This past week or two the sunshine has crept away and the clouds, thunder and rain have come out to play. Sad times indeed. Even sadder is the fact that my skin and body are now sad, some areas more than others... 

I have depressed legs.

Pimp My Pins!

Ah I love a good news post! I love finding exciting new launches from brands and being able to share my excitement with everyone and think that someone else is reading my post going 'YES!' just like i did!

This news post has got me wriggling in my seat with glee! 


butterLondon is launching a super exciting new Make Up collection - Bespoke Colour Cosmetics! That's right, they are branching out into make up (more than just the LIPPY lipglosses they did before). This new make up range will include:

NEWS// butterLondon Bespoke Colour Cosmetics

I love to explore and try and test out new skincare and make up products that can do wonders for my skin and body, but a lot of help can actually come from the inside too. Since I was about 16 when i decided to go a on a massive sugar detox I have come to realise how crucial what goes inside as well as what goes on the outside seriously 100% makes a huge total difference. Everyone knows about your 5 a day and getting calcium etc but it's never really laid out plain in all the different ways that it is great to get a really varied and nutritious diet, from healthy bones, clear skin, stronger hair and nails, better mood, lower stress levels, better sleep, more energy, brain boosting, improved name it, goodness me there is so much that can be effected by nutrition.

A little help from the inside ~ Spirulina

Here's something that's not much talked about when it comes to nails, nail polish remover. Now, i know this is certainly not the most natural formula but this Butter London remover is Acetone-free and as close as I'm going to get. 

It's a handy little bottle, good for travelling and popping in your bag. However, I can't see this lasting very long at all!
The scent I have is Powder Room and does smell quite sweet and soft like baby powder. It's not a an amazing scent but it sure does beat the eye watering acid scents of other traditional acetone and non-acetone free formulas. If you live in the US this also is available in Royal Punch, a Coconut and mango scent. UK sorry guys we have to stick to the baby powder scent. 

As for performance, no complaints there really. It does the job well and even holds up against glitter polish, which is a good thing as many of my Butter London polishes are themselves full on glitter, so it's reassuring that a brand can make a remover that can tackle their own polishes!

The down side, it's in my opinion seriously pricey. This teeny tiny bottle of 60ml comes in at a whopping £5/£6 (varies on retailer)! Ouch! It's nice to have but more of a treat item than an every day essential! 

Mavs x

Butter London Powder Room Remover

(Mine is a travel size 20g and came in a set)

Yeah, so today we will be discussing feet, but not to worry there will be no feet photos or in-depth chatter in that department, like most people I'm not a huge foot fan!

However, the fact is that a little background is needed for this post and well i love to write a good lengthy post so there you go. In a nutshell I, A) love to walk around in bare feet (but obvs never out and about! Just round the house and garden, that sort of thing) and B) i only really wear high heels and both are seriously hard on my little tootsies and soles.

Thus, after daily, weekly monthly and yearly battering by feet can get pretty dry and cracked and are put under a lot of pressure. So every now and then I like to give them a quick once over, just to show that i care, without really actually having to put much effort in to it. Like I said, they really are very low on my priorities list. A nail clip and a quick slap on of foot cream and that's the best they're gonna get.

That is why I love this Burt's Bees Foot Cream because in all honestly, once you've slapped it on you can do Sweeeeet F.A and your feet will be sparkling like a Cullen in a sunbeam! 

This easy little remedy is 99.51% natural (anyone else find that freakily specific?)  made with, you guessed it, Coconut oil, but also with a blend of vegetable glycerin and Lanolin. So folks, i'm afraid if you aren't comfortable with Lanolin then this is not the product for you. I'm ok with Lanolin and don't mind it in natural products at all, but i understand why some people don't, so if that's you, please remember that this has it in! All together these ingredients make a super fragrant and thick balm thats almost sticky and smells amazing. This is the  reason that it works amazingly without you doing a thing, it's so thick and nourishing you just pop it on, give it a little massage in and then let the rest of it sink in slowly over time. The perfect excuse to pop your feet up for at least 20 mins. (Note: if you do hop about before it's good and absorbed, then enjoy tacky foot marks on the floor! I learnt my lesson well.

