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14 July 2013

I know, it's been a long long time right?! 
But as I always say nothing is as good as it could be if your heart's not in it. Not to say I was off blogging but life was just yo-yoing for me and I had no intention of letting that effect my blogging in a negative way. I'd much rather step aside and deal with all of life's extras away from the blog than splurge it out on here or to use it as an excuse for half hearted effort. 

So now I feel that I once again can put my energies and passion back into blogging, I'm back with renewed energy and some exciting new ideas that I want to put into the swing, give them a push and see how high they go!

I'm putting this out across both blogs because it really applies to both. I want to make each of them as good as I can make them, and rediscover the love of them and the reasons i started them both.

So here goes nothing! 

First up so that people don't go 'wait who's this person in the pictures?', I had a hair cut and i look pretty different! Yep on both blogs it's clear that I had loooong long hair. All the way down to my butt in fact. Well, I love change and i love surprises and I love altering my appearance. So I cut off all my hair! Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a 'woman-in-crises-cuts-off-all-her-hair-just-like-in-the-movies' thing this was just me doing my normal thing, every few years I grow my hair long then, cut it off just because I can and I love to experience the change and both ways of having my hair. For me it's fun and exciting and liberating. I love seeing how long I can get my hair and then I love seeing how short and different I can make it! 
This time i really went for it and changed it up even more. Last time I went from lower back length hair to a simple sleek bob with a side swept fringe that I liked but I think didn't totally suit me and was a little too cutesie and sweet and not only made me look like i had a pin head but seriously made me look younger. I did really enjoy it and it was a great experience as it made me realise what I wanted this time round. So over 3 years my hair has gone from shoulder length cutie sleek bob to butt length all-over-the-place locks and now to this ....

Shorter hair below the shoulder, less cutie-pie, ruffled, naturally edgy with BANGS (that's a fringe to us British folk, i just love the term 'bangs' it's soo....perky preppy american! Love! )

Apologies for the iMac photo, if you saw my hair now you'd laugh in my face (sun lotion, sweat -yes eww, sunshine, bandanas and hair ties do not make for good hair!)  and I was too excited to stand still for any amount of time for photographing after the hair cutting event! So trusty old photobooth will do for now.

Aaannyway, the best thing about this new hair cut is the added extra benefits that I got to achieve from it. Usually i just chuck all that hair away but this time I did my research and decided to donate it to charity, to The Little Princess Trust in fact. Yep i plaited my hair into two plaits, each about 30cm each (un-plaited length, about 20cm plaited) and posted them off to be made into adorable mini wigs for kids suffering from hair loss through cancer, alopecia and other hair loss conditions. And boy do i feel proud to be able to do that!
It is a super duper charity and i would seriously encourage anyone cutting off their hair to donate (but please do read the hair guidelines first) it to them or another similar charity. You can donate other ways too but i knew my hair was the best way as it was so long and also really thick i knew they would get plenty of good use out of it and i know how much difference a good wig can make to a person and the thought of in the future a dinky little one enjoying a diddy wig made from my locks just makes me feel...glowy! 
After donating your hair you get a sweet certificate and I can't wait to receive mine so i can know it's really official!

Cutting my hair and making a big style change was amazing and made all the more special when i could do it for a good cause or just be able to use the result for a good cause! 

Overall the whole cut from start to finish took from 10.20am to 11.45am, thats almost an hour and a half of chopping and styling. It wasn't just the length of my hair that had to go, but also the thickness! I had a whole huge thick heap of hair. 

Check out these comparison snaps to see the change! (If you are grossed out by hair cuttings -look away now!)

That's a 30cm ruler and an Macbook Air for scale. That is A LOT of hair! 

So in the future when blogging resumes, yes that girl with the slightly uncontrolled hair with the bangs is me. I like change and I hope you do too.

So here is to change, a new hair cut and a new spirit for blogging!

Mavs x

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