matt shadow. Once I'd prepped the lid it was time to go in with the cranberry tones. As a transition colour I started with the PHB Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in Grape*. The swatches of this shadow and the colour description online made it look and sound a lot more red toned, but I actually found that in the pan and with application it was more of a cool plum toned brown (see swatches below). Nevertheless the shade is very beautiful and did work pretty well for the transition and crease shade. The colour pay off is brilliant with barely any fallout on the eyes or from the pan. The formula is a packed powder but it feels quite creamy and smooth and blends very well. I swept this three quarters of the way across the lid leaving the inner corner bare. I also connected the colour under the lower lash line.

Next step to deepen the colour and add the cranberry pop I was seeking I added a strong sweep of SoulTree Kajal Eyeliner in Purple Hazefocusing heavily along the upper lash line. Again the colour name and online swatch didn't reflect the true colour of this liner. It is neither purple like the name suggests or as red as the imagery. However it is fairly cranberry in colour with a slight brown undertone and worked beautifully as the main colour. I've used SoulTree before and find the formula to be lovely and buttery without being too soft. You can blend them out but they still retain their colour pigment. Being creamy this eyeliner provided the perfect base to add the final touch to this look.

The final cranberry touch was to add a little Valentine's glitter with the stunning BellaPierre loose eyeshadow in the shade Wild Lilac from the Serenity Shimmer Stack collection. I am in LOVE with this shadow. It is glorious! I firstly started with this dry but then found that adding a spritz of my current fave Skin & Tonic Rose Mist onto my brush made the shimmer apply much bolder and more dramatic. Dotted on the centre of the lid the final result is more metallic than shimmer and I couldn't love it more. 

To complete the look I added a pop of Snowflake from the BP Shimmer Stack to the corners of my eyes and layered up a couple of coats of Lavera Intense Volumising Mascara* in Black on my lashes.

And there it is, my final cranberry Valentin'es day makeup look! 

Makeup // Valentine's Cranberry Eye

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