So, we have established that this is a wonderful way to nourish your feet while being epicly lazy but, also if you have very sore hot feet this is also a seriously nice cream to use. It has added rosemary and peppermint oil that make it really refreshing and soothing on the feet! After a hot day, wash your feet in cool water, whack this on and prop your feet in the direction of your nearest fan/summer breeze = bliss!

Without this, my feet would be horrif! But blessedly using this once a week keeps my heels uncracked and smooth and my tootsies nourished and happy! 

Mavs x

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream

Oooh that's right, that old addicted-to-lipbalm chestnut as come again. Yes I know, another lip balm, am i not satisfied with the other million squillion that I have?! Yes, but when there are so many more out there how can I resist! 
And this one is a Lip Conditioner! Balm/Conditioner = difference (honestly!*cough*)
As the herbfarmacy describes a lip conditioner, such as this, is 'to help create an aura of personal calm and unruffledness'. So there you go then!

So this little baby is what I have been smothering my smackers in lately, and in the sunshine it is wonderful! Thanks to it's sweet and gentle vanilla and marshmallow formula this balm is oh so soothing and creamy and soft and delicious! Really it's very different from a lot of other balms I have in respect to it doesn't tingle for anything. It is just subtle and gentle and very sweet.
If you're not a fan of sweet scents then this probably is not for you! 
Ingredients also include sunflower oil, cocoa butter and rosemary extract, all 100% Organic! Aaand Soil Association Approved, Nice!

The formula its self is quite soft so you can be quite light handed with it and still get plenty of product in one go, no see-sawing this one across your lips trying to get a good cover! I think this is also enhanced by how large the surface of the balm is so a simple swipe really covers your lips well, perfect for someone like me who hasn't got the smallest lips on earth ahah!

I can't quite remember but I think I actually got this balm form an Amarya beauty box way back when, but a quick google and it pops up at a middle of the road price of £4.95, not cheap but certainly not too pricey considering you get 6g compared to the teeny 4ish grams you get with other balms.

Overall, a thoroughly unfussy, unassuming but wonderful little lip balm conditioner. It certainly conditions my lips beautifully, is long lasting and smells delectable! Definitely a great introduction into the Herbfarmacy products, leaving me keen to explore them a bit more (maybe they even have another  type lip would be rude not to try it!)

Oh yes and I can attestt to the fact that when using this I do feel decidedly 'unruffled'! Tip Top I say old bean! Tally ho pip pip!

Mavs x

Herbfarmacy Lip Conditioner

I know, it's been a long long time right?! 
But as I always say nothing is as good as it could be if your heart's not in it. Not to say I was off blogging but life was just yo-yoing for me and I had no intention of letting that effect my blogging in a negative way. I'd much rather step aside and deal with all of life's extras away from the blog than splurge it out on here or to use it as an excuse for half hearted effort. 

So now I feel that I once again can put my energies and passion back into blogging, I'm back with renewed energy and some exciting new ideas that I want to put into the swing, give them a push and see how high they go!

I'm putting this out across both blogs because it really applies to both. I want to make each of them as good as I can make them, and rediscover the love of them and the reasons i started them both.

So here goes nothing! 

First up so that people don't go 'wait who's this person in the pictures?', I had a hair cut and i look pretty different! Yep on both blogs it's clear that I had loooong long hair. All the way down to my butt in fact. Well, I love change and i love surprises and I love altering my appearance. So I cut off all my hair! Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a 'woman-in-crises-cuts-off-all-her-hair-just-like-in-the-movies' thing this was just me doing my normal thing, every few years I grow my hair long then, cut it off just because I can and I love to experience the change and both ways of having my hair. For me it's fun and exciting and liberating. I love seeing how long I can get my hair and then I love seeing how short and different I can make it! 
This time i really went for it and changed it up even more. Last time I went from lower back length hair to a simple sleek bob with a side swept fringe that I liked but I think didn't totally suit me and was a little too cutesie and sweet and not only made me look like i had a pin head but seriously made me look younger. I did really enjoy it and it was a great experience as it made me realise what I wanted this time round. So over 3 years my hair has gone from shoulder length cutie sleek bob to butt length all-over-the-place locks and now to this ....

The Return Of The Blogger

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