Herbfarmacy Lip Conditioner

16 July 2013

Oooh that's right, that old addicted-to-lipbalm chestnut as come again. Yes I know, another lip balm, am i not satisfied with the other million squillion that I have?! Yes, but when there are so many more out there how can I resist! 
And this one is a Lip Conditioner! Balm/Conditioner = difference (honestly!*cough*)
As the herbfarmacy describes a lip conditioner, such as this, is 'to help create an aura of personal calm and unruffledness'. So there you go then!

So this little baby is what I have been smothering my smackers in lately, and in the sunshine it is wonderful! Thanks to it's sweet and gentle vanilla and marshmallow formula this balm is oh so soothing and creamy and soft and delicious! Really it's very different from a lot of other balms I have in respect to it doesn't tingle for anything. It is just subtle and gentle and very sweet.
If you're not a fan of sweet scents then this probably is not for you! 
Ingredients also include sunflower oil, cocoa butter and rosemary extract, all 100% Organic! Aaand Soil Association Approved, Nice!

The formula its self is quite soft so you can be quite light handed with it and still get plenty of product in one go, no see-sawing this one across your lips trying to get a good cover! I think this is also enhanced by how large the surface of the balm is so a simple swipe really covers your lips well, perfect for someone like me who hasn't got the smallest lips on earth ahah!

I can't quite remember but I think I actually got this balm form an Amarya beauty box way back when, but a quick google and it pops up at a middle of the road price of £4.95, not cheap but certainly not too pricey considering you get 6g compared to the teeny 4ish grams you get with other balms.

Overall, a thoroughly unfussy, unassuming but wonderful little lip balm conditioner. It certainly conditions my lips beautifully, is long lasting and smells delectable! Definitely a great introduction into the Herbfarmacy products, leaving me keen to explore them a bit more (maybe they even have another  type lip balm...it would be rude not to try it!)

Oh yes and I can attestt to the fact that when using this I do feel decidedly 'unruffled'! Tip Top I say old bean! Tally ho pip pip!

Mavs x

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