Butter London Powder Room Remover

27 July 2013

Here's something that's not much talked about when it comes to nails, nail polish remover. Now, i know this is certainly not the most natural formula but this Butter London remover is Acetone-free and as close as I'm going to get. 

It's a handy little bottle, good for travelling and popping in your bag. However, I can't see this lasting very long at all!
The scent I have is Powder Room and does smell quite sweet and soft like baby powder. It's not a an amazing scent but it sure does beat the eye watering acid scents of other traditional acetone and non-acetone free formulas. If you live in the US this also is available in Royal Punch, a Coconut and mango scent. UK sorry guys we have to stick to the baby powder scent. 

As for performance, no complaints there really. It does the job well and even holds up against glitter polish, which is a good thing as many of my Butter London polishes are themselves full on glitter, so it's reassuring that a brand can make a remover that can tackle their own polishes!

The down side, it's in my opinion seriously pricey. This teeny tiny bottle of 60ml comes in at a whopping £5/£6 (varies on retailer)! Ouch! It's nice to have but more of a treat item than an every day essential! 

Mavs x

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