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28 July 2013

I love to explore and try and test out new skincare and make up products that can do wonders for my skin and body, but a lot of help can actually come from the inside too. Since I was about 16 when i decided to go a on a massive sugar detox I have come to realise how crucial what goes inside as well as what goes on the outside seriously 100% makes a huge total difference. Everyone knows about your 5 a day and getting calcium etc but it's never really laid out plain in all the different ways that it is great to get a really varied and nutritious diet, from healthy bones, clear skin, stronger hair and nails, better mood, lower stress levels, better sleep, more energy, brain boosting, improved immunity...you name it, goodness me there is so much that can be effected by nutrition.

The thing is we all know that a busy lifestyle can lead to you wanting to take the easy road, cut corners, grab a take away or a pre-made sandwich. When you sit down and think about it, you can be shocked at how unbalanced your diet is. This includes me, 1000 trillion percent. I've been there and no lie, i still fall into that trap and I know I will still slip up now and then. I try hard to be healthy as much as possible but I'm realistic in knowing that sometimes I just wont be getting it right.

So, for a good year or so now I have been taking Spirulina. Now let me say this straight off the bat, this is in no way a substitute for your 5 a day, this is a supplement, an added bonus, a boost. For me it's like a safety net incase I find myself on a not so healthy diet. It just gives me reassurance that i'm getting essential nutrients and minerals that I might be lacking in my diet at that time.

So Spirulina, what's it all about? 

Well Spirulina is an algae. There are several types and depending on that type it either grows in fresh water lakes or salt water. Common places it is grown are Hawaii, Asia etc. You can get it in tablet/capsule and powder form and it also comes in varying strengths.

It is claimed to contain more essential nutrients than almost any other food or food source available! Among being high in a gazillion other nutrients and minerals, it is super rich in protein, amino acids (all 8!), Vitamin C and Iron. It's believed to even top Carrots in Vit C and Steaks in Iron!
Pretty good sounding stuff!

So how is this nutrient rich Spirulina so good for your health?

There are many many benefits linked with Spirulina from improving iron levels, maintaining healthy teeth and bones (it has high levels of calcium). It can also aid in fat burning during exercise, it boosts the immune system and also has great benefits to the digestive system. It can raise energy levels and be used as a mood booster. It can help regulate cholesterol and balances blood pressure, help with allergies and their side effects. It supports the liver and kidneys and helps reduce inflammations in the body. It gives you great energy and helps you build better endurance.

Pheww there are so many benefits. There are oodles of other benefits out there that are linked to Spirulina, some you will never even notice but I'm certain that it has helped my complexion, digestion, energy and improved my immune system and has been boosting my hair and nails. I even think that it's genuinely started helping improve my allergies!

It is best to do your research before you try anything out and maybe even chat to your doctor before hand. And like everything some people do have side effects. So please do always do lots of research before you jump in!

I use the Rainforest Foods Spirulina in tablet form. This type is a fresh water Spirulina grown on an island in South China. Its 500mg tablets that you can take up to 6 a day, 20-30mins before food. Normally I only take 4 a day and that suits me fine. It all depends on you. I can take these dry or with water and they taste fine. No nasty initial taste or after taste. I have heard the powder form as a drink takes a little getting used to though!

I choose the Rainforest Food brand because not only do they always have great reviews on multiple sites but also because their Spirulina is Organic and has the Soil Association approval. That way I know it's truly really good, clean product. Rainforest Foods also work alongside the Rainforest  Concern charity and raise funds for conservation and health and education projects etc.

Not to lie, it is quite pricey, but I find supplements usually are, it all depends on the supplier, the brand and how much you buy and in what strength etc. Overall, I think it is definitely a plus in my life and I will keep on taking it fosho!

Please remember: Do your research on brands, types and the strength of the product and the quanitities available. There are so many out there to choose from. Check with a doctor before using. And remember... this is a supplement, not a replacement for a varied/balanced diet. - (Lecture Over!)

What do your think of taking supplements to boost your diet, good or bad? Have you tried Spirulina?

Mavs x 

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